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Welcome to the 75, or should I say welcome to the 72nd podcast, the ensure you Oklahoma all original content insurance podcast where we tell you how to save money on your own insurance. Also, what to look for, what to ignore, and how to get the best coverage for the price. Once again, we do work with some people who all they want is the chief, right? And we tried to warn cheap insurance, cheap Sushi and it feels good when you’re paying for it but you and after you’re going to regret it. So today I want to talk about the multi policy discount. Almost every company that we write insurance for gives a massive discount for a multiple, multiple policy discount and that means auto and home together. In fact, we had one lady tonight, Linda from sky truck, Oklahoma. Shout out to Linda. Woo. Linda. Her Home Insurance Tulsa is only $994.

Now she lives in a small house, two bedroom, one bath. I think I read six total room, but I’m $994 bucks. If she didn’t have her auto insurance with us would be at 14, $165, almost $500 a year more if she didn’t insure her autos with us at the same time. Obviously she needs to do that because her auto insurance, where she is now, is that $500 cheaper than what we’re doing it for. So we’re still talking to Linda. Uh, we’re not real hung up. I mean, it’s not a great read, but um, you know what, everyone deserves some insurance. So we’re gonna work out of her for auto and home insurance when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa your best bet is an independent insurance agent and an independent insurance agent can look at multiple policies or multiple companies for you. For this Linda, we shop for different insurance companies and quite frankly the one company was the only one that even cares to give a rate. So that’s the only one we went with. Uh, so the others gave race, but they were just outrageous.

So for Home Insurance Tulsa we looked at this one. It was, um, I believe it was mercury insurance was giving us the best rate on this one and no radon or auto as well. We also helped a friend of hers, uh, with his auto insurance and unfortunately he has not been insured for a long time, so it did go up a little goal. We’re still about $100 a month cheaper than what he’s paying today. Woo. Good. And that’s good. So yeah, we picked progressive, progressive, the company everyone likes to hate, but yeah, they sure come in handy a lot and if they’re specifically made for the young people, maybe just getting started. And you know what, when progressive’s willing to do is take a risk, God heal and grow into you being a good policy holder. And that’s why they just introduced a home insurance through progressive.

Now we don’t have a progressive line yet. We’re not offering their home insurance calls to yet, but we will. We’ll get it soon. If they were smart, they’d give it to us now, but they want to wait and have. It’s proved something to them. We work closely with three different mortgage brokers, three different lenders who give us their insurance, they’re giving us their, uh, their clients that need insurance foreclosing because they know we’re going to get the best price and we’re going to get into a time when the clients needed. And that’s the benefit of ensure you Oklahoma and uh, getting your Home Insurance Tulsa tall through an independent company that prides itself on white glove service. Speaking of White Glove Service, uh, I’m going to go into the minute right now. We kind of fell down on getting, uh, this lady a quote because, well, quite frankly, she never got back to us.

And that’s the thing about, you know, when you’re calling these prospects and they don’t recognize the number, they don’t answer the phone and they don’t answer the phone. I can’t really do anything. So I ended up texting and calling. We call it wolf marketing. We text, we email, we call, we will do anything we can, we can even a facebook message, someone if they liked you or fine doing all that stuff. We just like to get ahold of the people and help them out, you know, and call. Home Insurance Tulsa These people have requested coverage. We have a couple over in the city right now that we’re working with that haven’t answered their phones in a while, but I know we’re giving them a great rate and a great policy. Again, not cheap insurance, but good and insurance. These are homes with new rough, a one brand new home.

Then we got a great rate on through all say man, all say just buying the market down there. 1,500 bucks a year for this 2,700 square foot brick ranch with the four car garage area. This thing is a thing of beauty and beautiful. I tell Ya, it’s beautiful. Like it’s beautiful. So next time that guy driving by senator 11 and Oklahoma City, because they don’t have cuties, the little extra jingling, alain and his pocket because a, we saved them so much money on his insurance is going to be thrilled with us. He was with farmers now and he actually said, well, I don’t know if I lead farmers. I’m like, whatever. Whatever. Talk to the left because what you’re saying just hanging right, you’re really farmers because farmers son birds as high prices and uh, they’re a crappy company. Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump. Farmers Sucks. Anyway, so I’ll be back in just a second. I’m at the age right now.

All right. Where were we? We were talking about Home Insurance Tulsa and using a good independent insurance agents, like ensure you Oklahoma. There’s a reason why you’re sure you. Oklahoma is the Insurance Agency of choice for most mortgage companies in town. We’re independent. We will shop multiple companies. We only represent a plus company. Preferred writers and not a high risk or um, yeah. And that the crappy stuff we don’t, we just don’t do it. We don’t want to deal with it if not our thing. We like a preferred carriers that are a plus rating campaigner. Claims they’re not gonna jerk or under a clients and it’s not worth it for the little bit of money that we’re going to save if we went to a higher risk. So we just go ahead and instead of a substandard company, we just stay with all preferred companies. Oh Crud. Oh, okay.

Here I can go. Um, so anyway, uh, we all preferred writers. A plus rated companies is all we represent. So for the best in home insurance felt that you know where to go. You go to ensure you Oklahoma, go to assure you Oklahoma.com and check us out. And if we made you happy, please leave us. A Google review will be thrilled and we’ll send you two tickets. Adults, right? We were talking about I’m only preferred writers, a plus rated companies that we deal with that ensure you oklahoma.com for Home Insurance Tulsa So for all of your homeless or insults and need, not only are you going to get a great price because we’re shopping companies for you, you’re gonna get an a plus rating company. So you know, just because you’re an independent, we’re not the independence that just will do anything to write Home Insurance Tulsa

We are the independent that work hard for your business. We work hard for it. Honey, we work hard for the money and we will only place you with a plus rated company. That means it costing a little more, so be it. We think it’s worth it for you. And uh, we will only write a plus rated company because your Home Insurance Tulsa is the biggest insurance investment you’re probably gonna make not many people spend more than $2,000 a year on their life insurance. And so their home insurance is going to be the most expensive policy that’s been paid. So it just made sense to me with an a plus rated company. You’re a good people. Good people want good insurance. You know what good looks like, you know you can have something good, fast and cheap. You get $200, three, but it’s not going to be good and cheap and fast. You’re just gonna. It’s gonna. Take Awhile. So for Home Insurance Tulsa you want a good independent agent and ensure you Oklahoma. Go to ensure you Oklahoma.com. Look good. See what makes us tick. We’re all about eliminating right, paid from your life, getting you the best home insurance policy. We can get you for the money. And believe me, if you have not experienced service until you’ve experienced, ensure you Oklahoma white glove service.