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Good morning oklahoma it is tuesday. June 12th am coming to your gas because you get woken up by that rain. Storm like i, did rain and hail severe thunderstorm car accidents everywhere, lightning everywhere. I’m laying in bed and I heard a little rain and then I heard a little more rain, and one thing I wasn’t thinking about was my home insurance tulsa. The reason I don’t have to think about my home insurance I want to those old boys down there at the insurer. You oklahoma I tell you what they know, how to insure a home. The hell was coming lightning. Heavy rain and I wasn’t worried one bit because I knew my home insurance tulsa was covered correctly because I talk to the guys down there, I didn’t sure you woke home. I just gave him a call at 918-322-7100, and they we set an appointment. I went in I reviewed my insurance with three different companies. They were able to look at for me, which was great, make sure I get the right coverage for the right price because when it comes to home, insurance tulsa, the last thing I want is a day like today would be severe thunderstorms coming out of the north and coming straight south to worry about my roof and I wasn’t worried. I knew everything was all I was worried that windows down in the car, but after checking I had not done that, but I wish I was going with my goodness. There was a big lightning strike.

No I wasn’t worried about anything, but maybe the windows down. It was right hard enough for the dogs didn’t want to go out this morning and when the dogs don’t want to go out after a whole night of being inside. You know it’s raining hard, really strong storm, but I wasn’t worried. We didn’t actually get any hail that missed us. That was the good news. The bad news is I can’t cut my hay now for a while and then my rain again tomorrow and the next day, and we want to get in and get that haircut. But when I put that hay in the barn I’m going to make sure that my hey is covered in case of burns and the building inside is okay, be outside is okay and it’s covered on my home insurance tulsa policy see that’s what my my guys down there to ensure you oklahoma can do 918-322-7100. They can make sure that I have the right coverage for me most of the hay barn in the end and a bunch of hay in there that they need to protect right now. I just got chickens in there. Cuz I don’t have it. I, don’t have any, but I want to cover my head, because it’s two three four thousand dollars worth of hay in there and anything could happen to it. Okay, so I’m back I’m actually out driving right now in this terrible storm, because my wife had no gas in her car and she’s trying to leave for work. She got to leave a little early today because of the storm, so anyway, I mean it’s a real I mean it say it is coming down in sheets, but even if there was see what’s happening, is my wife would have to go to work and if she got caught in the halestorm hale can total a car. Now your car is not covered on your home insurance tulsa, but health and total a car, and if you ever seen what it looks like someone took a hammer in which is beating up a car, would it with the band halestorm first time I saw that I was in europe.

It was really all these cars in this little town that have been destroyed by hail and they must not have had good insurance because they didn’t they didn’t get them fixed right away. If your, if your car is caught in a hail, so it’s not covered under home insurance tulsa, it’s covered on your auto insurance tulsa, or your car insurance tulsa, and it’s it’s covered. If you have comprehensive coverage, not collision coverage, comprehensive and comprehensive covers you for weather closure, with an animal vandalism. Theft, flood things that really aren’t your fault, but it does damage to the vehicle now I guess it could be your fault if you don’t put the car in the garage, but then again you know neither one has room in the garage cuz they like to store bunch of crap in there. So, but even if you do, we have a client one time whose house burned and they do cars in your garage and, of course, their cars burned. Well, that’s two different claims on two different policies. However, a lot of companies now have what’s called a common deductible. So if the same storm or the same egg, fire damages your auto and home, then it’s only one deductible instead of two, which is kind of nice, so your home insurance tulsa might cover the home and you’re on over car insurance. Tulsa is going to cover the car, but there’s only one deductible for it so i. Obviously, if the car, if the house is burning, you know what maybe you can pull the cars out of the home, insurance tulsa and hopefully mitigate that claim so bad bad storm I mean it’s 7:45 a.M. And it’s still dark, and you know it’s summer time, so it shouldn’t be too dark out anyway, one of our good friends had their house hit by lightning and it burned. It was a total loss more than a million dollars. They had to rebuild the whole thing and what a hassle did to move into a rental house and then they didn’t even want to be in the rental house anymore, so they bought a double wide trailer and put it on their property and lived in that while the house is being rebuilt, which I guess makes sense, so they were close to their their home, but anyway, they’re home insurance.

Tulsa was good. They had it taken care of they weren’t worried about the claim it was it was. It was settled properly and I still subject to deductible. It’s a big house. Big houses have big deductibles. If you have home insurance tulsa and you have a loaded up woman, you are paying through the nose for the insurance premium. So what’s the right deductible on your home insurance, tulsa i, don’t know those boys down there and sure you oklahoma, they will shop different companies, the best company for you. It could be safe, co. It could be mercury to be allstate to be progressive. I mean that’s instead of just calling a company that shops one funny for you and then having to call another in another call, the right ones call the boys down there and sure you oklahoma go to ensure you oklahoma.Com and click on the jetta quote, and let them go to work for you, man, that’s the hell. They love to go to work. Let him take some time and then go in and sit down with them. Big house, big deductible small house. The last thing you want to do is pay through the nose for your home insurance tulsa get the right coverage for you get the right policy for you, your family and your situation. It might not be too low deductible that everything is covered. You need to insure some of the house yourself, that’s part of being a homeowner, so take us higher deductibles you can afford. If you have an emergency fund, you can afford a higher deductible. You take a $5,000 deductible. You are going to get that policy issued quickly and I have little to no push-back from underwriters.

A $5,000 deductible is really ideal. We most 2500 the lowest we ride is $1,000 deductible. We never write $500 deductible. That’s ridiculous! That you’re, probably paying $500 more a year for $500 deductible, it’s dollar-for-dollar coverage between 500 and 1000, just not worth it make sure you have the coverage. You need on your home insurance tulsa on a night like this or morning like this, where this big storm is popped up and we are having wind, hail, lightning, thunderstorms, bad rain, I’m, not worried about my home insurance tulsa, because I talk to the guys down there and show you off phone, 918-322-7100 and I went in for a list for a few minutes and take too long, and we reviewed my home insurance tulsa. They made sure I had what I needed. Didn’t not what I had didn’t need. I took a real high-deductible I have a $5,000 deductible. You know if something happens, I’m going to pay the first $5,000 I get that I’m, just hoping nothing happens, but in the meantime, I want my insurance to be cheaper. I pay a lot of money for insurance, because at my house, since I have to barnes i, have it on motorcycles and utv’s and jewelry and stuff like that guns, a lot of guns, so I guess I have my own home security system with all the guns. But anyway, when it comes to home, insurance tulsa, you call the boys down there and ensure you oklahoma go to ensure you oklahoma.Com click on the get a quote button or just call him at 918-322-7100, go in and see mark and the boys, and they will get you hooked up for home insurance tulsa, auto insurance, tulsa. Everything is going to be taken care of and you’re going to be. One happy client, I guarantee it

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