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there we go. Now we’re recording the podcast. This is the true you, Oklahoma all original podcast today brought to you by Aaron Butler at Keller Williams Real Estate Company for buying or selling your house called Aaron Butler at Keller Williams. Erin is one of the top realtors at Keller Williams and she can help you with any of your needs. Uh, this today’s episode we’re going to talk about, uh, let’s see. We’ll talk about insurance call center and adding a vehicle to your policy. Now. I had an email today from someone who wanted to add a vehicle to their policy and uh, they were worried because it wasn’t insured well because there was a new vehicle to them. They were automatically insured on their insurance policy whether I’d edited or not today because, uh, I mean, that’s what happens. People use, you buy cars on weekends and most insurance agencies, Home Insurance Tulsa the ones that don’t have white club service, don’t, you don’t have the ability to get ahold of them and told them that you bought a new car.

So what happens is say the insurance companies automatically automatically extend coverage to this vehicle. So the vehicle was just a 2005 dodge ram. It was edited by a client of ours in Edmond. For those of you in Edmond, Oklahoma City, our phone number is four. One five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one at that time I said four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. That’s how you get ahold of us or email us at Info and ensure you Oklahoma. So anyway, they emailed the information along with the vin number and I went ahead and added it to their policy and emailed them insurance cards and they’re happy and ensure and I think they need them for their visit. This particular client or some apartment buildings in Texas and Oklahoma and they bought a beautiful house in Edmond and they needed it further.

They needed coverage for their closing. And so they called us for home insurance, Tulsa and we, uh, and we got them insured and we got two vehicles insured and now we’ve edited vehicle. And uh, all is well. That ends well, whatever that means. But anyway, John, do you know why even randomly throughout this podcast, I’ll say the word Home Insurance Tulsa. Do you know why? No, no you don’t. Well, we are working on search engine optimization, so when people google insurance quotes or whatever, or if they google home insurance, Tulsa, I want to be able to come up. So that’s why we’re going to say that six times as it seems completely random. Like, look, there’s the dollar tree, there’s Michael, here’s the dress barn, the cigar seller bed bath and beyond. Marshall’s Ross, John, what’s that building? That’s fine. That’s right. All of those companies need insurance, but now most of them don’t go with a small local insurance agency.

What they’ll do is they have large national contracts with big companies and so they don’t have to worry about being insured and then lapsing last jersey, Mike’s the corporate wants his insurance policy to lapse. Someone not be insured. Someone gets turned into a restaurant. They should sue for $10,000,000 and there isn’t coverage and interesting. Mike gets a bad name, so they usually do that corporately. It’s beautiful. They Intel so coma and John and I, that’s my son John. John, Michael Morley. He goes to Riverfield side. We’re getting off right for a rear. Usually cutoff for school though. I liked him getting off at 71st because there’s no light here at 70. First Light. Home Insurance Tulsa Anyway, you were headed up highway 75 downtown to the Tulsa drillers game. We would have been on time, but I slate. Don’t even want to mention knew John, you want to mention two minutes late?

No, don’t say that. Anyway, we’re going to go enjoy the game. They are playing the springfield cardinals. There are no, uh, St Louis Cardinals rehabbing in Springfield, which is unfortunate. We should be like that. But John has made friends with one of the players, kind of Joe the owner, the catcher’s pictures for single thing. I mean for springs, which I thought you got sent up to triple a and they send him back down to Aa. Must have needed to make room for something. All right. So anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa we’re headed downtown and it’s conor Joe in the springfield cardinals course. We have to wear a driller stuff because we’re hometown people, drillers stadium and John Morley is an employee for the drillers. For what? For just one more year he says, but that money is just too seductive. He got gotta. He loves getting those paychecks and get the discount and getting in for free and all that.

So maybe it will be more than one year helping him, but he says one more year. Anyway, the original purpose of this was to talk about home insurance, Tulsa and adding vehicles to the policy. And John, I’m making little hats on here. I only want to say those three words six times. Otherwise Google considers it stuffing like saying it too much or if you don’t say it enough that it’s not your trigger it. So you guys say six times. Oh, we’re coming up on a guy on a motorcycle and nice and loud. One loud pipes. Save lives. That’s why Harley Davidson had in my rv owners like having a cloud types. There are motorcycles, but you know that just. Nope. John did not know that. He’s got a nice little hopefully a helmet. I’m trying to get that and smaller buddy. Maybe I’ll save the top of your head and the rescue destroyed anyway. Apparently were overspeed but we’re headed downtown. We’re right by the, Home Insurance Tulsa, holly energy partners tank farm in the refinery. We have a good friend, Chuck Connor who works at provider John. Did you know that? This is where chuck works. Nope. John didn’t know that you have chuck took. Those are long and last week there was a fire out here and that was unwanted trucks rigs out here, so he had to work overtime that day.

Great Guy. Excellent fishing. Let’s see how much talk? Seven minutes and 20 seconds. We’ve got to go 10 minutes. So we got about two and a half more minutes of talking and after the game where we go into. How’s your heart best cheese fries in Oklahoma? Dare you save the entire southwest. It might be the best cheese fries in the entire southwest. Southwestern United States. Best Cheese fries. I don’t know why they’re so good, but they are. They use a what? A waffle fries and cheese. They put Bacon on it. Little bit of Bacon. A little sour cream. What else they put on there? I don’t know. That might be a separate and they’re just, you know what? I bet they lose a little parmesan cheese on. Home Insurance Tulsa There are adults in park like parmesan cheese on their stuff. But you think. All right, we’re going to say one last time.

John, what are the three words for saying not God, I don’t know. It’s not as sure. Your Home Insurance Tulsa. Alright. That was the sixth time when I could say it again. John. Don’t say it again and we’re almost downtown. Uh, we are actually downtown, but we’re almost to the ballpark. Probably going to park over at uh, Osu because it’s free and we’re using the tickets. I’m from, uh, Mr Nathan Hall, the Regional Manager of safelite auto glass. Maybe our next podcast we’ll talk to safely if they want to sponsor the next podcast, but we definitely recommend safelite auto glass for all auto glass repair. They will come to your place and repairing at your office. I’ve had that done twice where my windshield replaced at the Oxford. Did you know that John? Nope. John didn’t even know it because they come and they do it while you’re at the office and it’s done perfectly and a picture of the person before they come out and so you know if you’re a woman is there’s someone else shows up. You tell him to screw off, you don’t want to use them and you get your auto glass repaired. They use grid oem parts. John, do you know what oem means? Original equipment manufacturers. So next time someone asks you what? Oh, you haven’t made. You’re going to say, oh, the original equipment manufacturer. Yep, that’s right. What I’m mad at. These people, they are. They think during line men, Adams. What did for the insured? You will call them podcast. John. You want to say goodbye? Bye Bye.