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For today’s installment of the insure you Oklahoma podcast, we’re going to continue to talk about Home Insurance Tulsa. It’s a beautiful day, not a cloud was guy. We’re very intent on, and this gets me to the topic of what is not covered on a homeowner’s insurance policy. Well, for your home insurance policy, the intense sun really does a number on a dark roof and even fading of paint on a house, regardless of how much damage that the sun can a claim on a house. This is not something that’s covered on a home insurance policy for the definition of a claim or a named peril. The hazard has to be something that causes damage that started an accidental, so sending an accidental could be a lightening bolt that it’s a rough and catches on fire, but it’s not something that happens over time like sun damage or even animal infestation not covered because it’s not accidental.

That’s just part of routine maintenance on the house. So your Home Insurance Tulsa does not cover that for a Sunday. Next dental claim. On a day like today, I actually had a client that it was a nice day. We have one little thunderstorm up, lightening struck her house and it was a total loss then burned to the ground, but it was a total loss by of the firefighter, put it out. Everything had to be stripped out of the house and demolished, so you never know when a home claim is going to happen. That’s why we buy coverage before we need it. You want to make sure your home insurance policy is up to date and it’s covering what you needed to cover. If it’s not covering what you need. If no, might as well not even have it. Now. Most mortgage companies may have an insurance policy that so if something happens to their, to the house, which technically they own and they’re selling it back to you, it’s an investment of their.

They want to make sure it gets fixed and there property remains as valuable as it was when they bought it. So if you have a large claim to the dwelling, the you, your Home Insurance Tulsa Oklahoma or home insurance company know about it and they were actually going to write you a check after the work is complete. So they’ll give you a replacement cost coverage on the work and they’ll make it out to you and the insurance company, because it’s technically his insurance company’s house, they bought it and her sons back to you via mortgage, you actually have to send them the check, they endorse it and then they send it back to you to pay the contractor or to write it over to the contract or you have to have the mortgage company endorsed the check as well as you endorsed.

So large claims that are sudden accidental insurance company may check out to you and your mortgage company. That’s why there’s the accessories and signs on the policy. So the insurance company knows who his mortgage company and they will make sure to pay both of them. So the, uh, the mortgage company knows the house. It’s not a big deal for roughly we’re a place or it could be something like a total loss if there’s lightening striking it. But anyway, that’s what happens when there’s a large claim. If there’s a smaller claim like jewelry or um, oh, I don’t know anything else that can happen on a home policy, chances are you’re not going to have to get it endorsed by the mortgage, Home Insurance Tulsa but anymore most claims are going to be large claims because homeowners don’t want a claim. Small item, a small claim is just one more reason for your race to be raised or policies.

If you cancel, so you want to carry with you Dr Wells, you can decide as you can afford, if you usually have $2,500 or $5,000 in the bank, I recommend having that higher level. If not, I want to keep it a little lower, but then you’re paying for it so it’s a trade off. He takes the higher goal and save money and put money in the bank or do you make sure everything’s covered and then you pay higher insurance for it. I usually recommend that people keep saying, I am in deductible as they can afford and purchase as much liability insurance they can afford. This covers you for the most important thing, the liability portion of the vehicle. Of the car, of their own insurance, Tulsa, if you happened to me when you’re asking Hagan, higher deductibles you can afford because that that’s the home and that’s not as big of a loss as a liability few, so your Home Insurance Tulsa is meant to cover big losses on a home.

You also have liability coverage on it, usually up to about $300,000 liability coverage. Then we recommended an umbrella policy about that. Talk to your professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero, and they can make sure you’re on the own insurance policy, Home Insurance Tulsa the policy that you need or that you want their job to advise you and it’s your job to make the decision. Hopefully you have an agent that has a servant’s heart and is an advisor and not just a salesperson trying to sell you the policy that they get the permission. You’re getting an advisor that has put you first and we’ll do what’s most important to you and not what’s most important to them. I know it makes sense. I know it sounds logical. It’s not. It’s not usually what happens, but then and ensure you Oklahoma.

That is what we do. We do work with a servant’s heart. We do plan to help our people. We work as representative of our clients and not the insurance company, so when you get your Home Insurance Tulsa, you’re getting the right coverage for you and your family and the house so and ensure you Oklahoma. Give us a call at nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero, and next time that large truck hit your house at two in the morning. You’re not worried about whether it’s covered or not. You know that it is, whether it’s from their liability coverage on the truck or if it’s your own deductible and fixing your home, you might also want to consider earthquake coverage on a home. A Oklahoma’s led the nation in earthquakes in the last few years, although we haven’t had any very severe one earthquake coverage is not automatically added to a policy or is that automatically on a policy? It has to be added and so that’s something you might want to consider adding earthquake coverage to your policy.

It’s not very expensive. We don’t live in California. If you’re somewhere that’s thrown, the larger earthquake comes to be more expensive but here in Tulsa and expected, so adding on quite coverage to Home Insurance Tulsa wouldn’t be too bad. Right now I’m driving by your hand with a small rowboat and a small outboard motor on it and a little trolling motor. It looked like a little fishing boat. This is something that normally wouldn’t ask me for a watercraft policy that can just be energy or home insurance for a small fee, a, if not a big deal, ensuring it. In fact you’re probably more concerned with the liability coverage on a small boat like that. The next year having to go covered, covered because the boat was a the total cost of the modes, probably a thousand dollars or less and it less in the costs. Your deductible, so we’ll get Dolan.

You’re out, you’re out of boats, but it’s still less than year deductible unless you’re ready to fall asleep with the boat. Coverage is very low. Doc more noted enough, but again, you’re probably more concerned about the liability coverage while you’re on the water with someone else in your boat or if you should happen to it down scare or another fishing boats and you caused damage to someone else. You want to make sure that you have liability coverage on that boat and that if you’re sued because of how you’re voting at your cover, being suits the most important coverage you can have, taking garnish what your ad once you earn and what you stand to inherit. So we want to make sure that everything is covered, how it should be the liability in addition to the home insurance health, so when it’s time to purchase new Home Insurance Tulsa or you just want to check your rates for your Home Insurance Tulsa, give us a call and ensure you Oklahoma nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. Sit Down with a professional insurance agent. Make sure you have the coverage that you want and need and there’s no surprises at claim time. We’ll talk again soon.