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One six three. This is podcast number one, six three ensure you Oklahoma or original content podcasts. And we record these and we transcribe them and put them on the web, on the ins web and the inner is web and our website for future reference and information for our clients, prospects, general public and or news outlets. So today is a beautiful Thursday in January in Oklahoma. Sun is shining the error crest. It’s not nice enough to play golf. We’re going to wait for this weekend for that. But we do have some work to do before then and because all we do is work, all we do is work. And uh, we work to help our clients with their home insurance. Tulsa, we work too.

Help prospects with their home insurance, Tulsa and maybe their auto insurance and commercial and life and disability. So we are a full service insurance agency for, Oh look at that. There’s, you know, what’s really cool is on a cold winter day, and there’s not a lot of car because the grass is dead because we live in Oklahoma, we have a lot of Bermuda grass, so there’s not a lot of cover, a lot of brown at this time of year or it’s even better is when there’s a little bit of snow. We don’t quite see that too often in Oklahoma, but when we get snow it’s kind of cool and you look outside and you see a card because that bright cardinal red, you know something is red when they name a color after it. So there’s actually a color called cardinal red. And when you see a cardinal red color against a bleak white or brown backdrop, it really stands out. So that’s just kind of neat. I love that part of winter. Not a lot of parts of winter that I think are that great for that was breathing. So anyway, back to what we were talking about, helping our clients where we full service independent insurance agent. We represent many different companies and we’re bringing on more on time because you never know what’s happening with one company over the next and Home Insurance Tulsa

oh hang on, I no I won’t do that. Anyway, you a company’s raised rates, lower rates and we’re going through something now in Oklahoma where insurance companies, auto insurance companies are lowering rates aggressive, just lowered some rates mercury did before that. We think SAFECO and um, encompass are going to follow. We hope so. They are good companies would like to place more business with them. But we are a, we primarily work with lenders and we need to get good coverage for our lenders on the home insurance, Tulsa policies and they’re lending money on and keep them happy. And then we have companies that want to have a auto and home together or requiring mercury requires progressive requires it. Now it’s not a bad thing. You should have your auto and home insurance with the same company, at least with the same agency for sure. It was the same company.

And because that’s going to give you maximum discounts on your auto insurance. So when you write your home insurance, it’s all stuff you are getting maximum discount on that too because we always write it with the multi policy discount and B school cause why would you want all the discount? You can get no look, we’re happy to write a home insurance policy without the [inaudible] policy. Just uh, it’s more premium to us, which means more commission to us, but it just doesn’t make sense for the client. All insurance companies given enough of a break to have auto and home insurance together that day and it doesn’t make sense not to. Another discount that most insurance companies have is an early quoting discount. So if you post a business at least seven days before binding them coverage or releasing it or selling it to the client, then they get a discount.

Now Mercury is coming out with a new one and it’s 10 days in advance. And if it’s quoted 10 days, at least 10 days before, so that’s up to us. The agents making sure recorded immediately. But if 10 days in advance, that’s a 10% discount. And the average home insurance, Tulsa premium and Oklahoma is almost $2,000 a second, save you $200 on your home insurance, Tulsa premium. Home Insurance Tulsa, that’s, you know, $200. That’s a lot of money. It’s a new pair of cleats or new baseball bat for your son. So, you know, all of these things are things that come into play and every company is different. So if you call just one company, you know your biggies, Home Insurance Tulsa,, big companies, you’re going to get one vote and you’ll see what they, you know, that’s all you can do. They have no say in it.

If you call it good independent insurance agency, like ensure you will call them or go to ensure you america.com then we, then we can give you the best from whatever companies do you have. You know, some of our companies, all of our companies are a plus rating. They’re all good companies. We do have some fit, some standard companies, but they’re all good companies. And what we need to do is find what’s best for you. But you know, if, if you just want to be with the biggest company, you go ahead and call one of the finger big ones. But you know, big words, everything. Then Russia and China would rule the world. Uh, India has more people than we have. They would rule, but they don’t. It’s not about being the biggest by being the best and biggest mattered so much. Miss America would weigh 300 pounds and elephants were ruled the world. It’s not. It’s about having the best experience agents to provide you see, to take that knowledge and that experience and to get you the best insurance coverage that you can have. The best price. That’s the net value for your dollar is the best coverage at the lowest price. Right? I mean, there’s the balance there. Where are you start taking away coverage to save price and Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, we don’t want that

unless you don’t think you need the coverage. But we can do that for you if you like. So we can bare bones policy for you. We just need to know. We just need to make sure that it’s the right policy for you at the right price. Then it comes to, you know, we’ll take and we’ll write the policies and we’ll add your auto insurance to it. And then, Home Insurance Tulsa, the biggest thing that probably needs to be done as you come in and talk to your agent and sit down for an insurance review and the insurance review, you’re going to make sure you, the client and the agent are on the same page. And that means you understand what coverage you have and the agent is advising you on either what you should have or what you do have. And then it will feel, well, there’ll be no surprises come claim time because sometimes you know, we have to get a premium down just to get the policy closed, but

you, you don’t want to surprise to see what you want to know what you have with your insurance policy. So come and sit down with your agent and then you can ask other questions too. You know, if you’re a young couple and is this your first house? If you need a small life insurance policy to cover the mortgage, if something should happen to one of you, do you have kids and you have a house? Sure. Hope you have life insurance because you need it. The last thing you want to happen as you lose the house because you didn’t have life insurance because one of you is gone and you can’t be a caretaker. You can’t be a caretaker and a bread winner and everything all at once for two small kids. So what makes sure he has the right life insurance in place too. So that’s it for the ensure you Oklahoma all original content podcast, visit us online at, ensure you oklahoma.com or ensure you america.com or call us even better at (918) 322-7100.