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Alright, a podcast number 114 ensure you Oklahoma on original content podcast. They were talking about commercial insurance and Bob, it is something that we’re going to have to learn quickly entered into an agreement with a group that bias with five to 10 referrals a month and if that’s the case, we’re going to become very efficient in business owner policy. Uh, these are policies that ensure someone, well, I have the tools, their work comp, life insurance that they need. Everything else that reminds me life license Home Insurance Tulsa

now ensure you Oklahoma will always be a, a good personal life company. All we’re doing is starting another part of the company and we will continue to write home insurance, salsa and specialized in it were our partners in the mortgage industry wanting to keep sending, you know, that needs our services to make sure that their clients have with the closing. But all we’re doing is entertaining the fact, the opportunity to grow and grow quickly with the business owner’s quality turned into insurance for their auto insurance and their personal home insurance. Tulsa. So we’re excited about this new opportunity for growth in the agency. Home Insurance Tulsa, we actually

don’t have the staff we need right now for it, but it’s just gonna be one of those things where we have to stamp stamp up or ramp up or do the work ourselves because we surely can’t turn it down or they come to us because we’re an independent good independent insurance agency. We’re not a captive agency and that means that we can shop the best coverage for them and not have to fit a square peg in a round hole. Like some captain would have to. We’re actually, we have a amtrust. We’re talking to the Hartford, traveling a few others that we want to get their commercial policies with a and maybe even you ready to get some, have more of a Boston market. And if that’s the case then we’ll be set to go. And that’s been growing even faster than we think, which would be great. Fantastic. I’m definitely a nice, good csrs, which means hopefully getting tracy back out of retirement and getting her to be an office manager and run everything for ensure you, Oklahoma. Tracy knows more about a home insurance Tulsa or has forgotten more about home insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa Most people were her know and she be able to help our agents. I could even maybe bring Steve back from in retirement now. That might be ideal. He would be looking at

it. Might have too much money. Eight country financial may have been too good when they may have too much money. Oh, telephone company. That reminds me, I need to call them are close to our house and maybe we can get their coverage and there could be more working out of the house. Like ensure you. Oklahoma is growing. We are expanding and we’ve only been open for two months. It’s exciting stuff right there. That’s exciting. Business.

We do still write personal lines. Shannon Harris will always be a good personal line vacant. I’m going to have to get a good commercial agent. I could talk to Steve and see if he’s ready to come out of retirement, but I don’t know. I don’t know if he would be. He might be just for the quick easy money. Not Having to work hard on something, but I, you know, it’s something that we’re not going to have automatic stuff with. So to ensure these little companies and these little offices and doctor’s offices and stuff, you know, Home Insurance Tulsa it could be ideal that a bop and amtrust is really gonna help us with that. We’re going to specialize in and use a veterinarian get. We’re going to start with veterinary coverages and really roll out to other businesses that we get referrals for. That could be anything but, um, you know, these big feed junior,

these girls junior rotc, these young men could bless their hearts for them probably by pizza right now. You know, what I thought was like the original piece in place and then uh, all of these others popped up. But you know, when you go back to pizza hut, hey, you realize what made them good? They are just good pizza. Pizza. It’s good stuff, man. I mean, domino’s came back and they made their food better. It’s definitely better than it was when we’re in college and that was just cardboard. That was awful. They need to revamp for sure. So anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa back to what we were talking about actually driving around and we see all these little businesses and bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop stands for business owner’s policy and they’re pre done. I think these would be ideal. The startups, if we could get more, Home Insurance Tulsa, we need. We’re going to have to staff up. We’re gonna have to look at some new things

that might be ideal for Steve. I give Steve a call. He wouldn’t have to do any service work. I would do all the prospecting and I just get him to write the business for me. And then after a year I should have enough to hire a CSR. I would say depending on how big regrowing, uh, we do have another agent, prospect who wants to come on with us. Would you be awesome? Uh, and they will be bilingual and good at writing Home Insurance Tulsa and auto insurance and any personal lines. But you know, we are looking for good people that will come on and hit the ground running. We have systems in place to push business through the door to are people who will write the business and I need to figure out what day of the month I should do commission reports and see where to look, note to self, reach out to the carriers and see where to look and write some checks and that’s all being deposited into the operating account.

Also need to get quickbooks and taking a class so I know what to do and who to pay and how to pay him a. But Home Insurance Tulsa, Bob Ball, she’d be good for like a little a medical clinic, a Optima, optometrist, um, you know, any little mom and pop shop. Those are just good bob policies. Veterinarians. Hospitals are good, especially ones that don’t own the business or own the building. They just want to. Business. That’s ideal for Bob. Might not be huge permission but it might be a bad. Alright. Anyway, a memorial park, Washington Irving Park here in Bixby, Oklahoma and today we’re talking about home insurance and we’re making sure that our clients know that we’re not just a personal line agency that we do reach out. We do write quite a bit of commercial business and we got to get over this learning curve because this is coming fast and furious very fast and we’re going to be able to hopefully really make hay while the sun shines on this stuff. So I’m thinking, I think the, Home Insurance Tulsa, anyway, that’s we’re insuring you Oklahoma nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero or issue. You will ensure you will call them a oral five, three, two, two, five, five, zero.