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Okay. Um, it is Tuesday, January 22nd. I thought it was the 21st, but it’s the 22nd, um, cold and rainy in Oklahoma for 15. It’s roll over task and for only 42 degrees and it’s wet. And you know what? Always damp is always worse. It’s always wetter than dry a coldron and drive me that letter but colder than dry. And so a two bay at ensure you Oklahoma. We have two new people with their home insurance. Tulsa, we met with a nice rep from mercury insurance. Uh, one of our favorite companies last replaced, Home Insurance Tulsa, 43% of our business with mercury insurance, which was great. Nice company. They do a good job, but they want to ensure auto and home together. That’s what we have to do with them. So if we’re going to ensure that we’re going to get there, great home policy, we have to get there.

Uh, auto policy too, which is good, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. You always get it together. So they’re working on us, be able to get home by themselves. But the other big thing that mercury insurance is doing for their home insurance, Tulsa, besides just say standalone policy is, um, they are going to have an advanced quoting discount. So if we quote the policy at least 10 days before it goes into effect, we’re going to get a 10% discount. A lot of companies do this. It’s usually seven days and it’s not usually a 10% discount. So that’s a big discount, which is good for us because we usually quote business, uh, easily 10 days out. And um, so this’ll be great for our clients getting additional discounts on their home insurance. Tulsa, because this couch is the name of the game. You know, insurance companies want to segregate, they want to not even seventh grade.

They want to discriminate and discrimination in insurance is not a bad word. Um, I guess all in all, it’s not a band we’re at. Anytime a word is a word, it’s just what we put meanings for them that we think they’re good or bad. But when an insurance company can discriminate, they’re able to charge for risks, more money than good risks. And for those of us that are good and have, um, not a lot of claims and or have a good credit ratings and good driving record and a decent that we keep up and good homes that we keep up our home insurance salsa is going to be less than those that don’t take care of their stuff, have been credit. Um, don’t have a nice home, don’t have trying to him ownership, pride of ownership is a big deal. In fact, we have one company that pride of ownership is one of their number one underwriting factors and that means picking up, not leaving stuff around your house, making sure it looks nice, replacing things that need to be replaced because we fix not having a bunch of, you know, crazy dogs living under the porch.

It’s pride of ownership and um, you know, it’s important when it comes to home insurance, salsa that you have that


So at ensure you will for Houma, we’re always looking for good new carriers and Home Insurance Tulsa, our carriers, more carriers we have, the more we can help our clients and the more we can fix things. We now have locations in Tulsa and a bogey Oklahoma, Home Insurance Tulsa, soon to be broken Arrow I believe, which should be great. And uh, anyway, so last time when we were talking about different things for insurance and Jim places to be and why you should be with us amount of Captain Mason seed, who we are and what we do.

Well, if it’s a rainy cold day like today and you are crafting your house or a leak in your house, you know, people are tempted to try to supplement their heat source with something else. And then he’s trying to do that. There’s additional dean, a fireplace might not be too bad, but any fireplace insert or a woodstove can be bad. And a third, it’s just an additional heat source that’s not as safe as of course, a furnace and the worst being a lighting or heating your house with candles around oily rags is bad. But the other is kerosene heaters because the reason is the dog knocked over a kerosene space heater or a propane space heater. You know, those can spread and cause damage because there’s actually an open claim on those space heaters. Whereas electric ones do not. They don’t have this vague Btu is not cranking out to eat as much, but the electric one shut off as soon as they fall over.

Whereas the kerosene one tips over and spills kerosene. You know, it could be too late, right? There could spell it causes terrible actually. But anyway, so what we want you to do is have your furnace up to date, make sure you have a good furnace filter in there, keep it nice, keep it clean and um, Home Insurance Tulsa, use the furnace and not too much jewelry. Each source like a wood burning stove. Now those what burning stoves are great. They can really heat the entire house quickly. Benjamin Franklin knew what he was doing when he built that yet those were built by Benjamin Franklin. Pretty incredible. And how much they can heat a house. But anyway, I never reminds me I got to get home. My chickens are in their chicken house and they want to get out because they need to go and stretch them unbeknown while and it’s um,

cold and rainy. I Dunno. How much do you want to count today? They’re going to you go and stretch and so they can keep playing. Hey, anyway, back to home insurance. Tulsa if you are, if you do have a home and you have chicken, is that extra liability? I don’t think it is. I don’t know why chickens would cause you extra liability, although it could be an attractive nuisance in someone to buy your property because they want to see your chickens. Um, but I, I don’t think that’s true, but a dog, you have extra liability horses, extra liability on your home insurance. Um, so

when it comes to your home insurance stuff, the requests are you shopping every couple years. Make sure you have the right coverage and you’re paying the right price. Uh, you shop with an independent insurance agent who can shop multiple companies at once and not have to just give you a quote from one company. And that seems to go without saying, but a lot of people are still with a captive insurance company. Uh, did I? There might be basketball game, we’ll go into it and we’re going to drive by a lot of Nice houses that we can ensure. If you can’t shake a dead stick, you can’t swing a dead cat and Tulsa, no hitting a new house. There’s no houses everywhere and newer homes. I mean you can’t even barely give me assurance way. It’s so cheap and it’s the older homes that take awhile and um, you know, are more expensive because quite frankly it costs more to repair them and replace them if anything should go wrong.

It’s still houses we want to ensure all day long. And you’re going a great price on your home insurance and a good price on your auto. And Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, again, we talked about as far as value and best cost for least amount of money, right? I mean, when it comes down to it, that’s all it is. And that’s what we strive to do at ensure you Oklahoma. If you’ll visit us and ensure you oklahoma.com or ensure you america.com click on the get a quote button or content goes button and give us a call and see if we can’t help you out. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised with the results. We just got a whole new shipment of pop sockets in today. And Home Insurance Tulsa, and also if you don’t know if pop socket is called an Ester kid, he’ll tell you what it is. There are these great Andy inventions and our, we have ensure you Oklahoma Brandon pop sockets available in our Ifu was stopped by the office and asked for them. Or if you go to any bold networking groups or other networking groups and we could ask one of our agents and not be happy to pass them off to you. So until next time, this Mark Morley and sure you Oklahoma, there’s an ensure you oklahoma.com or call us at (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501 until next time. This has been podcast one 62.