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Alright podcasts, 1:23 and these are podcasts that will be translated and transcribed and put on the website as content, but soon we’re going to be putting together a real podcast that will live on the website and then you’re going to be able to listen to and see what we have to say about insurance and how can insurance be fun or funny? Um, well it can be and we’re going to make it fun. So you will like to listen to a show and a Sunday afternoon and when I say afternoon, just afternoon and the state fairs going out the Tulsa state fair. I know what you’re thinking also satisfy, but it has a state fair anyway. So we were just there with all the beautiful big beautiful trucks and trailers and people, kids showing the right. That’s the best part. The kids showing their animals but you know what just say fair, you get safe for people. And so that gets us to our topic of the day. People at the state fair and the tee shirts that they wear are just amazing. The things that they’ll put out there. We saw one last year, it said instant slut, just add alcohol. Home Insurance Tulsa Isn’t that nice? Well, obviously her mother didn’t see you’re part of the hospital and maybe she did. I don’t know. She did. Anyway, so there’s a lot of people at the state fair and probably don’t have a health insurance and that’s fine. I didn’t to have health insurance, but it’s not the government’s job.

It’s not our job to provide people help. You’d be responsible for yourself and get a job and get health insurance that way. Otherwise the, you know, everyone has to have our own insurance that everyone there has to have home insurance, tall stuff. If they’re just renters and they might just be that renters, Home Insurance Tulsa but you could get renter’s insurance and that will cover all your personal property. Even your tee shirts that say that alcohol and

then those would be covered and you can get a cover for a price and cost. So if your house burns or your tee shirt is taken a, you would actually get a new one subject. But if the house burns and you really liked your tissues descendant, that Oklahoma Fall, then you get another one, you get it back and that’s the beauty of personal property insurance, like renter’s insurance, so you don’t matter. Everyone has to have home insurance, Tulsa. But a lot of people there walking around holding hands with loved ones and ones that have children and you know, these people have goals for their family, for their selves as a couple. And are those goals really goals? If they die with you, I mean if you and your wife have a goal to pay off your house and have no debt and live debt free and then retire in the Carolinas or Florida isn’t really a goal of that cold guys to view. Well it’s. Home Insurance Tulsa It’d be sad if that is no longer a goal of your wife and your family just because you’re gone. What can you do to make sure that that goal is accomplished? If something should happen to you? And the answer to that is life insurance. You know, if you buy a car and you’re financing it, finance company makes you have auto insurance. If you buy a home and have a mortgage, you have to have home insurance. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, most people are gonna want home insurance also.

So those are the two things you have to have, but what about the things you should have for your family and life insurance is one of those life insurance can be relatively inexpensive. It’s probably cheaper for them to Home Insurance Tulsa and it covers something much more important to your ability to earn an income and save money because you never know what’s going to happen. She never heard that man. I’ve been fencing so rocket.

So anyway. Yeah, it’s life insurance that you know, most people don’t want to think about it. Most people don’t want to buy it. They figured something that they can do without makes it. Did you know if you know you’re not going to die. You don’t buy life insurance until like the week before you dive. Well, maybe a month or two before he died. So he gets run writing. Everything’s covered. If you’re not going to get cancer, then don’t buy it until right before you get cancer. Home Insurance Tulsa If you know when you’re going to get it was a cop pulling someone over it. Yep. Good for you. High price tax collector. So anyway, back to the coverage we need, you know, most of the bond coverage on their motorcycle or they’re a sport utility vehicle or you know, your gator or fuel or whatever. You know, most people have that.

But not everyone has life insurance, like dental insurance, dental insurance. But you know, you might need it. You need a crown, you want to pay two grand for chrome or you know, you want to cover, you just take some of. I’d rather have insurance it but then again, I don’t know, I’m not, I don’t have it because. But you know, what sucks about that is dental prices are high because of dental insurance but not in have dental insurance. So what that does is it leaves people out of having a coverage and then the prices are high and they go out. You know, and your mental health is so important because you know, you could die from an absence, abscess tooth or terrible. You got to get those out. You got to have taken care of, so precise that if you need life insurance, you know, don’t talk to your average life insurance agent that’s going to cram some hybrid policy down your throat, Home Insurance Tulsa what you need and you know, go with getting a standard term insurance policy.

You know, chances are people don’t need life insurance for their whole lives and you get a 10 or 20 year term policy at the old enough to get the kids out of the house and start accomplishing some of your goals. Is someone really needed to be rich off of the insurance such as a? I don’t know. You may think they do. I don’t think so. No. I think you’re better off investing that money then putting it all into life insurance. If you invest it, you’ve used it before you die. If you don’t, your family will get your money, but is that really what you want? So have good insurance agent’s going to talk to you about auto insurance, home insurance, Tulsa, hopefully your life insurance, Home Insurance Tulsa your business insurance if you have it, and we’re going to be a comprehensive insurance agency. I’m sure you will comb is to make sure you have the coverage you need and no holes in your program or even you know, you don’t want a hole in your program where if something happens, you’re not covered.

The other thing you don’t want is an overlap of coverage and now you’re paying for something you don’t need. You’re paying more than you have to for something you don’t need and sure you Oklahoma. We try to prevent that as much as we can. So for the best insurance advice, call an agent and ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One. And one of our professional insurance agents will get back to you and get you the coverage that you need at a price you can afford because unlike other insurance agencies that have one insurance company to the shop with, we’re going to shop with five different ones. In fact, tomorrow we’re picking up to new carriers, which were pretty thrilled about. Uh, and that’s just to help our clients that we have to sell a lot of them to keep them, but that’s not so bad. Home Insurance Tulsa So anyway, and so we are and ensure you Oklahoma. We are your auto home and life insurance specialty specialists with also with a business and commercial insurance and auto driving behind someone right now who has a four wheeler on a trailer behind their truck. And we’re going to talk about that in the next five cans.