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All right, well welcome to the insurer, you Oklahoma podcast number 52. My name is Mark Morley. I’m the owner and president of uh, ensure you Oklahoma. We’re going to talk about ensuring a home insurance Tulsa and uh, your auto insurance and what are the benefits of being within independent insurance agency, like ensure you Oklahoma know you’ve probably heard of the big companies and you probably haven’t heard of, ensure you Oklahoma yet. We are not an insurance company. We’re an insurance agency. We represent multiple companies

when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa or auto insurance or umbrella or a commercial or business insurance, you know, one call and we do it all. We shopper with four different companies. So when it comes to home insurance to also, you want to be with a good independent agent, like ensure you Oklahoma. Uh, you can find out a lot about us and ensure you oklahoma.com. You can give us a call at nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And we can show you the independent agency difference. And it’s a big difference and it’s all for the benefit of the consumer or the insured. So when you call, what are the captive, and when I say captain, that’s what they are. These agents are held captive by these companies. They can only write insurance for that company. So if you call state farm, all you’re going to do is get a quote for state farm insurance.

If you call, ensure you Oklahoma, Oregon, our website, and click on get a quote a, you’re going to get a quote from up to four companies depending on what the risk is. We know who does shop with and who not to. But um, if it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa do you want to call for different companies or call one agency that represents for companies. So you get one call in it and it’s all covered. Of course. You just want to call the one for home insurance. Tulsa if think, ensure you, Oklahoma. Now, when you’re looking at ensure you, Oklahoma, uh, it’s all one word and it’s the letter U, not why? Oh, you ensure you oklahoma.com. And you’re going to get to see who we are, what makes us tick, and how we can help our clients the best. That’s just one of the benefits of being within an agency.

One of the other benefits is when your rates go up, uh, if they’re, you know, if it’s too much or if it’s a company that maybe didn’t underwrite risks correctly, then you’re going to have a, you know, could be a big rate increase and no one likes big rate increases. So what you need to do is a job with. One of the captives is Colorado and other captains. Great. You liked doing that. You like every year, spending a couple of days and a couple of hours calling insurance agents and getting quotes for your Home Insurance Tulsa And if that’s you, if you like shopping insurance companies and coverages and go right ahead and stay with the captive. But if you like just making one call and getting it done for, with literally maybe 30 minutes of your time thing called an independent agency. Like ensure you Oklahoma.com where we represent four different companies.

And so if one of our companies, Jack’s rates up, I guess what, we’re not going to put a lot of business with them and um, we’re going to shop. There are current clients with them, with other companies. So on the independent side, they have an incentive not to raise rates a lot because if they do, they’re just not going to get the business on the captive side. If they raise rates a whole bunch a, their agents don’t have a choice. There are agents have to keep writing that business with that company because that’s who they represent. That’s who pays their bills, that’s their paycheck. Whereas, and ensure you Oklahoma, a few went Home Insurance Tulsa and the rates go up or we’re going to shop you with another one. If SAFECO has a big rate increase, we’re going to look at mercury or allstate or progressive, but we’re not just going to keep you stuck with one company and then have to explain why our rates are so much higher than others that we leave that to the captive guys.

It’s a tough world to live in, man. When you want to just represent one company, uh, I don’t understand the benefit of it, but if that’s what they want to do, then that’s what they do. That’s fine. So when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, when you’re buying that new home and you need your rate to be lower because you’re trying to fit into a mortgage payment that you can afford, then you call an independent agent, like ensure you will call them a.com. So not only are we the best when it comes to ensuring, especially, you know, Home Insurance Tulsa what we thrive doing that

uh, because we’re independent and because we can help people the way we do, we are also a great choice for, um, a job or a career, whether it’s just extra money or you know, if you’re a retired person who likes to just write a few policies a month enough to take care of your Greens fees, you can do that. Or if your a teacher who just wants to make an extra 500 or a thousand dollars a month, you can do that too. So another part, another, a part of our website is about joining our team and it says, it just says right at the top there, join our team. If you click on join our team, you’re going to get all the benefits of being an agent with us. And uh, the extra money you could make, two trips, you could win a are fantastic. So if you want a flexible career with high income potential and uh, uh, you know, opportunity to earn rewards like a trip somewhere, trip to Mexico, know, then check us out, check out and sure you Oklahoma Dot com, get your insurance license and I’m,

Oh, get your insurance license and come on and be an agent with us. We have a great opportunity for you to build renewable book of business. So if you are, let’s say you’re retired or you’re going to retire in a few years, what a great way to help out your pension. You’re going to just build a pension for yourself, a basic annuity. So we’re, you know, people that need Home Insurance Tulsa And so you’re going to write enough insurance that you’re going to make $24,000 a year, just $2,000 a month. Well, if you have five years to retirement and you continue to do that, what a great extra income. It doesn’t take a lot to sell and service to make an extra $24,000 a year. And you have now boosted your income in retirement. What is that great. I mean, think about the possibilities and the potential of the extra money that you’re earning and ensure you oklahoma.com or at or by, you know, selling a Home Insurance Tulsa.

So a great income. Or what about a young person, you know, through my career have hired a lot of young people who have started a business, started the agency and within a couple of years these people are making a couple hundred thousand dollars a year members of country club building new homes and living a life that they never thought was possible. So if you want a career like that, it’s not easy. You know, the easier the job, the closer it is, the minimum wage. But a talk to us and ensure you oklahoma.com, especially if you know people that could, that would want to sell insurance, sell Home Insurance Tulsa, and make quite a bit of money. One of the benefits we have in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is that we have a very low cost of living, but we have a very high insurance premiums which makes our career ideal for someone to make additional money. So if you can write Home Insurance Tulsa and work, uh, you know, 10 to 20 hours a week and ensure you Oklahoma, you’re going to make a lot of extra money, especially you could in retirement or you can build a great business for yourself. So for a great career, a great job, look at home insurance. Also look at ensure you Oklahoma and a command. And we’re going to teach you how to write home insurance Dalston. So you’re going to love us as a career. Anyway, that’s it for podcast 52. This is Mark Laurie signing off.