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Hello? Hello. Is this thing on? Are these working? One of the best line she has me. Are these, are these on, are these working? What are the best lines from blazing saddles? Millbrook. It must be hard to do your best movie emer which is the funniest movie of all time at such a young age. And uHome Insurance Tulsah, yeah. Then after that he just can’t top it. I mean Spaceballs come on. Didn’t even come close to blazing saddles, history of the world. Part one pretty good. I’m not going to call it good enough. And like others, some coats out on the side of the road they got out of there. It’s hard to keep goats in pen. They like to climb up. Anyway, back to oh bunch of men. It’s the time of year where a lot of geese, they must be flying back nor cause of February and they’re here in Oklahoma.

So come march or April, the pricey up around Illinois and Iowa. I guess. So enough of the random rant. This is the insurer, you Oklahoma, all original content blog posts slash five cats. We’re broadcasting to you live today from Bigsby, Oklahoma. A big fee where the cops are jerks and give you a ticket for anything Bixby Oklahoma where they had their coffers by given bullshit tickets. And if you don’t talk nicely to them, they add onto the ticket. Isn’t that nice? You know, the little police state of Bixby, Oklahoma and a cop pass through my phone number where I worked and then when I want to give it to him. And of course any added on a bigger ticket and a $240 tickets. Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the um, police state of Dixville Coma. I’m here to talk about home insurance, Salsa and injure you.

oklahoma.com we’re not just a home insurance company. We write auto insurance and business insurance, life insurance, commercial, a trucking, fleet insurance, work comp, or great, they don’t work comp. So if you have any of these issues, we’re happy to work with you on these. Give you a great quote. The benefit of working with an independent assurance that we will quote many different companies to make sure that our clients get the best insurance value and not just on home insurance. Tulsa rather, it can be on any of your insurance to bundle your insurance all together. Now you may have been bundled with another company and you might not like that company, but if you like us, all you need to do is move your policy’s just Home Insurance Tulsa, and if you have a nice home at Whitehall golf course, you might be concerned about your home value because of all of course close.

I think I would be too, but it doesn’t matter to her insurance company what your home value is. See, it only matters what the replacement cost is. So why do you want to, you know, if the value of the home drops but the replacement costs stays high. That’s what we insured for. A lot of people don’t quite understand that. But if you sit down with a good insurance review with a professional insurance agent@ensureyouoklahoma.com and we review your home insurance, told us that we can show you how and why your insurances, Home Insurance Tulsa, rated where it is. And if then if you choose to have less, we’re happy to insure your house for us. And it will save you some money. Now believe it or not, and for replacement cost on your house to $275,000, but you want to insure it for $200,000, it will probably actually costs you more to insure it for 200,000 then for 275,000.

Why is that? Well, home insurance salsa is a product of the insurance companies want to insure it for the full replacement cost. And if you want to insure it for less, it’s going to be insured an actual cash value and claim time. You’re not going to be happy, you’re not going to get money. And quite frankly, the insurance companies don’t want to deal with that. So you’re better off replace, uh, ensuring at replacement costs. Now we’re getting the time of the podcast where sometimes we get a phone call and we are recording today from the insurer. You, Oklahoma Ford F one 50. Uh, the Ford F-150 is brought to you by ensure you Oklahoma. But sometimes we will get a phone calls, you know, from a Vladimir Putin trying to robo call us into buying something. And let me tell you, Mr Putin, that will never ever happen.

We’ll never do it. Or Isis, I’m not giving you money. Isis now, I was thinking Bernie Sanders, this raised a ton of money and um, he did it by small donations. I can afford a little money. I might throw some his way, keeping them in the race just for comic relief. I mean, that man is fun. He doesn’t comb his hair. He, um, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, has crazy ideas. I love the way he talks. I can’t believe he riles up crowds like that. But anyway, it’s great cause I’m, that’s America. That’s America right there. You get Bernie running and it get Trump running. I mean it’s better than professional bureaucrats, although earnings and professional bureaucrat. But anyway, uh, f in the last time, you know, Bernie Sanders owns like free homes. He doesn’t own a home in Tulsa and he doesn’t have home insurance. Tulsa like our clients do.

But I imagine he has insurance on all of those homes. But just kind of ironic. Got a socialist, like Bernie has a bunch of homes and doesn’t share them with people. Or even just, you know, maybe let homeless people live there. Don’t they deserve part of that anyway? I mean I don’t, I’m not testing political judgment here. I think Bernie’s off. Like I said, great comic relief. All right, so anyway, back to what we’re doing here. We have a representative here, Markwayne Mullin who promised told me run for two terms and have self impose term limits. He lives in Tulsa, has home insurance, tall cy is so he doesn’t have it within. Sure you Oklahoma because quite frankly if Markwayne Mullin called me, I would not take the call United States representative because he lied. He’s a pig at the trough. He said that you would only run for two terms and guess what happened at the end of two terms.

Yet he said, now he finally got to do the work he wanted to do because Trump was in office and he can make a difference like no one is as smart as this mental mentioned and no one else can do the job except him. What he did was he lied to get elected and he got caught in that line. And the stupid people of his district still reelected on believable, unbelievable that we have this lightweight and we’re reelecting him even though he’s a liar. This is why we can’t have just term limit, like a self imposed. I just said, yet we have to have regular, we have to have, we have 10 constitutional amendment to have term limits for congressmen and that’s the only way we’re going against the debt and the deficit under control and stop with all the pet project and get the idiots like Dick Durbin, Home Insurance Tulsa, a former senator, John Mccain, get them out.

So that’s all I to say about that. People don’t really want to hear my rants on politics, although I could go on all day and said it’s 10 43 in the morning, I’m finally getting to the office cause I had to run down to the and talk to an agent down there regular and we’re going to hope to bring him on board. And then I had to stop at home and get my humidor, sigma human or to the office, and then I’m just running by river trail because Ashley own pet day river trail does a good job. So anyway, when it comes to the best in insurance quotes, when it comes to the best and quotes from multiple carriers in professional insurance agents, look no further than ensure you Oklahoma. There’s an can ensure you will call him a.com at (918) 322-7100 or if you’re in the western part of the state, (405) 322-4053 two two five five zero one instead of pulling in and spending some money where you don’t need to spend money, make the call or visit the website and go somewhere where you can to save some money. I’m one of your largest budget items that you look forward to talking to you call us anytime day or night. Our Po’s are always being answered.