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All right, welcome to the 109, ensure you Oklahoma podcast, soon to be a blog post because we download these transcribed into a written word and then we have blog and content for our website. We mostly talk about Home Insurance Talson here today we’re going to talk a little different. I’m on my way to an appointment to meet a potential agent for ensure you Oklahoma. And this agent’s going to, has that felt natural market, will be able to write a lot of commercial business, probably smaller like bops, business owner policies, uh, occasionally CPPS commercial package policy, but also all the personal lines of these people and she sees the opportunity and ensure you Oklahoma. We just picked up two new carriers last week and picked up an additional line of business from a third carrier last week. Home Insurance Tulsa, we are a growing fast growing agency. We are the premier independent insurance agency and Oklahoma. We partner with mortgage brokers, realtors and under that provide us referrals for home insurance also because they know what we do the best. We provide white glove, world class service that you haven’t had from an insurance agency before, and that’s what how ensure you, Oklahoma was founded. So once again, why would you want a job or a career with ensure you Oklahoma? Well,

our owner and founder

Mark Morley as over 27 years experience building agencies and mentoring agents. What that means to you is a proven path to success. When you meet with us, you will see that we have a proven path to success and that includes mentoring, marketing, Home Insurance Tulsa search engine optimization, facebook ads. What we do is we reach out and we help our agents become successful. As a matter of fact, I just had a referral source of mine that I just asked them to start sending all the referrals to our, uh, first or lead a full time agent scanning Harris. And that’s what we’ll do at all. We are the business of building agents and ensuring success as e n s, U R I n not insurance. So ensuring success. Um, we also have to pay higher commissions than the rest of the industry. We will pay a commission is 60 percent and that is a at times, but she sends her burn rate is 40 percent and


so that been the agency is investing a lot of money and these agents in the first year back all of the money in the eighth year or we’re willing to do that because we want to make successful agents who are happy and will stay with us. Home Insurance Tulsa when we hire and teach agents to sell home insurance to all have a, they are building a business with renewal income and that business will be, there’s a, they can hand that down to someone and that person just to keep,


and prisons just needs to keep selling and monitoring and maintaining a book of business. Well, we can’t do, of course, it’s pay renewals to someone who’s not a monitoring and servicing of book of business because that means we have to hire people to do it.

So what does an agent look like? Well, you can, you can be outside and you can open your own outside office, pay all your own expenses, your Internet, your phone, uh, your eno, your computer systems or software. You can do all that on your own and we’ll pay a huge money pay 90 percent of commission and it will titrate down the larger you get. Home Insurance Tulsa we’re providing you great access to carriers, we’re providing you a semi monthly training, we’re providing you quarterly peer study group sessions where we all share and we all work to get better together.

And that’s that. So that’s what we can provide that agent on. The other agent is someone who doesn’t have an outside office and it might have a laptop that they were from, but ensure you Oklahoma is paying the phone, Internet software, Eno know, pens, folders, whatever. It takes a office space. And then at that point we’re paying 60 percent. So no, it’s not that much less if you’re in our office compared to being an outside office. But our goal is to have outside offices all over Tulsa County and I’ll end up, uh, Oklahoma County and even down in Okmulgee where we have our second office because if we’re going to properly cover and, Home Insurance Tulsa, take care of people’s home insurance salsa, then we need agents spread out all over and we need agents marketing our brand. So we become more known as the best, a white glove, world class service insurance, premier independent insurance agency in Oklahoma.

You know, how does, how does Coca Cola maintain number one world ranking over Pepsi Cola A, they’ve got a great brand and they are continually working to improve. And that’s what we do at ensure you Oklahoma. We are continually working to improve our sales, our service or marketing or branding everything. And right now we have one person who’s the CEO, chief executive officer, Cmo, chief marketing officer, Coo, chief operating officer, a cfo, chief financial officer. So we have one person doing all the jobs and the more we, the more we grow and bigger we become. And the more home insurance that we write and take care of our clients, the better and bigger we’re going to become and be able to provide even more service. But more importantly, that service equals client referrals, which equals success. We’re all about ease and success. We’re we vet our clients, our agents to make sure that they are a top world class agents, agents who don’t want to be held captive by a certain company want to build their own independent agency.

And so basically what we have is you have companies that don’t have a salesforce and we, they hire us as their salesforce license distribution arm and that’s what we are becoming and that’s who we are and ensure you Oklahoma. Now to find out more about it, go to ensure you have Home Insurance Tulsa. You can click on the link that says, join our team. You can email us at Info at ensure you Oklahoma, the letter u, not Yoou. Ensure you Oklahoma.com and ask for information on a career and we will send you an information packet and set a time for you to come in and meet with us. To See our systems and our processes that we have that we have developed for agency force to help ensure success. We are not interested in hiring a bunch of people and having them leave and things not work out. We are interested in hiring a bunch of people that will be successful, that will contribute to the success of ensure you, Oklahoma. And even more importantly, we’ll help each other become more successful. There is not limited number of home insurance calsa homes to ensure it is unlimited. There is more here in Oklahoma than we could ever write. And the more agents we have, the better that is for the agents because we get bigger, we get bigger and uh, that improves our brand. And then at that improves your marketing and your growth efforts. So

it’s in every agent’s best interest to recruit, train, and talk about new agents for ensure you Oklahoma. Please visit in sure you Oklahoma.com. Click on join our team and you’re going to see why we are the premier insurance opportunity in Oklahoma. Tell them it’s a great talking. This is Home Insurance Tulsa Let me see. One hundred and eight. I think podcasts over now.