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Alright, here we are recording number one, 35, one three, five of the ensure you all go home, all original podcast, podcast brought to you by encompass insurance, encompass for all your whole needs, a great job with the additional coverages that are just standard in this company, in this policy rather than than one you have to add onto all the others you have to add on. So encompasses going after the good, responsible kind of a client. Home Insurance Tulsa, it might have a little more than your average person and it needs a little additional coverage, but ironically they’re also doing it at a fantastic price. So we’re able to offer this great coverage for homeowners and with a great price. Now what we found in the last couple of times, maybe they aren’t the best at a auto insurance, but they’re doing great at home insurance, Tulsa. And what we’re able to do since we’re an independent agency and we’re not bound by the rules of a captive company. I mean we, we’ve placed that person’s auto with another company now.

I mean, why wouldn’t you go with captain that even. Why would you work for someone and the words to describe your job are captive. That’s like joining the army to become a prisoner of war. That doesn’t make sense. So anyway, uh, at an independent insurance agency like ours, you have all the advantages of an independent agent working on your behalf. Now, we do not work for the companies we work for. You and the captive guys worked for the company. So whose interests are they looking out for the most? Yeah, you’re right. Companies we look out for yours. Now that means though, since we worked for you and not the company, when there’s an issue with the company, Home Insurance Tulsa, you need to contact them and take care of it, but you’re getting the best coverage at the best price. That’s the best use of your insurance dollar.

Most efficient and effective use of your insurance dollar is to be with a world class white club service. Independent insurance agencies like ensure you will win when it comes to home insurance. Want to make sure you have the best and for the best price. And that’s what we strive to do. So you’re on podcast one, three, five. We are talking about encompass home insurance. So that’s one, two, three. Um, you know what, we write a lot of home insurance, also one, two, three, four and Home Insurance Tulsa. But some fly by night, some company like progressive does want to give us their, their home because they’re not sure what we can do with it, but I’m here to tell Ya, right? A lot of home and auto bundles and we drive them together. Look, you want to miss out. Do you want to miss the boat? That’s fine with me.

Uh, we’re also expanding into Colorado and Texas. Soon we will have a three state operation going. So we need to get contracts and find markets in those areas. Mainly Colorado Springs and uh, the Dallas area. But in order to expand our footprint, it spreads our footprint. So we have actually better loss ratios than those are concentrated in one area. Like if you have to be heavily concentrated in Oklahoma City, then you know your loss ratios might be hired. Home Insurance Tulsa that’s really a always saying about getting people to join them as owners as well. We’re spreading ourselves out when we’re in three states, much more likely to have good loss ratio, the one state or one city we’re smart. See, I may not be much for book learning and I’ve got my smarts in the streets and. All right, so what does that mean to you? The insured? Well, if we are a profitable agency, we get more of favors and we can get our way with underwriters more than those who are less.

If a big tornado goes through Oklahoma, we might not be very profitable in Oklahoma or Colorado operation and our Dallas operation, you know, we will become much more profitable because it’s spreading the risk. That’s the whole idea of insurance in the law of large numbers of spraying and risk and not having a concentrated area. So we are actively looking for agents. I’m talking to Larry and Colorado Springs. He’s the best. He’s great to get what we need and it might just give him a little extra income in retirement. You might like it. So anyway, aside that, let’s see, we’ve talked about home insurance, salsa one, two, three, four, five times. Home Insurance Tulsa that means we’re going to mention it one more time on this podcast and then it’s going to be translated or transcribed to a blog. And a blog is writing a vlog. Is a video, a podcast is audio just in case you didn’t know the difference between all.

So anyway, our main focus on these podcasts is home insurance to also, we are the premier independent insurance agency in the Tulsa area. Oh crap. I gotta write a check, a rent check and we’ll get that done asap. So anyway, uh, when you, when it comes to auto or home, you want to make sure you are insured with the best and the best means someone who can provide you with the best coverage for everything you need. And not just, um, you know, a square peg in a round hole, you know, wouldn’t be around holding a round peg in a square hole because you can actually do that unless of course the round peg was bigger than the square hole, but it’s not. Home Insurance Tulsa so a square peg, if they were equal, they would not fit together. But if a square peg was smaller than a round hole, it might be able to fit it.

So that’s where we are today. And ensure you Oklahoma. We have new t shirts. We are filming new. Um, we’re filming new testimonial videos. If you are a client of ours and you’d like to be on a testimonial video, we sure would appreciate it coming into the office. We’ll buy lunch and we’ll film a little video and we’ll put you on our website. So anyways, that’s all I have to say about that. Let me see, where are we a seven to eight minutes so we could use that. But also google reviews. If you are a client and you’re happy with our service, Home Insurance Tulsa we would really appreciate some google reviews. Um, and for a limited time only for this week only, we are offering two for one. If you leave us one google review, we will leave you to Google reviews for your business. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Two for one. If you want to promote your business and you know the power and value of Google reviews, then you will jump into this chance. If you’re just getting along and your multilevel marketing or you’re just, you know, some idiot who says you’re working and by prospecting you mean go to a networking lunch or networking breakfast, but you, you’ll never ask for anything. Then you realize how important why? Because you’re an idiot. If you weren’t an idiot, you will leave a google review and I would return to back to you one for me and one from Shannon. I could, if the review is good enough, leave you three, but that would have to be a google review in stone and I mean, good. Home Insurance Tulsa Now I want to do some on some videos so I’m going to contact from current clients today about video and once we get that, that helps our website and our testimonials.

And when people look at stuff on Youtube, they’ll see it on there too. Uh, I would like to put some on facebook, but apparently that’s duplicate content and we can’t do that. So for the independent insurance advice for a world class white glove service treatment, contact us and ensure you Oklahoma, or go to [inaudible] dot com or call us at nine. One eight, three, two, two seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, five, zero one. And we will be sure to get you the best insurance coverage at the best price. That’s the best insurance value. One three, five out.