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With respect to themselves, glasses glass is half empty, but it’s yourself, but it’s half full when you’re trying to help somebody else. You probably noticed that you probably noticed negative with other people’s situations as you are. You’ve probably heard

thank you. Driving under Dr. Laura’s talking about positive and negative self talk and ironically and themes that we tend to have positive self talk with other positive talk. Others when we give them advice and negative self talk to ourselves, which is obviously defeating and I’m not productive. Not Productive at all. So when you have a problem like that, you can call Dr Laura. Dr Laura, she’ll tell you, you’re an idiot. Home Insurance Tulsa if you’re a wife who’s a husband, doesn’t want to have sex with you, she’ll tell you it’s your fault. Which I think we can all agree. It probably is driving by a truck now. It’s a flatbed truck or something big and blue. On fact. You ever wonder when you drive by some truck like that, what is under the wrapping? What is. I mean, what if it’s a a nuclear warhead and they just don’t want to tell anyone what it is and they.

So they’re driving it right down the freeway as talking a wonder if it went off, if that will be covered on your home insurance salsa. I bet it would be a thing that’s not covered on insurance. Tulsa is a act of or and then of course would not be an act of war or just a mistake of a nuclear warhead. So I’m guessing it be covered. Yeah. Why not? Yeah, I think it would be. And now I’m going to make Fedex truck right here in front of me. Home Insurance Tulsa the band just pulled right in front of me. I mean trucks. Does anyone else think of 18 wheelers to think they own the road and there are the, you know, the only one out here and oh there’s someone the road. So they have a right to cut you off in the left lane because they have to get over whatever.

That speed balling a porno freak. A annex. I mean, what else do they have to do? I got to sit in a truck all day long and I drive for an event now like they do. I mean, that’s kind of crazy. Anyway, uh, and I’m on the Turner turnpike headed in Stroud. Oklahoma. Stroud is unique because it’s halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. So there was a Mcdonald’s here that. Well, apparently it’s not the most in the world apparently that’s the one downtown Chicago on Lasalle. Home Insurance Tulsa uh, I dunno what Cross Street, but I think it’s on the salvo. That’s regardless. This one’s gotta be up there. I mean, holy moly at every, you know, you’re the only restaurant on the turnpike between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. And uh, I always wonder what this company is over to the right here. I think it might be some oil fields supply company, but what’s funny is they have all these goats, like 500 goats just roaming around.

I don’t know if they like goats if, uh, the ava goat greed program or um, that they get some sort of tax credit because they have so many heads of ghosts. I don’t know. And I don’t mean just hesitant. I post, I mean that’s how you count a ghost. He comes her head. So anyway, I’m going to frog and that’s really the shrine and the infant baby Jesus. It was funny. I can’t believe we have that on a actual official state design. They infant thing of Jesus in Prague, I guess through they call it break anyway, but we’re going through a drought and we’re here to talk about home insurance thought, uh, with, uh, your favorite and premier independent insurance agency. Ensure you Oklahoma, Home Insurance Tulsa , isn’t up and ensure you Oklahoma.com. And Click on the button to get quoted will be judges it right away.

How amazing it is. Gas. I’ll give you 25 bucks. How about that? You mentioned this podcast and us for a quote, I’ll give you 25 bucks every quote your insurance deal. That’s a deal. You say four or $500 bucks on home insurance, Salsa clubs. You get 25 bucks. Or maybe I should say on pay $100. If we can’t beat your rate anyway, invite the king’s highway charter tours. I wonder if they test tour to a mobile company. Jesus Freaks, I dunno. Oh, here’s another one. Amazing lot of a lot of cars and trucks and buses out today. This turnpike becomes busier and busier every year. I mean, I wonder how long it’s going to be before we have to expand it or better yet, provide mass transportation along it. Oh my God. This king’s highway bus on was trying to cut me off, but anyway, we’re going to be something.

Either a train would be on a or expand the highway because it’s just getting so full. I’m trying to hit a home back to Tulsa. I will go to my home insurance, Tulsa and I got to change clothes. I’m going to the Tulsa drillers game tonight. My son John Morley’s working in the first game of the double editor. So if you go out there and go look for him, he usually to visit her site because he liked talked to all the visiting players and you’ve never been a baseball fan like John Moore. I mean their kid is a fan with the capital APP and I would go ahead and add the rest of the word on it saying that. And boy loves baseball, loves cardinals baseball, Home Insurance Tulsa I’m halfway home now because I’m just going through the toll booth and stroud means some halfway home. So I’m going to get home around 2:00.

I got to pick up John and about 15 maybe I could navigate about a 30 minute nap before I go down there. I might drop him off at the ballpark and then go over to the car loans ever smoke out there and some kind of good smoke. Have a good Cuban. I love that man. Those are good. My wife won’t let me smoke at home and if I burned the house down we’d have to have a claim on her home. Insurance told us that she was the one that either but uh, yet. Home Insurance Tulsa Man. Just drove by a truck with a whole bunch of stuff wrapped up that you can’t see. I’m going to get very skinny airplane engine. That’s what it is. So it might be, it might not custom built home on your own land. You could, you could build. If you have land, you can custom build your own home.

And if you do that, you need good home insurance, Tulsa. And so he just give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And even if it’s a custom home on your land, we’re going to insure it for it. Easy, nick and half into it. We like to put at risk girls, uh, the, uh, outside of the dwelling. And uh, you know, names, barrels on the inside of personal property. It’s a hell of a lot easier to replace the TV. It just fell down, is not covered. Then it is like your roof from something that wouldn’t be covered. So we always want to insurance for maximum coverage on the outside. And you know, most companies today require that you cover something for a replacement cost coverage. They don’t want to insure for less than ever.

Problem come claim pack. You know, I hear so gave me participant today that one third of all home claims involve an ordinance claim and additional money for ordinance is change or know. And if a company requires you to do something different and, uh, the way the home was built and it’s not covered on your insurance because your insurance covers to put it back the way it was, but that might not be up to code. So you have to do is you have to put your company, your house up to code and then it’s going to cost more if you don’t have additional coverage for that, it’s not going to get paid. So we always recommend the additional coverage on that, you know, we don’t want to not have the additional coverage. Um, so anyway, please visit our website at [inaudible] dot com. And you ensure you is just a big capital you not. Why? Oh, use the capital you, Home Insurance Tulsa uh, and ensure you will go home and.com. Look around on there. You can see a video of our founder and owner and all around good guy and a, you can get a quote while you’re there and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Uh, so anyway, this podcast is brought to you by encompass encompass a insurance company. We’ll talk more about them later.