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Sure, you Oklahoma, a home insurance gap insurance, Tulsa, uh, is our specialty. We help people with their home insurance and it will help with their auto and their life, whoever else they should need and ensure you, Oklahoma. We are a home insurance Tulsa specialists and I wouldn’t even talk about those of you who are building a new home and you have the mortgage and the is not built yet, but you sure got to get coverage, uh, just in case something should happen. And that’s what’s called a builder’s risk policy. And what we want to do is as soon as you start to break ground, you need a builders risk policy, not necessarily so much for what’s been built or what is being built, but for liability that you might have there. Um, and there’s also going to cover you if something happened to the house now, like if something’s just framed as a roof on it, you know, it’s probably more likely to sustain damage from a storm than regular home.

Right? We can’t put a home owner’s policy either. We have to do a home builder’s risk policy. That makes sense. So what you’re covered for in an unfinished home, basically once we get the walls up and the house, the real fun, we can change the Joel home owner’s policy. It just a little more comprehensive coverage. It still doesn’t cover like tools and building materials that can magically walk off a building site because quite frankly, that happens too often. And uh, your home insurance policy just can’t cover that. If they did, it would be caught your fortune. So the individual contractors need to each have their own coverage for their tools. And unfortunately for you, the home owner, you own the building materials that are on site. So you might want to ask you if you’re building materials are covered or the pallets of window frames and of the, you know, the toilets sitting out there in their shingles.

Are those covered before their install? You might want to ask that and you might have to get a writer to a, to your home insurance Tulsa policies to make sure that, well, as exciting as building houses, it’s also very stressful. And, uh, that’s why if you have the right insurance and the insurance agent from a good independent agency ensure you Oklahoma, then we can help eliminate some of that scrap. We’re definitely gonna help. Try to help you eliminate some red tape and when you have less red tape, less stressed, you know, insurance to a new home buyer or a new home builder is anything but easy and stress free and literally probably just some more red tape. Rather not deal with and, and ensure you, Oklahoma. We have be experienced to deal with that red tape and help eliminate from your life. So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa and eliminating red tape from your life called the independent agents.

And ensure you on call or visit [inaudible] dot com. Give us a call at nine. One eight, three, seven, one zero, zero or more or five, three Ju Ju, 55. Oh one. Those are just different ways to get a hold of us. You can also email us at Info at ensure you won’t call them [inaudible] dot com. That’s Info I n F, O and ensure you and.com. And we will get it and we’ll respond asap will respond quickly. So as we’re driving and we see all these different cars, you know, it reminds me that we’re not just here for Home Insurance Tulsa but we do write a lot of auto insurance. So says, well, it’s just that those people who own the home will automatically get a discount on their auto insurance. Home Insurance also is important when it comes to wanting this going on your auto insurance, right?

It just makes sense. If people own homes are probably responsible people responsible people don’t have a lot of claims and insurance companies, life insurance without a lot of claims. So their premium is lower and it’s all still actuarily sound. Uh, it’s nothing magic. You know, insurance companies, when they’re figuring out your home insurance premium, higher actuarial scientists need actuarial scientist actually made quite a bit of money, a pretty good job. It might be a little boring, but you know, they’re pretty good folk and they figure out the premium. And I was selling 100 percent from the actuarial side because, you know, sometimes the board of directors needs more profit or that shareholders may more profit. So that might be one or two percent rate increase. They know if there’s a couple of percent rate increase that people can leave him just money they can put in the bank.

So for Home Insurance Tulsa also you want to make sure you’re with the good independent insurance agency who knows which one of these companies are doing that, which one of these companies are jerking people around, raising the rates a little so they can get the coverage that they need. Uh, and they keep, they just interrupt the price all the time, every year, the price a little more. And then they, you know, they’re just pocketing that money because they know what they do. You don’t like it, but it’s not painful enough for you to leave unfortunately. So if you’re with a good independent insurance agents, that independent insurance agent to know, hey, this company is rate increases every year. You know, they’re not real big, but their rate increases and they’re annoying. They’re just trying to milk the customer for everything that happened. Instead of here’s the company we to have loss ratios and they’re not raising rates because of it, because this is a good company for your home insurance.

Dalton, just one more benefit of being with a strong, knowledgeable independent insurance agency rather than your average. A captive agent who those companies just like the creep ahead, slowly but surely every year. That doesn’t mean that our companies don’t won’t pay grade and well and sometimes don’t even take bigger ones because for a while, but when they do that, we just shopped for another company. It’s not why stay with one company and they keep jerking your race road rather than little ticky tack increases each year or it’s just one big one that just really annoys you because they don’t have the data to back it up, but they just know they’re going to have a claim sometimes or sometimes you might as well get the money early, but if you’re with an independent insurance agency, ensure you Oklahoma for your Home Insurance Tulsa. Then you have the right agency who can help you in your time.

Of need, you know, because the tie a friend in need is a friend in the and that you ensure you. Oklahoma is for home insurance. We are your friend and you were in need and we are your friend. Indeed. We love helping people. There’s nothing better than helping people. So that’s what we do. We hit off on it. We love helping people and making people happy. I honestly haven’t done much today because we have a lot of work to do over in the city, but for Home Insurance Tulsa uh, you want to make sure that we’re getting you the right coverage, a great place and, and independent short. No, we’re not the guy. We’re not the Tosa insurance guy. Stupid way. I mean, who was he going after? They’re not professional. He’s going after Johnny lunch bucket and people who don’t care. And we, we like to help the strong, responsible, fiscally responsible conservative people who take care of their own business and they’re good at driving cars and fixing homes.

So when it comes to a little bit of insurance, they’re not making big claims. They are making big. Just how little ticky tack claims doesn’t believe me, the little claims for results in big claims, people who file claims filed claims and insurance companies know that and that’s why you have to build a good independent shirts. Oklahoma.com and [inaudible] dot com. When you give us a call or send us an email or request online, we’re going to start to get to work saving you money on a Home Insurance Tulsa, but we’re also not sacrifice coverage or financial strength of the company, you know, companies from getting in bad shape. When they do that. We’re going to drop that on the next podcast, financial strengths of companies and what to look for and what a or so. Until then, this says via. Sure you Oklahoma podcast, signing off until next time.