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All Alright Rod, can 111. We are putting it in the books right now. This is the assure you Oklahoma. All original content podcasts and I lost the card that I was checking off making things happen. That reminds me I need to check with Marshall Morris about a stuffing, whatever it’s called, a slamming stuff in.

Anyway. Um, today we’re talking about home insurance Tulsa because in the last couple of days, uh, our referral partners have really taken off and inundated us with requests for home insurance, Tulsa for their closing and making sure we get the decks and get it done right. And we’ve had two different mortgage companies rely on us for their different decks and what they need for closing because the insurance doesn’t fit right, you’re not getting the house. And you know, in Oklahoma insurance is very expensive and it can really add to the price of a home, the monthly mortgage payment or the pity pity stand for principle, interest taxes and insurance. And the, uh, that combination could not be higher than 25 percent of income or should not be higher than 25 percent of the income. So if principal and interest on your home is $1,500, um, you know, it’s not unlikely that insurance could add

a $150 a month. It would take him to 1650 and taxes could easily add another 150 to 200, up to $1,850 a month. Home Insurance Tulsa So, you know, as long as someone’s owning are earning $100,000 a year or more, it should be okay because that should be less than 25 percent of their income. But you know, who wants to cut it that tight? Not a lot of people. So what happens is in Oklahoma, people maybe not buying a of a house because it costs them insurance is baked into their pity, pity, pity, pity, pity. And, um, but luckily in Oklahoma houses are very expensive either. So, uh, but ironically we don’t go off of the purchase price when we ensure to only go off of, we go off of the rebuild cost or the cost to rebuild the home in front of these homes is hit by Hurricane Florence, you know, there’s going to be big trouble, big problems, and if it’s destroyed and it’s worth $150,000, but it’s $200,000 to replace it.

Which do you want? What the money or do you want the $200,000 house? Well, insurance isn’t an indemnity policy, Home Insurance Tulsa it doesn’t just pay you money when something happens. What insurance, uh, replaces what you had to put you back to where you work. So, uh, if the house is knocked down by big, bad wolf and all you have insured for is the market value, you might get two thirds of a house rebuilt, but no one wants to live in a house. So you have to come up with the rest of the money and the mortgage company is going to make you do that anyway. All right, so back to our partners referring US business. Uh, we love it, we can’t get better. Know the referrals that we get from people is phenomenal. Um, we appreciate it. That means they know, like, and trust us, which we appreciate because no one gets the job done faster and more accurately than the guys.

And ensure you Oklahoma visit, ensure you oklahoma.com. And you’ll see a few different things on there. You can click on a video of our owner, founder and developer, Mark Reed Morley. Uh, you can also see why you should join our team and why we are the premier, a white glove world class independent insurance agency in Oklahoma. We are growing, we are building a and we are soon to be the largest in Tulsa. And then we will set our sights on Oklahoma City and Oklahoma City because we aren’t here to just build something small. We’re here to build something huge. Home Insurance Tulsa now the Nice thing about ensure you Oklahoma is we lead with home insurance self. In other words, that’s what we write first. It helps us be a better agency because everyone who owns a home owns a car. So you need that shirt. Everyone owns a car, does not own a home, so that’s why my grandma’s fights come out with progressive.

We need, um, you know, we lead with home and progressive has the nice home policy, but understand you with it and given it to a chef and they dragged their feet, which is too bad because we quote a lot of homes at a ensure you will call them. We quote and write a lot of homes. I’m a home insurance. Tulsa is not something to mess around with. We, uh, we’re the best at it. We know what to look for. We know what companies look for Home Insurance Tulsa. Unfortunately right now we’re placing most with just two companies. We don’t like that. We need to spread the risk. A quoting, more of a safe code now, but you know, well heavy encompass a contract soon. That’ll give us another home. Funny encompasses, it’s actually a company owned by allstate, but a separate code and several companies. So for auto and home insurance, that’ll be a.

that’ll be a good one to get. We’d also like to add progressive. We also added an fresh this week. Impressed is a great commercial slash bop company. A BOP is a business owner’s policy, so for all the little mom and pop stores and startup businesses, manage perfect veterinary hospitals. It’s just awesome. So what we might do is start to market generally toward that. That would definitely help on the personal line side and the wealth management side because veterinarians own homes and if you own a home, you need Home Insurance Tulsa. And they also, you know, small business owners, they have money. They’re building something toward a liquidity event future. And when that happened they need to invest that money and there’s nowhere better to do than with our concern. Five financial planner, mark warley over legacy.

So that’s, you know, I’m driving downtown Jenks, Oklahoma right now and there is a bike shop, perfect robot, you know, uh, insurance. That’s funny. Anyway, you know, all these little stores in here, the Yoga Studio, that’s all box local name. That’s all right. Anyway, back to what we were talking about, uh, our referrals, we just, it’s not that we’re not getting too many referrals, we can’t get too many or just inundated with so many. And the referrals are going to be, those are our bread and butter, Home Insurance Tulsa so they get our most attention and then we get these Internet leads later and we don’t, you know, they might not get the same amount of attention because they are referred. We do need because of this problem, we need more agents on the ground selling insurance and uh, Tulsa and Oklahoma City, uh, we pay the highest street permissions in the industry. We have trips and bonuses and incentives. So if you are someone who can right home insurance, salsa and cross sell the auto and umbrella and everything else, then you are, you are right for us. Then we are right for you. And we will sell and serve you like you’ve never been served before.

I’m here to tell Ya, jenks, Oklahoma and their stupid left turn, red left turn signals drives me crazy. Anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa so that’s about it for the ensure you Oklahoma podcast. I think we were at number one, 10, 1:11, something like that. We’ll know here in a few minutes when we upload it and then we will translate it into written word and it will be a blog on our website. And so, uh, if you missed any of this, go to our website and you can, uh, you can just read it there and you know, anything that you’ve missed will be right there in the text. So until next time, this is mark the owner and founder of ensure you Oklahoma. Signing off to this podcast.