All right, we’re on a hot mic, Michael. Trupia on the mic with Mike. So welcome to the insureUoklahoma podcast. Today. We’re going to talk to Michael Trupia at country financial, um, a long-time successful insurance agent. And we’re going to ask you a bunch of questions about what it takes to be successful in his business. Um, what mistakes he seen, what he would recommend to other peoples and how he got to where he is. Let me see, let me get my questions here. Okay. So this is, we are coming from you. You’re sure you Oklahoma studios where we do promote home insurance Tulsa, and Ms. Kirby, if you wouldn’t mind, go ahead and give us just talk to us about how you got started. As an insurance agent,

I started an insurance business when I was 21 interning with life insurance, only companies, I always kind of had an interest for the industry. Didn’t really know where to go and what to do. Um, but I got licensed and started as selling in life insurance at a younger age than mine.

So in an ed 20, watch it can’t be easy going to talk to some old guy like me about protecting my family with life insurance. What were your struggles?

I think then you didn’t realize what the struggles were because you were also young enough to not think there was any difficulties to talking to people. You just didn’t think about it. Um, and I was more proud to show the guys I went to high school with, or my friends in the community that, um, I dressed up and I went to somewhere during the day where people of success go and I’m, wasn’t just waiting tables and working in a grocery store.

Why, why insurance is 21 years old? And why home insurance Tulsa?

Um, my brother was in the financial service industry. He kind of, um, opened my eyes to it, but I’ve always, you know, I remember my father saying at a young age, you need to do something that pays a renewable income or renewing revenue. Um, so that was planted in my mind. And then I just went after it.

Excellent. So you did that, you knocked her on a couple other companies learning the ropes, skinning your knees, pay your dues. Then he came to country financial, correct? Correct. Cause that’s where you are today. Correct. How old are you then? And what year was that?

That was 2005. So I was 23. Um, and oddly it was the relationships that I made interning or working at the life only companies that directed me to come to country

And products. What would his country sell? A country

Has abroad a package of products, um, focus on personal lines, insurance, home, and auto, uh, life.

Do you have home insurance Tulsa uh, we do have home insurance Tulsa, I’ll say?

Excellent. And, um, uh, commercial insurance. Um, and like I said, personal lines in life,

What pays the bills, which is what’s the video

The end of the day. I think the priority is personal lines, insurance and followed by, um, building a wealth management portfolio.

Excellent. So, something, everyone needs auto and home insurance Tulsa and then you also help them with their planning and future needs. Excellent. What’s the hardest thing for you to have done when you were a new agent? Home insurance Tulsa

I think the hardest thing is to realize that what I was doing was building a business and not selling insurance. And I even see, as I look at new agents today, their primary focus is selling an insurance policy. If they can begin to think then that they’re building a business. I think I would have been maybe five, 10 years ahead of where I am today. Cause even with mentors and people in my life telling me that I’m building a business, you don’t necessarily feel that day one. So as a new agent, looking at it more from your business and running it from a transaction perspective as a business owner versus selling a policy, I think that’s the hardest and most difficult thing to do because you’re just trying to pick.

Excellent. Excellent. So, and that just reminded me. I have a friend, um, and she recently started in our industry and she posts a picture on Facebook every time she sells a policy or thank someone for letting her quote their insurance. And that’s what you’re talking about, isn’t it. It’s not, she’s not talking about business. She’s talking about selling widget. Yeah.

And it’s difficult to transition to, to that mindset. But if the quicker you do the sooner you do, the more successful everything else happened

And pardon me, what was the moment? How did you, how did you know that this was the business you were going to stick with? Home insurance Tulsa

I never had the doubt that I wasn’t going to do it. I just didn’t know how good it was going to be and just assumed it was going to stay bad for a while. Um, so the moment where I felt like it didn’t necessarily have to be bad anymore. I think it’s that moment when you get, uh, your, your revenue is in the five digit Mark. And when that happens in one month, I think at that point you probably think I’m doing something right. And until then, I think it was mostly the fear of just not making it. And

What was the moment you knew you had had made it? No way before we get to that, you said, you mean you knew it didn’t have to bed anymore. Does it have to be bad for all patients starting in our industry?

Most normal people, probably not, but you know, my mindset was I’m failing every minute of every day. So if, if I wasn’t selling something or something positive didn’t happen in that exact moment, my mind was I’m failing, I’m failing. I’m pathetic. I just kept telling myself I’m failing without probably even realizing that that was actually what was pushing me. So,

And in retrospect, that was an irrational fear. Totally. But it kept you working. Okay. Fear of failures pushed you to the point of success. Excellent. So the moment, you know, he made it, was it the $5,000 in one month and that’s a big one

Coming from making $75 in my lowest moment in a month to 10,000 in one month, there was a,

Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait back up for the new agent you had a month where you had made $75,

$75. Nobody with the same mind continues to stay in any business at $75 a month. Um, but you know, that was just another moment that reminded me that I’m failing and I just had to work harder.

And what’s the timeframe between the $75 paycheck and the $10,000 paycheck, let’s say four years. Nice. Okay. And that’s what you knew you’d made it.

I probably never allowed myself and still don’t to ever think I’ve completely made it, but at least I felt like that was going to be the time where government assistance wasn’t going to be in my future in the next six.

Okay. What does the Trupia agency look like in 2020 right now? How’s it different? What do you, what have you built up now? Home insurance Tulsa

It goes back to building that business and finding people that can be surrounding you with people that are successful, um, to be able to put your business into specific categories and, uh, function in departments and not really necessarily you running every aspect of it. Um, and it, 2020 has definitely been a year where we’ve been able to, um, put departments and programs into the agency. Word’s not just me running everything. I think in years past, I thought it was getting closer to that, but this year we we’ve, we’ve hired more people and have done a lot better job of, um, there’s a word at the tip of my tongue. It’s not coming out of my mouth. Um, categorize compartmentalized, that’s it? I’m at, restructure the agency where we have specialists in each line of business, not just me being the one-man band of all things.

Okay, good. Now what’s it look like in 2025 and 2030

In the next five years is see the role staying the same, but the people in the roles being more successful, um, and ultimately if they’re more successful than the agencies more successful. So I don’t see things changing in the next five years that would broaden or, or diversify the agency more in staff, but the people that are there being more successful at what they’re currently doing, which 10 years from now. So it’s a, it’s a linear path. Yup. Um, the, by 2030 probably hope at that point, you’ve got, um, more people supporting the roles that are already there and having more branches of their positions. I don’t necessarily know if you ever stop layering in and expanding your, your practice. Cause it’s the only way you can keep

Growing. So, you have a department for home insurance Tulsa or is its personal lines? Just all together,

Um, personal lines, uh, including home and auto into one position. Should I say home insurance Tulsa. Both. Yes, we did one more. Yeah. So, um, when we have home insurance Tulsa doing auto and home together and uh, we have a commercial line specialist and then, uh, two support staff that are client services. Um, and one outside personal line sales person that’s coming in, but more than part time.

Okay, good. So I think in this first podcast that we’re about to wrap up, we’ve gotten to know you and the agency and where it’s going and the next one next podcast, we’re going to talk about success, tips for new agents. But before we do that, um, are you ready for a speed round questions? Canlas go. Okay. Um, Oh, first one. How many people can you name in that picture?

One, two, home insurance Tulsa

Three, no, you have to name them. You can’t just say no.

Three Mark Morley. John Morley, James Morley, Jennifer Morley, Tony LaRussa. Oh, the guy on the left. Um,

Pitching coach. That’s Dunkin. That’s Dave Duncan. Well done. You have two more?

Um, we’ve got, wait. That’s not Adam Wainwright.

No, it’s okay. It’s a terrible, terrible manager and kernel.

That’s Mike Medina. Yes.

He looks young. Yeah. And then the last one. Oh, that’s Whitey Herzog. No, no,

That looks

Reg will read Birmingham red shadings. I would have never known, but that’s good. You got, you got like, but I needed some help. You got six out of eight. I mean seven of them. Eight. That’s good. Okay, good. Alright, next question. We finish this interview and we walk out into the parking lot and you look down and find a lottery ticket and find out what’s worth a million dollars. What’s different tomorrow.

Nothing. It probably should be different, but again, I never feel like money is what motivates me. So, having it or not having it it’s the journey and the work so goes into the bank account and life goes on as normal.

Okay. Well done. Wings, dry rub or sauce? Dry rub. Dry rub. Okay. That’s correct. Answer. By the way. Um, what was your nickname in high school troop trope? Can I pull my car? Just jump? Um, if you could be smarter or better looking, home insurance Tulsa

Which would you choose? I’d have to go with smarter because you’re already going to look on Verde. Got the looks

Okay. If you could get rid of one state in the United States, which would it be and why?

Hm. I think I would vote more than one, but if I only had to pick one, um, Hm, it would be Massachusetts and that’s an easy one. Cause that houses, the Boston red Sox. Right.

I didn’t even think, I didn’t even think of, let me go that direction, but easy. No like that. They, yeah, that was good. That’s easy, easy target question. Direct answer to answer home. I’m the red Sox

World in itself eliminates 90% of its problems as we rid ourselves of the risks.

Yes. Yeah. The world is a better place was on the right side. Okay. Um, that’s all I have for this podcast. Now we’re going to take a break. I’ll just count to ten one two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 are the levels in your ears. Good. Perfect. Okay. So, um, here we are again with Michael Trupia country, financial owner of the Trupia agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is, um, here with us today on the ensure you Oklahoma podcast and the ensure you studios here on a hundred first street and Memorial and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today, we’re going to talk about a few things. One is how we specialize in home insurance Tulsa, but mostly I’m going to get back to Mike and I’m going to ask him, we’re going to have some success tips for new agents on this podcast. So, my first question for you, if you could give a new agent, just one piece of advice, what would it be home insurance Tulsa

Work today as if you’re building something for the next five years. The work that you’re doing right now should never be something that cannot be systematically put together for somebody else to be doing it. And if you’re not working in a system organization, now you’re working faster to fail.

So that means keeping in mind, retention, good clients on the books, make sure the right coverage is in place. I think I’ve seen it. I think I’ve seen agents that know they’re not going to be here in a couple of years and they’ll write anything and the policies aren’t good and they’re not going to be around when there’s a claim anyway. So they don’t care.

All sales. You, you deal with people that are gimmicky and then you deal with people that are professional. And as you develop your professional skills, I think that hand in hand goes with, uh, you know, beyond having integrity and always doing the right thing for somebody else, understanding systematic routines, working efficient efficiently, not every day, being a new day. I think too many people wake up today and they do something different tomorrow. Whatever happens to come across their desk, they’ll do that instead of taking control of their week and their day and their minutes. Um, and working with systems

And systems allow those new agents to come to the office on Monday and have something to do.

Exactly. Don’t do that. Yep. I agree. What you’re doing this week should always be building what you need to be preparing for Monday. So at least what you’re impacting Monday through Friday of this week, if you’re not selling something, you’re at least developing Monday of the next week to be successful. Home insurance Tulsa

Okay, good. And one of the benefits of our industry, or one of the things that new agents find hard, I know is cross selling products in a household. So, let’s say an agent sells a home insurance Tulsa policy this week. What do they need to do next week? Right? The auto insurance to keep everything together for the agent. And even more importantly for the benefit of the client

Beyond following up with the client.

Well, how do you follow up? What does that look like for new agent to do? Well,

You know, I think as you put together your, your sales process, um, that’s what I mean by systems. So if we take care of, uh, bucket one, which was the home policy, uh, what, what has in place for you to know you’re calling them, um, next week and following up with it, it should be your, your system. So you’re telling the client, um, what we’re doing now, but furthermore, you also need to tell them what’s going to be next. So constantly telling the client what’s next. And then following up and doing what you,

You told him you would do. Okay, excellent. So I’m a new agent. I write a home insurance Tulsa policy, and we give him multi policy discount. We do all this stuff and I call them next week and they say, you know what, I’m a former Marine. I’ve been with USA, my whole life USA. I’m never changing. What are, what are we saying to them? How do we talk to them about that?

Well, I think if we go back to asking them questions, um, you know, what, what is it that they like about USAA? And then what do they know about their policy? I don’t think, uh,

You know, if somebody is already putting up that

Wall, um, I’m just going to want to ask them questions. And ultimately they’re either going to throw in the towel and realize, they’re only said that because they didn’t want to deal with another salesperson or they start to think for themselves and realize, yeah, it’s kind of crazy for me to have loyalty to a company if I don’t understand what I have and why I’m paying for it. Home insurance Tulsa

So, you’re going to ask questions that beginning with what, what and how lead us to open ended questions. Not necessarily indirect, but open ended questions. Perfect. Yes. Okay. So we excellent. So we get the client thinking, feeling in control of this conversation because we’re asking them a question, we’re asking them what, and then we’re asking them to explain to us because we don’t understand them, hoping that they’ll get to the point where they answer their own question or answer the questions you want me to good. I like that. Okay. Um, if you could identify the number one reason an agent fails, what would that be?

They don’t work hard enough. Um, I don’t think you even have to do good work to be in the business and survive. You just have to do work and you have to get up in the morning and to work. You have to do something. And I think when we say work, it may mean the hardest things you do prospecting. It could be anything, you know, wake up in the morning and buy leads that day. Just do something besides, you know, eat oatmeal in your living room till 10 o’clock and get to the office around noon. Okay. So, Home insurance Tulsa

If I hear what you’re saying, you are saying you can’t just hang a shingle and expecting them to walk through the door. Well said, try to make it happen. Yep. I agree. That’s the number one reason that agents fail. So you’ve been, uh, let’s see, you started in 2005 and it took you four years to get a 10 figure paycheck. And then how long after that, or what year did you join the country club?

Define country club because I joined the country club, but I don’t know what that particular country club would you feel that qualifies as a country club or was that a golf course?

It’s probably more of a golf membership.

Oh right. To the country clips. So it 10 years. So 10 years. Yeah.

  1. You joined in 2015. Yeah. It took you 10 years to reward yourself with the country club membership. Even though after four years you were making five figures a month. That’s pretty good discipline.

Well, you know, I think the other thing, when you talk about, um, what are the reasons why people fail and why they don’t work? Um, sometimes they sell a policy frightening, and they’re still enjoying that sale next week, next Friday. And if you take the revenue that comes into your business, I think from an early age, I’ve always lived off 50% of what I made in my business. So 50% went back into my business. 50% is what I kept. And home insurance Tulsa

But even today at the size of your business, your expense ratio is 50%,



You, you probably do start getting to a point where you can weed some of that out, but that would only be to just create more margin in your personal life. Um, I do think for a long period of time, it should stay that way because it, for me, I started young. So I got to keep the business alive for many, many years. And it’s easy to let it plateau if you’re not putting money back into it.

Okay. These are gems. I love this for new agents. This is, this is gold. How did you build the business? How does the business come through the door and how does Michael Trupia continue to grow year after year? Home insurance Tulsa

Well, a M Y is mentor that happens to be on this podcast. Um, told me to talk to, you told me to talk to 20 people each week about insurance. So I took a notepad and I wrote one through 20, and then that always became a standard for me. Things kept growing from that. It went from talk to 20 people to write 20 policies too. So 20 was always number and I started talking to 20 people about insurance. Um, you naturally want to go networking and look for that referral. Um, that took, that takes time. But until you develop those relationships where referrals came in, you have to be the one calling 20 people. So very simply started by tracking and calling 20 people that I knew, whether it was just saying, Hey, I’m in insurance, I’m open for business. Or if it was, let me kind of quote your business, I’m talking to 20 people.

Excellent. You and I have a permanent, you and I have a mutual friend, um, jumping Jimmy, uh, uh, and Jim’s always out networking and trying to get referrals, but he also has a card and he will give the client one. And he’ll just ask them right there for questions. And to tell you the truth over the last year, his monthly production has been higher than a lot of agencies that only focus on their firms.

Got to be asking people.

Yeah, I don’t think there’s, I don’t think that stops. Good. Um, what was the best thousand dollars you ever spent on marketing?

It’s a lot easier to think of the, of the worst dollars you spend. You never know.

Okay. That’d be funny. Tell us the worst hours you spent, hopefully

On I’m associated with this type of marketing is insulted. Um, but I had the opportunity to advertise in a magazine that got sent to, um, the top zip codes in Tulsa. And that was a really expensive endeavor over a two year period. Um, but I think that was the one time where I fell in love with the idea of seeing my name on something versus does this actually make sense and create revenue. So definitely guilty of throwing about a thousand dollars a month at that for probably two years. So the worst, the best thousand dollars, um, would have been anything that I would have spent in helping somebody. Um, it may be whether I helped them in their business or supported their business or, um, helped a local business in a sponsorship or anything that directly helped an individual or a business owner.

Yeah. Excellent. So I read an article just about a week ago and they asked Mark Cuban advice for new business owners and he said, don’t buy chotsky. That was the one thing don’t buy chotsky. People love to see their name on stuff. Don’t do it focus on the business first, a hundred percent. Love that last question. What do new agents need to do to prepare for the future? What maybe changes do you see coming down the line with insurance or what do they need to do so they can ensure that they’re successful with home insurance Tulsa, or just running an agency, home insurance Tulsa

A mentor of mine who happens to be on this podcast. He always talked about, um, control the things you can control. Uh, so there’s always going to be things in our future that are going to change that are beyond our control. But I think new agents are guilty of not even thinking of the future. They’re not planning, they’re not making goals. The future may be the next month for them or maybe the next year. And there’s anything a new agent can do to help prepare for the future. It’s have goals that they’re willing to do the work for not goals that somebody is holding them accountable to the goals they’re holding themselves accountable that they plan on doing and doing them because everything’s going to change around us. You’re just going to have to adjust then.

Yeah, definitely in this industry, it’s changed is inevitable. Okay. Are you ready for the next speed round questions looking forward to, if you look to your right, you’ll see the front door of the office. If a penguin walked through that door, wearing a sombrero, what does he say? And why is he here

Question now? I definitely think, uh, if it walking through this particular door, um,

And to also call them, home insurance Tulsa

I think somebody has contributed to playing a prank on me and it might be the person that I’m on the podcast.

That’s why I have the podcast. Okay. A steak, medium rare or medium. Well,

It used to be medium rare. I’m leaning more towards medium. Well,

Okay. Where’d you go just media. I think you have to pick one side of the fence. I think you did. Yeah. Okay, good. That’s all right. That’s correct. Answer. By the way. Um, vacation beach or mountains,

I prefer the mountains because of temperature. Uh, but what I’ve discovered is I’m not doing as well in altitude. Um, so I’m going to have to go with the beach.

I think I like that too. Favorite boy band or singer from the nineties. Besides home insurance Tulsa

Boy. There’s no safe answer to that. Anything I say will be held against me forever. Um, but I, I do ever, I can we call boys to men? A boy, but absolutely. That’s about as professional as it gets. Yeah.

Okay. Oh, there’s smooth sounds. Um, new flavored seltzer or Zima.

The traditionalist always wins and Zima set the bar. Okay.

Hey, can you find someone today? You couldn’t last summer. Oh, you could. Yeah.

Uh, that, that, and they broke it back in the blue, black logo, which was great

Masculine. Yeah. Oh, that was, if it was even was going to be masculine it’s because of the load for sure. Um, if you could choose, what would it be? The ability to fly or extra revision and there’s a right wrong answer to this question.

I think you have to go with the ability to fly.

That’s the right answer and why is it time? Oh, no. That’s not why the answer is if you had extra revision, you’d see a lot of things you don’t want to say exactly. But fly. Yeah.

Only pros to flying.

Yeah. No traffic. And home insurance Tulsa

You find that hard to believe, but I almost was prepared to say that, that I don’t want to, to revision. Cause I don’t want to see everything. Okay. Carlos, in mind,

I’ve definitely held you here longer. This was the length of three podcasts. Um, I want to thank you for coming and we, Oh, I have another rats. I forgot about this. Uh, speed question. If you look at my Bumble heads over there and handed choose one, which one’s the best Tommy Lasorda as the garden gnome.

Yeah. And as the only Italian American on that shelf.

No, they’re not. It was up on the top.

Tommy Lee.

Okay. Yep. All right. That’s all right. Answer. All right. Thank you. And we have some nice party.

Thank you. Finish by saying home insurance Tulsa