All right? It’s been a while. Um, but this is the 181st podcast, all original content from insure you Oklahoma. If you’ve been listening to these podcasts or reading the transcriptions of them, then you know, um, you are learning a lot about insurance risk management, uh, how to wisely spend your money. Because I’ll tell you right now, every insurance company that we represent would love to just hook up your checking account and sell you unlimited policies and make sure everything that happens to you will be covered and you’ll never have to worry again about something being your responsibility. So if you stub your toe, you will get first dollar health coverage, or if you scratched your car, you can turn it in with no deductible, but it’s going to cost you a fortune. And most people don’t want to do that. Most people understand reason for insurance is to mitigate the claims of what can happen again.
Uh, in other words not hurt you as bad when something big happens. Now the ideal insurable interest is one, it doesn’t happen very often, often, but if it does, it’ll wipe you out. And if it’s, you know, in other words, your house, you don’t want to have to buy a new house members to the ground, but it’s not going to happen very often, so it shouldn’t cost a lot to ensure it. Now there’s also different parts of the home coverage. You could have, um, you know, your deductible. Do you want it to cover everything that can happen or do you just want to cover the big thing? It would save money on your insurance coverage. So, um, our general recommendation is take as high as of a deductible as you can afford and then, uh, that’s gonna save you money, but buy as much liability insurance as you can, um, because that protects your finances, your assets, your wealth, et cetera.

Um, so if you have loans, companies in Oklahoma require 1% wind hail deductible. So if hail is going gonna wipe out your roof, it’s going to cost you 1%. If you have a $350,000 house, that means your deductible is $3,500. That’s not bad. It’s not gonna move very often. It’s going to save you a lot of money. And that’s what, uh, we gotta uh, you know, just one of the things that you could spend money on if you want, but you might have other things to spend money on. We also have high auto insurance coverage in Oklahoma and partly because of how many uninsured drivers that we have who run around smashing into people in cars, whatever. So no Harrison’s primary auto insurance is what’s going to pay and that’s why it’s more expensive. So once again, we are faced with the thoughts of how do, what’s the best course of action for our insurance? Well, the first thing to do is call an independent insurance agency. Like insure you Oklahoma

and tell him you want to talk to them about home insurance, Tulsa

and what’s the first thing they’re going to do is ask you a whole bunch of questions so it’ll narrow down where they should look for insurance for you. If you have out in the country in a small house, uh, is it worth a whole lot? They’ll look at one company. If you live in a nice big house in the city, um, they’ll be looking at a different company. But that’s just narrowing it down to the companies that they can look at. Uh, the reason you go with an independent insurance agency is instead of just quoting one insurance company, they’re going to narrow down and run your quotes with five or six insurance companies. And if you have five or six, you’d like me to find the one that has the appetite for your kind of risk. And everyone’s different. You may be with a Safeco green company and your neighbor when it comes to their home insurance, Tulsa might go with mercury, different com.

Different companies have different rates. They also have, um, a different appetites for based on the house, the age of the house, how old the roof is, the plumbing, the electric, the air conditioning. So home insurance, Tulsa isn’t just a a one size fits all. We don’t want to jam a square peg in a round hole and say there, there, there you go. That’s the tinny. But unfortunately, if you call a captive insurance agency, then that’s more likely what you’re going to get. And I don’t care how good the insurance agent Brian Smith markets himself, he’s still worked for one company and just one company, and I don’t care how great that company is. If you are insuring something that’s that important and that expensive insure, then you need to talk to them. Independent insurance agent who can shop you with multiple companies. So I hope we are picking up down here.

More is better. If you wanted to wet your whistle and you were thirsty, and I’m not talking about home insurance, Tulsa here, I’m saying if you just wanted a beer, would you go to a bar that just served one kind of beer? Let’s say they just had Pabst blue ribbon. I don’t think that’s what you want or it might be, but you might want something different. So you know you don’t, you go to you, you don’t go to the Pabst blue ribbon bar, you go to a place that has five or six or 10 different times. You know there’s some of these have 40 different kinds of beer. I don’t know if you need that, but maybe you do.

Um, also if you’re texting and driving and not paying attention like this person in front of me, come on dummy. Go. Uh, then yeah, I’m sorry. Your insurance should cause score because you’re not a good driver. But that’s not exactly what we talked about today cause we’re talking about home insurance, Tulsa and what to look for when you’re shopping for home insurance Tulsa. You’re a, again, the do’s and don’ts. Don’t go to a captive agency. Do go to an independent insurance agency. Don’t, uh, you know, if you do go to a captain one, you got to call eight different companies yourself. You go to an independent and you just call one.

Don’t just stick with your same insurance company every year, year after year. Things change. Shop your insurance every two to three years. If you already was in independence, shirts, agents, they’re going to do this for you and made sure that you have the right coverage at the right price, right coverage at right price equals insurance value. That’s what we’re talking about, the best use of your insurance dollar, best coverage for the lowest price. Um, and if you’re only looking at price, James, are you going to sacrifice some coverage? But as long as you know what you have going into it, you’re not going to be surprised to claim time. So when it comes to home insurance salsa, first thing you do is call ensure you Oklahoma at (918) 322-7100 and we will get you set up with the best home insurance salsa rates you can get. Now I’m just assuming and hoping that I’m the Google you are searching home insurance Tulsa, uh, because that’s going to give you the people that are best at doing what we do.

And that of course is just home insurance. Tulsa. We work exclusively with Oklahoma’s real estate community, whether that be mortgage brokers or realtors or title companies or anyone in between. It would have a reason to make sure that you have good home insurance. That’s what we do. It’s not that we ignore the rest, but that’s just how we market, how we build. We, we are a home insurance Tulsa agency, and that’s, we’re always going to be that. No, we’re always going to write the other stuff. Y’all know, the umbrella, the motorcycle, and the ATV. Now, if you have a motorcycle, give him this call because we’re darn good at that too. We have all a plus carriers. We have up to seven different, no, eight different carriers that we can place you with. So we always make sure we’re getting you the best insurance for the insurance or installer. Uh, so that’s all I have to say today about, um, Oh, I, our podcast, the all original content. Ensure you Oklahoma podcast. Tune in next time for our next podcast, it’s going to talk primarily about motorcycle insurance.