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you Oklahoma or original content podcasts. I’m reaching out to my brothers. My brother from another mother might go, might collect country. We have a little contest going on and see how many new clients we can make. Happy before Thursday. Golf and whoever doesn’t make clients happy, pays for all the drinks. I’m all about making clients happy. I’m all about white glove service when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa no one beats. Ensure you, Oklahoma. Go to ensure you Oklahoma.com. Check us out. Boy, that’s the thing to do. Or give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero for home insurance, white glove service like you’ve never had before. I will beat Michael. I will beat him on the golf course and I will drink his cocktail if you’re over in the city or the western part of the state.

We serve people all over the state of Oklahoma and our number is four. Oh, five, two, five, five, zero. One. You call us. We pick up. We take care of your needs. We follow up to make sure you’re happy and we review annually. If some company doesn’t respect you or doesn’t want, doesn’t like sometimes the ward on your nose, we’re going to find you a better company. If you’ve been with the company for two or three years and I’ve had no claim, but you get a rate increase every year. We’re gonna help you out. We’re going to get better coverage at a better price, Home Insurance Tulsa to that bright when you are looking for to ensure your home. When you’re looking for home insurance. Also, there’s only one place to go that’s ensure you club. Where what they do is they ensure view Oklahoma white glove service.

You want the best in customer service. You can either call your captive agents and he doesn’t answer the phone, so it rolls to some, you know, a customer service center in India or Ireland or a Thailand. And who knows what they’re doing there before they answer your phone. Uh, if you’re in India, they’re not eating cows, but if you’re in Thailand, they may be smoking some weed, but are they looking out for you? Are they really there to get your best home insurance to know what they’re doing is they’re working for a dollar an hour and they’re not happy about it and they and they take it. They’re passive aggressively taking on a new. They don’t care about you, but when you want good solid home insurance calls to rape, you call us at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero for Home Insurance Tulsa white glove service.

You call mark at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, 70, $100 or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One. All about helping the people. We’re helping people every day. We’re getting them better coverage. We’re getting them lower prices. We are making people happy. When my, when I come home from work and my wife says, how was your day? I said, it was great. I was so busy. I didn’t have time for lunch, but I helped three new people and I made three people happy, made them clients and we hope it’s clients for life and we hope that we’re providing you the service that is so good. You can’t help but tell your friends about it and you tell your friends to call Home Insurance Tulsa or call sure you, Oklahoma for your home insurance need. There’s no one better and insuring your home and your auto and your boats and your app and or motorcycles that ensure you Oklahoma independent agents with independent advice at the best prices and the best coverage, even home insurance.

Also, you want good Home Insurance Tulsa at good price. Otherwise it’s just cheap insurance and you’re throwing your money away. Pile and burning. You know captive agents will tell you they can insure anything and they’ll pay for it is set up a pipeline between your bank account and the insurance companies and take everything and then not provide you any good coverage or provide you a ton of coverage. It’s never going to pay out on anything and just take all your money. You don’t want that independent advice. Independent white glove service, independent white glove service. Advice from for your home insurance to also from ensure you Oklahoma, where we don’t believe in taking all your money for. Your friend knows what we do believe in his counseling, our clients to take on some of the responsibility themselves for their own insurance coverage and paying the insurance company to take on the coverage that they can’t afford to take on themselves.

Doesn’t that make sense? Do you really need coverage? If if you get one broken window and it costs $300 to replace, do you really need that coverage or if you can, you pay that yourself. I’m suggesting you pay that yourself. Your Home Insurance Tulsa rates will be lower. You’re not going to be one of these claim animals that insurance companies hate because insurance companies look at two things, frequency and severity. If you’ve had some big claims, they’re going to look at your little ticky tack claims. They’re going to look at you, so what you want is a policy that covers you for the big things. You need a new roof, your house burns down, and a little ticky tack things like a prefilled out and put a brand through your window. Just fixing yourself. Insurance companies aren’t about white glove service, ensure you all glommed.

We represent insurance companies. We provide you the best coverage at the best price from the insurance company we’re working for you, not the insurance companies. We want to provide you. You are our client. The insurance companies are not those captive guys. They work for the insurance company. The insurance company pays a. We work for you. We get you the best. You know what? Today I took a client from one of our companies that we support and we represent to another one that we represent. Why it was better for the client as white glove service and service, above and beyond what’s expected for Home Insurance Tulsa you just can’t get better than ensure you Oklahoma. We have rave reviews. Check out our google reviews and if you’re one of our clients and you like what we’ve done, we’ve provided you a white glove service. Please go ahead and leave us a review.

We appreciate it and as a thank you, I’ll send you two tickets to the doors game. How about the Federal Reserve in the first place? They’re battling it out with northwest Arkansas and they’re doing great. They locked last night, but they’re doing great. Let’s go see the, that was a beautiful night for a ball game. We had a great time, you know, uh, finding some peanuts and cracker Jack. I had some peanuts and a, a Michelob ultra. It was refreshing. The peanuts were good. And uh, our second favorite team in the Texas League is the Springfield cardinals because we’re St Louis cardinals fan and they got on it. I tell you what day catcher kidner at kids or hit two home runs, almost hit a third and almost got out of the ballpark. It was so exciting to watch that guy not on the 40 man roster, but he’s going somewhere.

So if you’re a grievance, a google review, a good google review that says, hey, hey, these guys are good. Trust them with your Home Insurance Tulsa Coverage, and sure you, Oklahoma is good. Independent advice, good white glove service, great white glove service service that’s above and beyond service you don’t expect from the insurance agency. And for sure a good review like that, I’m going to send you two tickets to the Tulsa drillers game, or if you’re listening to this podcast in the wintertime or reading the blog, I’ll send you two tickets to a Tulsa oilers game. You want to talk about the hottest game on ice and Tulsa, Oklahoma, that those guys are good. They can skate. They know when they get in there and rough it up a year. The other day I went to a boxing match and a hockey game.

And that’s for the when you want the best and independent advice and service call. Ensure you Oklahoma. Sure you Oklahoma. My nine one, eight, three, two, [inaudible] 7,100 or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55. Oh, one kid. Dependence. Home Insurance for the price and get a white glove service that you’ve never had before. You want to talk about being happy. You want to be happy. You saved my. You get better coverage and you get someone to return your call. I don’t know how you get better than that. I don’t know what else you can expect from an insurance agency than that. That is, that’s the epitome of great coverage. So great coverage at a great price. Great Service, man. Oh Man. Oh Man. You’ve died and gone to heaven. Give us a call. We can’t wait to hear from you. My name’s mark, and this is the original podcast for ensure you, Oklahoma, where we ensure you Oklahoma with Home Insurance Tulsa, and all your other insurance needs. Hope you’re going to have a great day.