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All right, let’s get right to it this morning and he ensure you Oklahoma podcast number one 47. Home Insurance Tulsa, we have a few things to talk about today, but first of all, let’s get started with this podcast. Last blog is brought to you by all state insurance. You’re in good hands with Allstate. And one of the reasons why all states decided to sponsor this podcast this morning is because they do a good job with mortality insurance for pets and small lifestyle. And

I’m going to talk from personal experience. Now we have some dogs, we have some cats if four horses and we had six chickens, we’ve never had goats, but ironically I’ll state will ensure a go, which I’m not sure why you’d want to try a goat. I mean, I mean I get it, but it’s going to cost you more to insure him notes and then go costs go down to the sale barn or you know, might be a little less, but I dunno, you don’t pay $1,000 to mature at $1,200 a car. So why would you get goat insurance? Anyway? Uh, we started this year with six chickens and we raised him from the little chicks. I mean, they didn’t, they were too old checks and I raised him up to six and we were getting five to six eggs a day. And then one day one of the yt or checks was, uh, not up in the rafters but on top of the coop. And then the next morning she was dead just on the ground. And then she was, ed found in egg ground is when it, chicken is trying to lay an egg and camp and they just die of natural causes. Probably not real pleasant, but, and that’s what they do now. I bought these checks for $2, $3 a piece. No, Brandon, I raised him up and I a lot of time and effort in, but I enjoy that animal husbandry is something that’s enjoyable to me. So I was probably wouldn’t insure a chicken.

Well then we had,

uh, our bed dog get out and the bad dog went and killed another chicken so that we’re down to four. But still, I don’t know if I would insure a chicken. You know, I don’t want an insurance company. You think I’m having a lot of claims. And also, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to, um, introduce a to a flock, but it doesn’t go very well. That’s easy. Home Insurance Tulsa, uh, new chickens don’t like it for him. Are the old chickens don’t like very much and they’ll pick on the new chicken. Not a pretty sight peck peck coaster. So anyway, when it comes to chicken, Home Insurance Tulsa, my professional opinion is do not ensure a chicken on your home insurance. Tulsa. Oh, now let’s get to the dock. You could have a dog and forth. Quite a bit of money. Home Insurance Tulsa, we have one that’s worth quite a bit of money. It’s a Doberman Pinscher. It’s very nice dog. But he was more of a rescue situation and we’ll never going to breed them because while we had him neutered, because we, that’s what we believe in and we do. So we took the dog probably worth $1,500 down to a dog. I don’t a couple hundred bucks because you can’t breed them. He’s just a nice dog, but you know, you get nice dogs anymore.


But if you had an expensive dog Eucharist and assure that dog on your Home Insurance Tulsa policy.

Yeah, but most dogs are just family pet. If I wouldn’t be sad when they die is dead and they get hit by a car or whatever, but it’s not really something you need to ensure. So let’s move onto the horse now. Horses or something different. They can get quite expensive and nice mayor could be worth 10 to $20,000. And that’s something you might want to consider putting on your home insurance. Tulsa policy because that horse gets out and gets hit by a car or could be struck by lightning, taken down by coyotes, fell in the ditch and broke his leg, was the staking for a year and was shot. There’s many things and a half ago, a horse, especially a nice expensive worse. And Home Insurance Tulsa,

you, you might want to ensure that horse at your home. Insurance policies are, when it comes to a lot of other things, there really isn’t a need. Insuring your chickens or your coach or your horses or dogs or whatever it might be, falls under the category of just adding onto your insurance policy. I would much rather see you insure. And what did granny or, Home Insurance Tulsa, a nice piece of jewelry then I would like to see you is your, your chickens or goats or your home insurance? Tulsa policy? I don’t think ensuring, Home Insurance Tulsa, I find watch or jewelry is a waste of money. Again, speaking from personal experience, my wife wants her anniversary band. Few years ago it was five, one third. Kurt stones was one and a half carat and an anniversary band setting. It was beautiful and when she lost it, it was covered with no deductible and that’s called an insurance rider or a floater.

And so you add to the policy, it’s not subject to deductible as covered for anything that can happen to it, including mysterious disappearance. Uh, if you’re walking down the beach and you look down in the stone is out of your ring, uh, it would be covered. Whereas normally that would not be coming on a policy. So any expensive jewelry is actually relatively inexpensive to ensure because it covers anything, you know, jewelry is something you wear. So it’s something that you could, you know, has a pretty good chance of getting lost or stolen or mysterious disappearance or whatever. And I would say if it’s a floor or a rider on a policy, it doesn’t have to be caused by name perils such as fire. When lightning Meno, it’s just automatically covered for ever can happen. Now I do happen to think this is a good addition to your policy and you know, you should talk to your professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma about that and then you’re going to get the best coverage for that.

Even if it’s something small. If it’s $1,000 ring and only costs $10 per thousand. Oh sure. Why not? You sure? You know, Home Insurance Tulsa, just, it just seems to me like that’s something that you’d want to get replaced and not have to save up and have, you know, not Emma wedding ring for a while. So come to your professional insurance agent about adding jewelry coverage to your home insurance salsa policy. It makes sense to good idea and sharing chickens and goats. I don’t think that a good idea. Dot. Probably not. But you know, that’s up to you and it discussion that you need to have. Now when it comes to horses, it’s something you might want to consent and you know the value of your horse. Now you probably have to get it appraised and if when it dies or has to be a veterinarian, testify or write a letter about how it dies, you know, die of natural causes.

Old Age is not covered, but you know, an accident or something is covered and that’s what you would want if that old horses die. Old Dog die. Chickens always die all the time. Home Insurance Tulsa, but, uh, goats, goats get trampled by bigger animals sometimes picked off by coyotes. You keep them nice. So, but anyway, again, the mortality assurance and animals is up to you to have a discussion with your insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com uh, and worked in a wise, especially all of our clients do not speed over the big fee bridge. It’s been a speed trap for as long as I’ve lived in Oklahoma, which is 16 years as a rookie mistake. If you go 50 or higher, you’re going to get a ticket. And every time I’m driving across to see someone flying by. So anyway, that said about mortality assurance, ring floater or rider and the speed trap in Bixby, Oklahoma.