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Ensure you Oklahoma podcast. Today we’re talking about cowboys and idiots. We have a partnership with the thrive time show podcast, last radio show, the number one business podcast on apple and cowboys and idiots. What do we talk about? We’re talking about cowboys. Nydia claim makes some great points. You know, a cowboy. If someone who gets out there and it’s adventurous and puts himself out, there may be an entrepreneur and an idiot is someone who wants to go out there and do it and not take responsibility for themselves. Home Insurance Tulsa you know, we have enough people in our nation who don’t take responsibility for themselves. We don’t need anymore. So are you a cowboy? Are you an idiot or do you have a business but you don’t have work comp, insurance and urinating cause you’re gonna get you’re gonna. Get in big trouble with the state. Work.

Comp insurance is expensive. People like to game the system, but um, it’s something you have to have because if you have an employee that gets hurt you, if you have a business auto, you better have business, auto insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa here’s a thought. Oh, insurance coverage. You if one of your employees or you during work, well working to and from driving to and from a job site or whatever it might be, a gets into an accident or something falls off it and injure someone off the truck or out of the band or whatever it might be. Because as a business owner, who do you think is responsible for that? The guy driving it? No, it’s you’re the business owner, so you have to have business insurance, business, vehicle insurance.

General liability is generally pretty cheap, but it covers you if someone or cause a problem. So let me give you an example. We are in. Sure you Oklahoma. We have agents who work for us. If an agent who works for us goes into someone’s house or a building and they put down their briefcase or computer on a table or whatever it might be in a break the glass and it shattered it and it’s a $10,000 table. Well, that’s going to be covered under your bedroom liability covers. Home Insurance Tulsa, usually on this podcast we talk about home insurance, Tulsa. This time we’re talking about a bunch of different things. Uh, we’re going to talk about home insurance, Tulsa, if you own a home, are you, are you an idiot? Are you an idiot who wants everything covered and it doesn’t even have liability coverage on it? Or are you a cowboy?

Do you have good things? Do you have your policy covered correctly? Do you have a decent deductible? Are you assuming the risk that you should be assuming or are you an idiot and you don’t even have a home insurance salsa? Your mortgage company is going to force place insurance on you. It’s going to cost you an absolute fortune, but you a have coverage through the house burns you. They will. Um, okay. What about an umbrella policy? Who needed an umbrella policy? Now, Home Insurance Tulsa what if you’re going to have you own an auto couple autos and a home. If you’re ready assets at all in an umbrella policy, an umbrella policy gives you an additional million dollars of coverage over and above the underlying liability limits of your auto loan and a home liability. It basically covers you for anything you could do. If you hurt someone in a restaurant, if you spill something and they slip and fall, yeah, the restaurant’s going to be sued.

Target be sued, everyone’s going to be sued and you are covered. If you are pulling into a parking lot and you spray some gravel on someone’s car and it breaks her windshield and causes an accident and they have 10, 10 cars get into an accident that recovered on your umbrella policy. If you slice the golf ball and it goes through a someone’s window and I’m averaging a, that can be covered on your home insurance salsa, but anything above that, you’re sued. Ford is going to be covered under an umbrella policy. So it’s great. The other thing when you talked about is life insurance. Do you have life insurance? Do you have enough life insurance? You know, Home Insurance Tulsa there’s three things where you normally write life insurance for right? Life Insurance to cover debt, to replace income or a combination of both. Um, if we, if we pay off all debt and the homes covered, you know, someone might not need as much income, but if we’re going to continue to pay on debt, we’re going to need more income.

So it really comes down to is having an agent or an advisor that can give you the coverage you need and the advice you need if something should happen to the breadwinner, the husband or the wife who actually has the most, earns the most money, tired after a long day’s work. So anyway, I’m a life insurance yet, if you don’t have life insurance, look at your kids tonight before bed and tell them, you guarantee you’re not going to die in the next 24 hours. And that’s why you don’t have life insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa I really hope you don’t because if you don’t, no more school, no more private school, no more new clothes, you know, move out of the house, move out of their neighborhood, you know, a child’s universe is what we’re were to chart. What are children go and they want to be, feel safe.

Their bedroom a lot of times was their space. And that’s where they feel safe, that’s where they go to bed at night. And then outside the bedroom and an expanding circle we have there, uh, the house and that’s their house. When they’re away, away from home, what are they, what did we call it, call it homestead. They are, they want to be home. Children want to be at home and that’s where they feel most safe. And then up until a certain age, they might’ve venture out of that house and go for a ride on their bikes with their friends. And that could be their neighborhood, maybe their neighborhood as a park. And they go to the park with their friends and they play and they do things. Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, that children are small. They don’t think how tight of their universe, they don’t think outside of their house or outside of the neighborhood.

And if they’re older, even older than that, up until 18, their universe, universities basically their city, their town that they live in. Home Insurance Tulsa because that’s where they’re confined to most schools are, that’s where they drive. That’s where their friends live. Their parents live to the restaurants or they go to nets or universe and without life insurance, the kids don’t have that universal life insurance set disappears and if the children are small under 10 universities, their bedroom and it’s her house and without licensure and second all go away and so now kids didn’t just lose dad. Now they’re losing their universe. They don’t need home insurance, Tulsa because they can’t afford a home. They can’t afford their home. They might be able to buy another one, but it’s not their home. You’re disrupting their universe and putting them out of their universe and where they feel safe and secure and the comfort they are being lost.

Mom or dad, and that’s a huge burden for a child to deal add to that, losing their universe and you get to see right away why life insurance is so important, and I’m not talking about any trash value, life insurance, something that’s a big investment. I just a term insurance policy, a term insurance policy for a 40 year old, a million dollar policy is probably only about less than a thousand dollars a year for $10,000 a year. You can keep your children in their universe where they feel safe and secure and not disrupt their total world. The last thing that you want to do is have to sell your house if something happens, but the good point is no home, no Home Insurance Tulsa. So that’s it for today. Cowboy, give us a call and ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero, five, five, five, zero one, and sit down with a professional insurance agent and get the coverage that you need. All right, that’s it for this podcast.