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A cast, I think 96. Holy Moly. That’s a lot of podcasts. And I’m driving. I’m driving by a caterpillar, Caterpillar, Caterpillar, turning into a butterfly. Caterpillar machinery. You can ensure a caterpillar machinery. Let me, let me, uh, you rest assured you cannot, you cannot, uh, insurance caterpillar turned into a butterfly. Yeah, same word. Different one. You can’t. And the behind the truck right now, I guess. Anyway, John McCain died. We all know that.

All right. Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted? Home Insurance Tulsa That was someone calling me because there’s a shotgun in the backseat of the car indication. She’s worried about being arrested. So anyway, I told her not to worry. John McCain died of a brain tumor. That’s sad. I hate brain cancer. I hate all kinds of cancer. I am a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and I will do my best to stomp out and get rid of cancer. And I suggest you do to give to the American cancer society if you can. They’re the number one provider of a money for research outside the federal government. So that should tell you something. I mean, you know, the government can throw money at things, usually throws $100 bill and a snickers bar. That’s the good value you get for it. But not the American cancer society. They know what they’re doing when they fund research and they give it to.

They have funded research, have more Nobel prize winners and any other, uh, any other organization. Isn’t that fun? Anyway? Alright, so we’re here to talk again about home insurance. Tulsa. If you have a home and you live in Oklahoma, the best thing you can do is a colon. Sure you Oklahoma, give Shin Harris a call. Great Guy. Shannon Shannon’s nudity agency and a is really kicking ass and taking names. I’ll tell you what great guy knows, insurance knows this stuff does not mess around. Home Insurance Tulsa He does the right things, right? Different covers for someone. Nice guy. Uh, so anyway, that, that gives Shannon era, call and ensure you, Oklahoma. That’s nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One a. We are a truly independent agency. We’re not even part of a master agency. And people keep, oh, you’re going to get squashed and are going to be threatened or they’re getting paid your questions.

You know what? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. I remember the guy I think we’re going to be, we’re going to be fine. And besides what we’re gonna grow to be huge agency 10, $12 million is what we’d like to get up to a might take a little while, but we should go do that. Home Insurance Tulsa, so not a big fan of grants and people saying, well we can and can’t do. We are the number one, a personal lines agency in Tulsa where the number one personalized agency providing home insurance also for our clients. And uh, believe me, when our clients get done working with us, they’re thrilled. They’re relieved, they saved money and they have the right coverage that they need. Sometimes on a highway you have to be careful. Trucks entering. And I just, I just had a guy fly by me and I mean why I buy me Brooke Construction Dot.

Oh there’s someone else in a minivan. You guys are going to get addicted thinking. Techies. And those are expensive in a construction zone. There y’all go. I’m driving by this stokely billboards zine and the, uh, Oklahoma Transportation Authority tollbooth. Yeah. That’s just Uncle Sam. Every time it beeps when you go through. I tell my kid, does Sam reach in your pocket? Taking out money? More money, more money, more money. Uncle Sam does not care. They just need more. We’re always fixing certain pipes. So we always collect, told, uh, I mean how many pros the APP to collect growing. So anyway, uh, I to the office, Home Insurance Tulsa we have a home insurance policy that we’re putting in fourth and a, uh, uh, through these great new clients were writing their home insurance, Tulsa, but also their auto insurance. We’ve got a great package together of auto and home and they’re happy.

We’re happy. That’s the whole key to the whole thing is keeping people happy. Providing white glove service and handling raving fans and clients. I want, we, our goal is that implying that are going to tell other people how great we are and we appreciate that. We’re willing to pay you for an hour. We pay you pay, not pay all or anything, but you know, I go to a driller game, might not go do something fun on us when your provider for a. We always appreciate that. Anyway, I’m going through the construction zone here too and there’s some tight cornering and I have a a German luxury vehicle that allows me to get around the corners quickly and safely, Home Insurance Tulsa which makes me bullshit a speed limit here. Terrible. I mean I have speed rated tires, need raised suspension. I have acceleration zero to 60 in like three seconds so I don’t get the big guy are speed limits are so antiquated.

Bishop Lift Products Inc is a company here in town that we will do business with. Sometimes there’s a two cops stopping and harassing the guy on the side of the road like they have nothing better to do. How about this? I’ve always get back to that that are harassing some guy walking down the road. How about you serve and protect and serve. Maybe needs a ride somewhere and put them in the back and give him a damn right and then protect. Maybe move them off the road because you know, it’s not safe for him to be there. I get that. But you know, too often we’re getting just a little ticky tack stuff. Anyway, on the back of my car, I’ve got to get a, Home Insurance Tulsa a Arkansas razorbacks ticker. My son is now a razorback. Very proud of him and the honors college. Uh, so anyway, uh, good for him, smart, smart kid kids gonna be a senator one day I will guarantee it, or a titan of industry or something.

It would be very well accomplished. And uh, you’re all going to know his name some day, which is great. But anyway, we talked and he does not need home insurance. Tulsa. He just needs a nice little renter’s policy for the dorm. And matter of fact, some I found that some colleges provide renter’s insurance, great idea yet have the law of large numbers there. You already have a whole bunch of people. So why not sell a cheap renter’s insurance policies case anything is broken or whatever, you know, you know, stuff happens in college and in college to college students and college students things. Although James, I think the most valuable thing he took was probably a laptop and a couple of fishing poles. So I’m driving through construction and I’m wondering why the government pays to have the hillside in construction zones started. Why pay for sod?

Just throw out a bunch of grass seed or you know, let the take it over. Home Insurance Tulsa uh, I mean why paint? Why, why I don’t get the extra money that government thinks they have and they can just spent, you know, the government, uh, we’re, we’re all like government, you know, we don’t ask them to pay for our home insurance. Tulsa was number six right there. Um, but we want them to put sod on the side of the road. That doesn’t make sense. Then they’re not even going to mow it. How about that? Because they don’t have to move off for that. Anyway, standing by the truck here. Seven zero, two eight on our transportation. Now hiring a looks like this guy’s a nice safe drivers. So this might be a good company drive for if you’re a driver next to him as a utility truck, that guy a swerving a little and it’s going slow. We’re all living in the past, I would say not a good driver. So I would not call them for a job. Let’s say there’s a fire out there in the distance energy HQ.com. I’m going to go and it’s the House and Oh, Christie storybox, lingerie, adult novelty, novelty. All right. Until next time.