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All right, we’re gonna jump right into a podcast, 1:45, one, four five. I’m sure you Oklahoma podcast, we have, um, this is after thanksgiving, before Christmas and this podcast is brought to you by foremost insurance when we, when you don’t have, Home Insurance Tulsa, when you, when you maybe haven’t heard to ensure item a home or vehicle a foremost is often where we will go, we build the right policy for you and make sure that you’re getting what you need for your closing or just for your insurance needs in the guys that ensure you Oklahoma, know what they’re doing. And foremost, new foremost contract just gives us one more tool in the tool box, arrow in the quiver, knife in the drawer, fish in the ocean. You get it. Um, so what do think about between Thanksgiving and Christmas? No one wants to buy a house or get insurance during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

That’s not true. Often Times people want to get into a new house for Christmas and enjoy their first house in there and a Christmas and their first house. Picture where the tree is going to be in the house. Picture no presents under the tree and a men some wine by the fire and just an overall nice experience that’ll be a lot of fun in your new house, but there’s some things you need to be careful of in a new house when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, and that is care around the holiday season because there’s often a lot of candles. There’s a lot of wrapping paper. Sometimes there’s oily rags laying around for some reason, Home Insurance Tulsa but there was a lot of different combustible items and what we want to be careful is that we don’t have. We don’t burn down the house and it is a because even though you’re insured, you don’t want to have to destroy your house. So if you get a real tree,

which I understand is happening less and less now, you know, if you go to craft stores, wherever you can get a tree that you just put it all together, it looked great and you know, for 150 bucks, 300 bucks, you have a great tree that you’re going to use over and over and over again and not have to worry about the mess of a real treat. But let’s say you do get a real tree and you’re driving down the street and see a tree lot past, easily three lots everywhere. Now, Home Insurance Tulsa not as many, but anyway. Let’s say you see a tree lot and you go to buy a tree and uh, they’d say fresh treat. Well let me tell you what fresh means. Fresh means in Oregon in September when they were cutting them down and wrapping them up and putting them on a truck, they were fresh and storing them in buildings and getting ready to go.

There just are not enough. Tree cutters and the supply chain is not adequate enough to provide fresh trees all over the country. And most trees or bill are grown in the Pacific northwest, so your fresh tree is probably at least two years, two months old, and you’re gonna. Find out real quick when you put that tree in your house, how dry it’s going to get and how it’s going to drop needles all over the carpet. So what you need to do is make sure you get a good clean cut on the bottom of that trunk. Home Insurance Tulsa I would go up to least an inch and a half, maybe two inches because you want it to be a good clean cut and get it into the water immediately. Also, you can buy a product called tree fresh or fresh tree or fresh Christmas. There’s a whole bunch of different names that it goes by and it’s good to put in the water and the tree will just suck up gonna to make it all.

It’s going to help keep the tree branch and nourished and watered no matter how much you try. This tree’s going to dry out. You need to be putting in water each and every day and when you get around the fifth or sixth or seventh thing, you forget one day and then you go back and fill it and then you’re going to go back one other day and it’s not gonna water is not going to have gone down and that means the tree is not sucking water anymore and no one wants to treat that doesn’t suck. You want to treat that suck. And what happens is when the tree stop sucking, it’s going to get dry and manage that thing flammable so that all of a sudden you’re going to get a, Home Insurance Tulsa, uncle pete and he’s going to sit next to the tree and his cigar and he’s going to fall asleep and the scars didn’t touch the tree.

And it’s going to go off like a Roman candle. And believe me, once there’s a spark on the trees, you are not putting it out. It’s gone. The whole thing is up in flames in seconds, not minutes, seconds. And you’re going to have to call for your home insurance agent about replacing your house. Because that thing is going to go up so fast, not even funny that underneath the tree, the presence with wrapping paper that are all flammable. And Home Insurance Tulsa, let’s say your crazy cousin Eddie gave you a bottle of rum, 1:51 and put it under there and boom, guess what? And catches on fire and spreads like crazy. So once again, for the Home Insurance Tulsa, it’s gonna. It’s just an accelerant and that’s in your living room where all your nice stuff is gonna. Go up the walls quickly. It’s gonna catch in the upstairs. And before you know it, this one little tree is going to be a total loss on your own.

All of this can be prevented if you just go buy a fake tree. I’m in a real nice real tree is going to be 110, 150 bucks and just double that by a fake tree. It’s going to last more than two years. It’s better you don’t have the problem with it being flammable and you don’t have the problem with it. Try it out and have no water. Right? And having to cut it. And all the needles in the house and the vacuum up and put it down and take it up. Whatever. Home Insurance Tulsa You can just join your honey. Just lay by the street and have some wine, you know, have the kids go to bed and you got a nice perfect tree and you can always get some pine popery or some spray and you’re going to smell like fresh tree. Now the problem with a lot of the fake trees is you get people that are, I mean, the real trees to get to people is a real treat.

And then they all also have a space here and in front of those kerosene space heaters, you’re just waiting for trouble. Trouble’s going to happen to your house is gonna burn down. You are going to call your home insurance Tulsa agent and say, I don’t have a house anymore. What happened? Oh, I had a real tree. I forgot to water it and put a kerosene space here. And that’s good. And then, uh, my uncle was smoking a Sogi next to it and all of a sudden it all caught on fire at once. The House has gone. And guess what, so are Red Cross is there and all you have now as one of those solar blankets and some donuts, because let’s face it, that’s all they really do. Home Insurance Tulsa Our planning kits and donuts and then you’re going to be sleeping in a shelter or with a relative and you’re not going have a house for Christmas and you’re not going to even have presidents.

Your presidents were under the tree and all is lost. Now, hopefully a good home insurance Tulsa and it’s going to be covered and you’re gonna they’re gonna. Replace that tree still. Is that what you want to treat your house? And so once they replaced the house, it’s probably gonna. Take a year. You’re not getting back in that house until next Christmas and then you’re going to be stupid. And by another real Christmas tree, there is no reason to buy real Christmas tree. You need a nice artificial tree. Spend the money, get the tree. Don’t worry about the fire. Also don’t get kerosene space heaters and don’t let your uncle smokes cigars in the house around Christmas anyway because like I said, you have those oily rag, you know, but to flammable stuff. So that’s all we’re going to talk about today about your house burning down at Christmas time and home insurance, salsa. Like I said, this podcast and blog was brought to you by foremost insurance.