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All right, I’d care to, uh, ensure you. america.com ensures you oklahoma.com one eight three two two seven, one zero zero or more. Oh five, three, two, two five, five zero one. We’re here. We’re there. We’re everywhere. We are a full service, uh, independent insurance agency with, Home Insurance Tulsa, contracts, with many different companies to make sure insurance needs. Today we’re going to talk about as the things that can happen to your home, uh, and how it’s covered on your home insurance salsa in the wintertime. Well, mmm. Um, today it’s very cold outside. Last night it was in the low twenties, and Tulsa and Oklahoma City and the salt, we don’t insulate our houses like they do in Chicago, Boston, Detroit to be in three cities that have the original five NHL hockey change anyway, um, you know, ensure our, Home Insurance Tulsa, um, insulation is measured in our value. The higher the r value, the better the installation and the better, Home Insurance Tulsa, in place you have in your house.

These are enough to keep cold out and keep heat out next week. Well in the south, we don’t have quite as high of an r value because it doesn’t get that cold very often today it’s in the 20s. It’s not going to save it to what? He’s going to deal with it a little bit. We don’t have to spend a ton of money on installation and Home Insurance Tulsa, but some things that can happen and you’ll, you’ll notice this, you’ll know what kind of insulation you have when it snows outside if you don’t have, if it snows and you don’t have snow on your roof, that means you don’t have good inflation because he is getting through the house into the attic and it’s heating up gross and smelled the snow on top. So if you don’t have snow on top of your roof and chances are you don’t have enough insulation in your attic.

But other things that can happen would be frozen pipes. Now you want to leave, you know what? You want to find a, you know, keep a few faucets on, just repent ones that have pipes that are exposed outside walls. If you’ve ever have problems with freezing the past and freezing isn’t necessarily bad. I mean it is bad but it’s not tragic. It’s not a claim always. If you have, you know, the water or ice has somewhere to go and to move into bikes, uh, you might not versus your fight for money. If you do get a broken pipe, then you’re going to have problems with they, you’re going to have problems and you can have leaks in your walls, in your floors and that can just, I mean that could be a huge claim for you. So you want to make sure that you have water running in your house.

The faucets that are furthest away, keep those running furthest this way from where the water comes into the house, I keep those running. What happens is, Home Insurance Tulsa, it not only keeps water moving in the house, but it also provides air and place for ice to expand if and when you do get froze, but your home insurance salsa policy does cover you for this, you will have, you’ll have coverage report substitute deductible. Most deductibles are a thousand or 2000 or $2,500. So what we’ll want to do is you’ll call the insurance company and they’ll come and they’ll see how much damage it is and was a water claim. You never know because it could go behind walls, it could lead jump walls, it can go through a floors from carpeting, paint and any number of things. Um, so you want to mitigate the claim as soon as you can.

What that means is as soon as you have, you know, you have a claim, you want to shut off the water, trying to soak up as much water as you can. It’s your responsibility as a homeowner and a person who has the home insurance salsa to mitigate any claims that there might be claimed. Mitigation can come in many forms. If you have a hole in the rough, it could mean covering it until some of us out there. In other words, your job is to make sure the claim doesn’t get worse after you notice it before you get a claims adjuster out there and or restoration company and it’s fine. I mean, you don’t expect you to do everything. The tornado blows out all your windows to that much you can do, but you know, you’re expected to try to, you know, you have pride of ownership and you want to keep things nice with your house.

So you want to try to rescue and save as much stuff as you can. It just makes sense. Um, let’s see. The other thing is, Home Insurance Tulsa, with called go it go this morning when you got up and you let the dogs out of the garage or your house or whatever it go stand outside and see how long you can stand outside. If you can’t send outside very long. Neither can they bring your animals inside. The chickens are okay, but you know, dogs especially, you know, dogs with short hair, you’re doberman your pointers, your rottweilers, they don’t have much for, if you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring them in, give them just a place to lay down. They don’t have to get in and ramp up your house and just give them a place to lay down and be more and make sure they have fresh water.

This is a part of your home insurance salsa. It’s just common sense and it’s just advice from your insure you Oklahoma agent. So, Home Insurance Tulsa, we also, if something happens to one of your animals, we do offer pet insurance and pet insurance can go a long way. If you have a big bill at the veterinarian’s office, you know, the veterinarians aren’t, uh, yeah, they, they don’t take, they don’t have medicaid, they can’t government document. No one’s going to pay them to fix your ran. They don’t owe you anything. They’re running private businesses. These aren’t big government funded hospital. So if something happens to your animal, Home Insurance Tulsa, your home insurance salsa won’t cover it. But if you have pet insurance, it could cover a large part of it. So we recommend pet insurance is not very expensive and we hope that our highest are prudent and responsible pet owners because if they’re not usually at least two other claims down the road because animals can be destructive or they can bite or they can do other things.

So we recommend pet insurance. We do that through Safeco insurance company. And if you don’t have pet insurance, uh, it shows your responsibility to make sure that the pets are covered for whatever could happen or that you can pay for it. You can’t just go into a vet. National free stuff doesn’t work that way. I mean, veterinarians are business owners, they’re making money and they do it because of their love of animals. And unfortunately some people would take advantage of this, their love of animals and they’ll just drop them off, knows if that’ll probably fix the animal, which is too bad. I mean, there’s only so much charity and they can do so, uh, I don’t know why people expect that veterinarians will just do work for free or you know, set a leg or fixes or kind of knee or back or something for free.

It doesn’t work that way. That’s not how, that’s not how it should be. A, you need to take responsibility for your own bags. You know, in Oklahoma, there’s plenty of veterinarians. Plenty of good medicine should be practiced, but you need to make sure that you take care of your animal if that covered on your home insurance called, Huh? Home Insurance Tulsa, but you can get veterinary pet nef as the way to go. Yes, it’s going to be spent. I mean, you just don’t want a big surprising bill. Nope. I mad a pet and had a big bill and it was a couple of thousand dollars, you know, smart dog and he paid for it. Would I rather have money? It’s only money, but it’s still emergency when it happens. So you can think ahead and get good veterinary pet insurance is, give us a call at (918) 322-7100 or (405) 322-5501 and we can get you hooked up with that or just leave us a message or a note on our website about you want veterinary pet insurance or you need a home or auto insurance or commercial insurance. So that’s it for this podcast. We’ll talk to you next time.