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Hi. Oh boy, sorry. It’s already started the ensure you Oklahoma podcast. Um, it is January 29th day of our Lord 2019 and uh, today we help people with their home insurance salsa. They were referrals from partners of ours that refer business and there are mortgage brokers and these are people who need home insurance for closing. And um, being an independent insurance agency, we were able to shop their rates with five different companies and we came up with the best rate for them. We actually did a three in Oklahoma and one in Colorado and uh, you know, there’s something new for us writing in Colorado but and ensure you American. We could ride home insurance, salsa wherever we need to. We will be come and visit us soon. We’re going to be on the concourse on February 13th at the Bok Center at the Tulsa Oilers and we’ll be giving away and watercraft a toast the Oilers jersey, uh, the oil flag jersey, the American oil, the Tulsa flag, Jersey autographed id need to do is come up and sign up now. We’ll probably give you a call to give you an insurance broker, whether this auto insurance or home insurance also were able to help with either and uh, and Home Insurance Tulsa, autographed Jersey. But if you know anything about hockey, they are the jerseys. They’re called sweaters and hockey sweaters. Extra used to be sweaters when they would skate around the frozen pond up there and the great white north. Um, the original NHL team, we’re of course a Chicago, Detroit.

It’s spurred Boston, I believe. Montreal, I believe those are the original five. And they actually wore sweaters. They weren’t nylon jerseys like they are now actually sewn on the record. The official real name for what the hockey players where his sweater, which gets us so great topic of collectibles and your own. We have a large contingency of people that call themselves the Tulsa hockey family and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Uh, and they’re all Oilers fans. We have a pretty good following up Oilers fans in Tulsa and about 7,000 people show up for their hockey games. No. A lot of these people will go to the auctions that they have and they like to buy the sweaters or jerseys or where you want to call it. Swingers is the correct way to call them and they will buy for 300, 500, $600, whatever it is. And they collect.

Now how do you ensure these on your home insurance? Culson because I’m here to tell you I’m just a hockey jersey. Is it really worth anything? It’s worth maybe 100 bucks that it costs to get a new one, but you have it autographed and enhanced some collectors value so you can cover your fine art and collectibles for their insured value or there appraised value. Now it’s hard to appraise a hockey sweater because you just don’t know what someone paid for it. And so will you end up doing is ensuring the hockey sweater for what it’s worth and then come claim time you’re going to have to prove what it’s worth. And it might be with a certificate of authenticity. It might be with, um, um, what you can find it for on Ebay or craigslist would give the claims adjuster pretty good idea. But yeah, that’s the problem with collectors.

Collectibles on your home insurance health policy. It could be a Mickey mantle rookie card, but why do you give the value? It could be an onus. Wagner autograph carve, one of the greatest shortstops ever played the game. But if it’s not a good autograph, is it worth just with the cards worth and what is the card worth? You know, that’s, that’s the problem we get into when ensuring things like a nice vase or a painting there is what’s called intrinsic value. And then there’s what someone will pay for the intrinsic value. Of course being, you know, just when a card is worth what someone will pay for, it might be a lot more money. So we have to insure it for that and get an appraisal. But that’s where it gets sticky. And that’s why you need to have a good insurance agent, like the guys that, Home Insurance Tulsa, ensure you Oklahoma or ensure you America, where he can help with anything that you might have to insure.

Uh, and that’s usually just added to your home insurance to also policy. But tell the truth of it’s expensive, like an onus Wagner card or something else like that. What you probably want to do is get a rider, it may be insurance recovery like Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s can ensure collectables, um, for, you know, the value. And they were, you’d probably have to have an underwriter look at it as sex, what is worth and that’s what goes shirt for. Uh, otherwise, you know, you’re just ensuring a baseball card and it could be worth pace. So you have to make sure it’s insured the right way. The other thing we’re doing at ensure you Oklahoma, is we are adding the recruiting and the website about, you know, why you should join us and we’re putting a video together, um, all the different agents and why they like being part of our agency and what they do.

Um, we’re also putting together what we’re going to call the insurer you theater or the insurer, you, um, Home Insurance Tulsa, entertainment section and we’re going to teach you about different parts of home insurance, salsa or auto insurance or umbrella insurance. Anything else, anything that could be, we’re going to make it fun. We might have some props to go along with it, but you’re going to see that we have a lot of fun things to look at our website and you just want to check us out and see what we have there. Uh, oh, I see. I have to do annual Harry. And you know, here in Oklahoma it’s cold. It’s only 43 degrees, but it’s better than being in Chicago or Minneapolis right now where it’s negative 43 degrees windshield. And that is unbelievable. That can do damage to your skin. Just walking outside, you know, as the PSA, public service announcement, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, if you go outside and it’s too cold for you to be outside, guess what?

It’s too cold for your pets to be outside. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t leave your dog outside. Um, there, you know, they have a little fur coat, but the other I’m going to die. They’re going to freeze to death. We’ve been put our horses in the barn, uh, to keep them out of the wind and make sure they’re dry and safe because we don’t want them to get hurt or freeze or even be uncomfortable. Why you like, why do you want to torture animals don’t belong outside when it’s this cold out, at least bring them in the garage. Maybe you put a space heater in there now and ensure you Oklahoma. We recommend an electric space heater, not a kerosene one. Home Insurance Tulsa, and definitely not gas, fire or even propane. We want you to have a, an electric space heater that’s going to keep it warm enough for the dog here.

A good rule of thumb, if the dog’s water bowl is freezing and getting ice over it, it’s too cold. If there’s, if there’s ice it, you need to bring them inside. If there’s ice in the garage, too cold, bring him in the house, but there shouldn’t be put a little space heater in there. So, you know, that’s all we really have to say about that. Don’t torture your animals. Don’t hurt your dogs. Bring them inside. If it’s too cold for you to stand outside with a light jacket on and it’s too cold for them to be outside, your dog’s not gonna get too hot. Don’t worry. It’s just a nice thing to do. If you’re a responsible pet owner, that’s what you want to do with your animal and cold days like tonight, bring them inside. Well, that’s it for this podcast and Home Insurance Tulsa, it’s uh, the sun’s going down in Oklahoma. It’s going to cool off a little more at night. Be careful with your eating sources. Give us a call at (918) 322-7100 or 405-THREE-TWO-2550 watt. Check us out on the web and ensure you oklahoma.com that’s just the letter u and ensure you and not y o u or ensure you America doctor.