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All right, good morning and welcome to the insurer. You won’t go home a home insurance Tulsa podcast. We have some exciting news today. Today’s podcast is brought to you by allstate insurance company. Allstate. You’re in good hands and we will help protect you from May. Have a ring bearer eating your rings at your wedding that’s covered under your home insurance. Tulsa, if they’re covered, if their scheduled scheduled on there because a children eating rings is not a named peril. A, a giant tree falling on your neighbor’s car may have that would be covered on your home insurance. Tulsa, uh, uh, your son playing with the ball and the ball goes out in the street and causes a major accident cover on your Home Insurance Tulsa. So basically if may can do it, I’ll say can cover it. It’s not like farmers strength. Although if someone sold a large piece of graph like Ricky Fowler, I guess it would be covered, but I guess you could always just plant more grants.

That was a terrible example of something to be covered by farmers because not only would everyone cover that, but there’ll also be no reason to cover it because it’d be below your deductible anyway. Uh, and home insurance, it covers almost anything that can happen that is not in your vehicle. I’m getting ready to send my 18 year old son off to college and uh, he’s going to University of Arkansas. He’s in the honors program. I’m very proud of him. Then the honors college in the Walton School of business and uh, we’re, we’re hoping for great things from him anyway as we get ready to go. What is covered and what is not. Does he need renter’s insurance or home insurance also be enough to tell you the truth. Ten percent of your personal property coverage, which is usually 70 percent of your home coverage extends away from the premise. So yeah, if you have $150,000 worth of personal property coverage, uh, he had $15,000 worth of personal property coverage for himself away if the University of Arkansas.

But, but, and it’s a big but everyone is big. But Daddy and the big but is if he loses anything, it’s going to fall under the deductible probably because hopefully you have a thousand to $2,500 deductible on your Home Insurance Tulsa And if there’s bike gets stolen that’s under and have a CD collection. Well kids don’t have CD’s anymore. These kids with the computers and ipods and stuff, they don’t have a CD so they don’t need those covered. Or I got dvds they don’t even have. What they do is these kids stream this stuff and uh, so it’s just all on their computer. But let’s say their computer gets stolen. Well even a great computer at a thousand or $1,500, it’s gonna fall under the deductible. So it’s just not even worth it to consider the home insurance liability, liabilities, personal property coverage away from premises. Now there’s liability would cover because he’s a member of the household,

right. Where were we before we were so rudely interrupted by the phone call? We were talking about renters insurance in college. Yet I would make sure that your student has a renter’s insurance policy with as low as $100 deductible, you know, you’re talking about pennies on the dollar just to make sure that they’re covered and you know, heaven forbid they do something stupid are going to because they’re college students. Uh, I’ve already given my son a stupid lecture, Home Insurance Tulsa but you know, it doesn’t always, they don’t think before they do something stupid. Dad told me not to do something stupid so then have liability coverage to, although they’re in the dorms, they probably don’t need the medical coverage because anyone that got hurt in the dorms would be covered under the dorm liability and medical payments coverage. So you can take the minimum on medical payments liability, I don’t know how much can happen.

So take a lower amount of liability, that’d be a good idea, but just get them some coverage. Five, $10,000 or just enough to get replacement cost coverage on the personal property. Uh, you want replacement cost coverage on personal property. So you get new parole, you know, if your son has a three year old Mac book. And it gets stolen, uh, you don’t want the current actual cash value of in a, you know, two or 300 bucks, you want a new one, so you want to make sure that you have a replacement cost coverage on personal property. Uh, my son coming from a small private school where he’s used to leaving his laptop wherever he wants and it being there three days later, a science lab, wherever in the hallway, it just, you know, keep in touch and they didn’t even have locks on their lockers, so this might be a rude awakening for my son.

So we’re going to make sure that he has a renter’s insurance a first time at the University of Arkansas. So, uh, your home insurance also does cover it, but probably not as well as you’d like it to be enough for me. So we’re going to get renter’s insurance instead of just relying on the home insurance. Also, we have some other exciting news today as of today, we have a new phone number four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And that a is an, a convenience number for our clients in Oklahoma City. We are a, I know they have a local phone number to serve. All of the people will come the city and the four. Oh, five with the local phone number. So that’s great news. Again, that’s four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One A. we’re excited about helping those people. Uh, what else is going on in the firm?

Well, jeff is almost completely licensed, which is great. So we’ll have one more agent to sell and service people. We also have our location at Mogi and we’ll be driving down there today to check everything out, make sure it’s okay if we have any male, maybe put a sign on the door. Uh, that’d be a good idea. What we were put a sign on the door and if you need any help, Mogi, whether it’s with your home insurance or home insurance, Okmulgee, we are there to help. We’re also looking for agents to help represent us in Okmulgee. We need a one or two agents and we’d provide everything that you need. A laptop, office, space, phone number. We can, you can use your cell phone or you can use her office number. Either one’s fine, but we need to sell and service in Obagi. We have a huge untapped market there.

We feel that the people of small town America are being underserved in the insurance marketplace. You don’t. We don’t have a lot of proactive agents down there with other companies. In other words, we don’t have agents who go out to meet people, meet other people to get referrals from and the service people who were the people do down there and they opened the shop and they hope and they show up at nine or 10 in the morning and you stop in and you hope they’re not at lunch and they’ll eventually get your quote when they get around. That’s not how we do business and ensure you Oklahoma. We provide white glove service to our clients and prospects to insurance service like you don’t expect and you’ve never had before. I’ll guarantee that. So for Home Insurance Tulsa or give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven slash 100 or four.

Oh, five, three, two, 2:55, oh one. And we are here to help and we want to take care of all of your insurance needs. You know, you can go to one of the big ones and become a, you know, a small fish in a huge pond or you can come to a good independent agency like ensure you Oklahoma, be treated right from the jump and be happy with the choices that you’ve made to go with an independent insurance agent for your home insurance. I think you’ll be happy with it. You can also check us out and we hope you check it out at Home Insurance Tulsa. Just Google that or ensure you Oklahoma, the u, the letter u. So it’s I N S U r e u l a h o m a.com. So go to [inaudible] dot com and you’ll see who we are, who we represent, and the services that we can provide. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you and serving you in the future. So thank you for your time today. I hope you enjoyed the podcast. This is Mark Morley. Then today’s podcast is brought to you by our new office in Oklahoma and our services in Oklahoma City.