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Okay, we are rolling with these podcasts. We are in t for Oklahoma right now. I’m working with a nice young couple on their new home, beautiful home that they have and they needed home insurance, Tulsa and they knew who to call. They called insure you Oklahoma. This is podcast one, one nine today. I think it’s the 24th of September. Nice. Beautiful weather. Cool. Seventy four degrees. I guess other places don’t consider a cool here in Oklahoma. Do ’em. Anyway, lots of stuff going on. Lots of exciting stuff to sign. The contract for encompass today. Encompass a insurance company, so just one more carrier. We also picked up a Home Insurance Tulsa amtrust for our commercial business and we hope to be writing business owner policies coming up in the next week or two of them. I think it would be effective October one. Uh, so ensure you. Oklahoma is becoming more of your full service insurance agency.

We of course specialized in home insurance. We write auto insurance, umbrella insurance, but now we’re going to start writing commercial insurance and life insurance. And the commercial insurance is going to take more of the look of a bop, a business owner’s policy, which are a premade, real nice, all in one policies. So a client doesn’t have to worry about if something’s covered, you know, we have a bot for a barbershop and that Bob would include everything that that barbershop needs because it’s made for barbershop. And then we’ll just add some work, come to it. We are good to go. A No name company, great company. We’d like to get up to about $300,000 of premium with them asap. Of course we sold the bolts with all state getting into 1:10 by the end of the year. I’m going to be pushing it. But, you know, we have, Home Insurance Tulsa we have a whole quarter to go with a whole three months. Uh, I talked to cody today, a young man in Edmond who we can help with his home insurance, Tulsa. Uh, it looks like we will, that’ll just get us one step closer to our goal with allstate.

We need to have, we need a pro forma. We need to come up with goals. We need to come up with specific goals and then 2019 goals for the agency and I have a feeling it’s gonna look a lot different than what we’d originally thought. You know, we originally were building a personal lines agency, but that quickly changed as we’re getting more and more requests for commercial insurance or bops and um, we’re, we’re kind of turning that and going that way now. That’s a specialty product. It’s not going to be for everyone in the scene. Not everyone’s going to write it, know when we get referrals, when they get referrals, it’s going to go to probably one specific agent. They’re going to get paid on it first year and then afterwards we, you know, quite frankly it’s going to be a first year commission type thing, Home Insurance Tulsa but to service it and they don’t have to sell it or prospect for it.

So it’s just kind of a gift that we’re handing. Um, we love Maybree Bank, Oklahoma Capitol Bank, 10 gyms, chemical place, dollar tree. Who doesn’t love dollar tree if you have kids? A great outing is to leave your home insurance. Tulsa, go to dollar tree. Let them each pick out something, costs you a buck or two and then go to the park and play with it and they’ll play on the equipment and they’ll break or lose a $1 toy, but it’s okay because it was just a $1 toy, a silver oak. It’s got to be one of the best wines you can buy. I love a good silver oak. Not Cheap, Home Insurance Tulsa but you know what? What’s good? That cheap? I don’t know. I’m not sure if any of you have to do it. That’s cheap. So we love so broke our leaving key for now headed back to Tulsa.

We didn’t take care of our clients. They’re great. They’re wonderful. A Home Insurance Tulsa policy is in the books on the books and we are covering them for anything that can happen. If a tornado comes tonight and rips the roof off, which is great. We’re thrilled about that. We’re thrilled to be helping our people and our clients, whether you’re behind their cars, jeep, Laredo group, gin, Grand Cherokee, Laredo, remembering those used to be cool cars. They’re not anymore. They’re just your average mini suv or an Infiniti g 37 will ensure those even a buick lesabre buick skill accompany anyway. Um, or a Ford F 1:50. You know, Home Insurance Tulsa in Oklahoma we see a lot of those Ford f-150 and we like to ensure from a Chevy, a panel truck, you know, maybe you have a plumbing service. We can ensure the plumbing service through a bob and then we can insure the home through commercial coverage.

If you have a Nissan or a lexus, if you’d like to eat at Mcdonald’s or Charleston. I mean everyone likes to live eating at Mahogany. I know if you drive a Mercedes Benz or a Chevrolet Chevy cruise where the Insurance Agency for you@ensureyouOklahomavisitensureyouoklahoma.com. Um, we, uh, Home Insurance Tulsa we ensure everything. If you can crash it, burn it, those steal it, sink it will have insurance and you’re going to love what you see from us. If you drive a Honda civic or you know, a Chrysler town and country van, I don’t know why they call those town and country. I don’t know how many people in the country would drive one of those vans. It’s more of a town car, not a Lincoln town car, but a town, a car for in town. Uh, you may have a lincoln or a Toyota highlander. I have a, we have a client. Dr Kim.

She drives a, a highlander. It’s Dr Kim. She was the last name. She’s not a doctor Kim, like where you could check her nationality, but you know, the Nissan Rogue, that’s a nice little car. But I mean quite frankly all of these little cards, they’re just becoming all the same. Kind of rounded off a little junky. Little looking cars. See the Acura MDX. I mean, who wants to drive that crap? Get a real good like a, a chevy GMC Yukon or better yukon xl or Denali. Oh, Home Insurance Tulsa there’s an accident. So right now I’m driving in the accident, two idiots. Someone was t boned, not paying attention. I’m guessing someone was texting and driving and so dumb when people do that. Anyway, I’ve been by the new shops at the war in place because we’ve left Kellyville and we’re now in Tulsa. Looks like it’s going to be a great place.

I think Mahogany is going to move into there. A few other nice little stores are gonna grow into there. It’ll be cute and nice when we can ensure those. It’s not home insurance, Tulsa, but it doesn’t matter. We can insure them. Uh, you know, if you serve liquor or alcohol, you need what’s called dram shop coverage. And if you have a dram shop coverage, uh, you, you know, you’re covered for liability. We still need you to mitigate that problem by not overserving someone and being responsible and cutting people off when they should, uh, not necessarily cutting off someone because you’re a big deal and you are on a power kick and you can cut someone off. That’s not the point. Home Insurance Tulsa The point is to serve responsibly, you know, quite frankly, a lot of responsible people start drinking, but then you know, their inhibitions go away because had been drinking. And so that’s the last thing we want. But if it does happen, then you do have coverage. But if you need a to cut someone off, we expect you to do that. So for the best and independent insurance advice service, a, call us in Sri, you, Oklahoma.com. This nine one, eight, three, two, two, seven. One zero, four, four. Oh, five, three, two, two. A 55. Oh, one. All right. Until next time. This was podcast one. One night.