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Good afternoon. Welcome to ensure you were we discussed mostly Home Insurance Tulsa but also the advantages of being with an independent insurance agency like ensure you Oklahoma and check us out@youOklahoma.com or give us a call at nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And when you do, we’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have or a give you a quote on insurance that you need and we’re going to go today through why some of this is so important that you get the right in the right. Have the right agency, the right agent to give you a quote on your insurance. So what is the ensure you Oklahoma difference? What sets us apart from other agencies? Well, you have your captive agents, so what ensure you Oklahoma. We are independent representatives. We can shop up to 10 different companies to find the best policy to fit our clients needs.

Now we don’t usually have to do that, but because we know from our clients, which is going to be the best, which is going to be the best company for you based on your particular situation, but your typical insurance agency, our captive agents, your typical insurance agent worked for one company and only represents that company, so when you call for Home Insurance Tulsa, you’re going to get a quote from one company and regardless if it’s the best company for you or not, they’re going to try to fit around peg in a square hole price. Your insurance [inaudible] representative will find you the best price for you and your family based on your specific situation. They don’t have to try to fit a round peg in a square all day will get you the best coverage for the price to Erie. Your a typical insurance agency. Most insurance agents represent only one company, so the only way that customers get a better price is the coverages and the last thing you want to do is get a price based on cutting coverage.

It’s better off you. Go to a different company, insures you Oklahoma. Difference, the representatives that insure your home, I’ll call you back within 30 minutes of talking to you with a quote and then like we said, that well can be up to 10 different companies. The typical insurance service. The number one complaint that customers have about typical insurance agents is that they don’t call them back. It is so annoying when you’re trying to get service and no one will call you back. Okay? It’s true when we’re talking about Home Insurance Tulsa, what? Talk about convenience. Fewer calls, one stop shop for rates going up to 10 companies. Your typical insurance agency is inconvenient. If you call your typical insurance agent, it will be your first of many phone calls. Do you get multiple insurance rates and coverage? Why do you want to do that? Why do you want to keep calling different agencies over and over to get the best price or coverage when you can call?

Just one the ensure you Oklahoma difference when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa is consultation or risk management, tailored insurance plan with a tailored insurance plan and insurance plan to meet specific needs to avoid any overlapping coverage or a gap in coverage. That’s what the professionals that insure your home it can give you with all their screenings or your typical insurance agency when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa is forcing a square peg in a round hole. Already talked about this a little bit for the typical insurance agent can offer you what his or her company has to offer and that’s it. Nothing else. No other companies, no other quotes, just what they can offer now when you called for Home Insurance to insure you Oklahoma.com. The difference is professionalism. Our owner and a founder has over 27 years experience in insurance and financial services industry to help you eliminate red tape.

Is that what this is all about? Simple and elegant, making one phone call, eliminating a bunch of red tape from your life and getting the best coverage can. The alternative is you deal with an insurance salesman and then insurance average insurance salesman in selling insurance for less than five years. And the average age for the insurance United States is 59 years old. That means a lot of people jumped in and out of the insurance business and a only few stick around are aging out of the business. Our founder is in his early fifties and we have many agents that are younger than that to, uh, uh, and stick with this as their career to help you and give you the right advice. So again, when it comes to Home Insurance Thompson, the ensure you Oklahoma difference, uh, his annual comparison reviews, annual insurance portfolio review for any changes in your life.

That could be a rate increase. It could be a movie, it could be a refinance of all, it could be a bunch of different things. But what your typical insurance agent does is they have no proactive effort for reviewing coverages and price based on changes in your life. I’m telling you, the average insurance agent does not want to meet with because they think that it’s going to give them a reason to leave for you to leave that. So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa if you’re talking to the right agent and assure you Oklahoma Dot com, you’re getting the right coverage, but just don’t take my word for it. Uh, attorney Alan Souder at Ricoh Construction said, the ensure you team is one of the most seasoned and experienced commercial insurance advisors in Oklahoma. Their ability to obtain comprehensive and competitive commercial policies for my business and clients is unmatched.

That’s from Allan, founder of a longtime client in front of the firm. So thank you Alan for that. We appreciate the kind words, but we also have a quote from Steve Currington, executive vice president of total lending concepts, and Steve said to us, you ensure your team or some of the most diligent people I’ve met you will be pleased with their diligence and attention to detail. We are fortunate to have them helping serve many of our clients at total lending concepts and what, what a compliment. That is when Steve Currington at total lending content sets mortgage company a, refers all of his clients to us to take care of their home insurance Tulsa needs before they close on a home because they know it’s going to be done and it’s going to be done right. And we will always give them special attention. We really appreciate that and ensure you Oklahoma.

We don’t just take care of one or two. Clients are a few clients were large full service agency, uh, ensuring homes and autos throughout Oklahoma. Uh, we specialize in Home Insurance Tulsa sub because that is usually our client’s largest investment that they’ll ever make. And so we want to sit down with them and make sure they have the right coverage at the right price. Uh, there’s nothing better than helping a new client and making raving fans of that. Just this morning we helped a new client with her auto and home insurance, uh, join our team and where we are just thrilled to have help. Betty get covered. She needed and we were able to save her quite a bit of money over one of your typical captive agents. We’re not out to get the captive agents, we don’t care, let them do their job and do what they want to do.

We are out to help our clients by helping more people. We can get what we want when we help others get what they want. We get what we want, so when it comes to a home insurance or home insurance, Okmulgee, look to refresh seasoned professionals and ensure you Oklahoma.com. Where we use a. We are appointed with four different companies. All state safe go progressive and mercury insurance. One of them is always going to have a great price, but we will never sacrifice coverage for price, so we want to make sure that you have the best coverage at the best price. Call it. Sure you, Oklahoma.com. Nowhere anywhere in the state we are nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. We’re trusted professionals that are able to help you with your insurance coverage. My name’s Mark Morley. I’m the founder and president of ensure you Oklahoma.

Netcom. Sure you will call them up, but you can look at something. Assure. Sure, you will call them a.com and take a look at who we are, what we offer, and what true independence can give you to consume the best coverage for the best price from professional season agents who are out to help and advise you and that servant’s hearts rather than trying to sell you a policy and pointing out why they’re the best. Come to assure you, Oklahoma Dotcom for home is your install. We we’re always here, ready and willing to help. Looking forward to talk to you soon. This has been Mark Morley and ensure you oklahoma.com for all of your Home Insurance Tulsa