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Good afternoon pathology nation, this is ethan lim coming to you from peak medical technologies and we are a boise-based it, consulting firm that concentrates on folly laboratories across this great nation and every once in awhile in different countries, and today we’re going to be talking about copath reporting, and this is an additional episode 2 at the first episode that we had regarding this the subject. The last time we discussed basically copath reporting structure, how we custom, how we name custom reports. What did it kind of the structure is with senko past and what it’s all about, and essentially really how to get ready to to work on our reports in the code hot environmentat today we’re going to continue that discussion I’m going to get a little bit more in into the into depth about how reporting works in copath, and so basically, Home Insurance Tulsa this up so we’re going to be discussing the basics on modifying an existing report. Weather is a basic reviewing the sql or the gui lai thai table layout, whichever it is they’re going to talk about adding for a manners, Home Insurance Tulsa we’re not going to go too much deeper into reporting. A piece of it after that it gets really complicated. Try to explain, but we’re going to show you or discuss with you today should definitely get you on the right track. I co-pack does have some really really good documentation, actually some of the best I’ve seen as far as on how to do reporting the other part of it that is actually pretty difficult within within cub cotter I should see not that straightforward and kind of confusing is saving a report and then moving it into the live and live environment. That’s first part of it and then also how you going to make you reportable to run with in copa. It is not straightforward and it’s a little bit a little bit tricky so hopefully, today will be able to make that a little bit easier for you. Okay, alright! So, as we all know, and hopefully, copath uses, powerbuilder and powerbuilder is, is a pretty a lot of features to it and it can be pretty daunting when you look at it first. So last time we discussed as far as the structure of a basically the that the reporting, a sinkhole path and the main things that were looking at here are your work:spaces, okay and that’s it., pbw extension and usually we’re working in a test or live work. Space I’ll write. The second thing that we discussed last time is essentially that the pbl and a pbl is really a grouping of reports, and so, as we discussed last time, copath wants you to put a custom reports within. Would they call the rep underscore why. Pbl, and the idea of being there is? Is that when they do upgrades, they don’t want to wipe out certain things that you’ve customized so friend, since they keep their reports and some of the other.

Home Insurance Tulsa A lot of the other ppl is like the comp. Why won the the the come at whatever it is? They do their own things in those in those pbl’s, and so, if you were to basic and modify or outer ports to one of those pbl’s I’m, not even sure you can be honest with you, but if you were to do that, then you run the risk of your work thing being wiped out in the next upgrade. So you want to save your your time and my savior, your investment and your poor that you created and work so hard for so definitely want to keep those and the rep underscore why the first thing that the other thing that you have to make sure of when starting to to work in this thing is, is that you just have to understand if you’re working on your local file structure or are you working in the production or the the the the the server I guess file structure? If you will okay, so the way it works is I’m. Looking at a copath instance right now and on my workstation I have basically a map drive that essentially is to the server the main sequel or the the mane coconut ciroc call it it’s a map. Drive and in there it just called copath, and you click on that. If you look at it windows explorer there is a p live, and then there is a c word for test pee test, folder, okay, and if you double click on that I’m looking in the py folder I can see towards the top that there is a rap underscore why. P b, l. Okay, so you want to make sure that when you have finished your reporting, it’s all good. You want to try moving the wife environment. You have to understand where that file is and and then cuz. If it’s not in the the production area for watco path is looking in, then it’s not going to be able to be available within the coconut products. Okay, so the way they set up initially is that kind of working on your local, your local, install so francis house to go to my c drive and from there I have a. Where? Is it here? Temp file? No hey back up here! If I look under sea pb, there is a structure there. Okay, so again, if I’m looking at my local drive, c & p, d I have a pee test and have a key live there. So, if you add your report to your p live on your local workstation, that’s not going to be able to the server or on anybody else. It’s running okay., so you’ll, get it in that area and you may think you got it, but you don’t got it. So it’s important to understand kind of where you’re saving your data and to make sure that, once you are ready to save your report to it, you’re going to do it from the server share all right.

Okay, so I’m working, my report now and I have it. In my my check, out. Pbl, that’s on my local incidents and I’m simply going to right click on that report. I! Don’t use I’m going to copy that and move it over to the Home Insurance Tulsa server rap. Why it’s underneath my check, out., ppl and I’m, going to say right, click and a half set of options. There I’m going to go copy powerbuilder on my workstation pops up a option window called select library. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to drop down that the arrow and they’re looking window and I’m going to scroll down I’m going to choose. My map drive that I was referring to earlier to the server, click on colt pythons in mine, it’s Home Insurance Tulsa db01, now I’m going to go down I’m going to basically double click on p life is a folder and in there I’m going to sort it by date modified from the most current. So it’s most current things are on top and then that right there, the top icy wrap underscore. Why so I’m going to click underscore on a quick. Home Insurance Tulsa I’m going to click open? And by doing that, you are now copying your port over to wrap. While it’s exactly what you want to be doing all right, okay, so that is essentially the first part of actually getting a report in to cocotte all right and before we go any further on that. Let’s go ahead and let’s review how we’re going to review your sql and gui table layouts, okay, so I’ve, gotten, port, open and essentially what you want to do is I just just for a quick, quick, quick, eagles look on the top and click on the design. Button you’ll see that there is a certain certain options. I just had to take a mental note of. What’s there all right now, what you’re going to do is we’re now going to look and see what what is what is what is popular in this report? Okay and so there’s a button on the toolbar and it’s called data source and i-think you can also go to format, design of a design design and then go data source guy and depending upon whether Home Insurance Tulsa or not this report is actually set up as a gui Home Insurance Tulsa table structure or a sequel data structure is going to turn in now. What you’re going to see in my report? Basically, I am now seeing a gooey version that has a bunch of stuff in there. I got as far as like a table of visual tables in there with red lines. At kind of connect them, those are good that familiar with sequel. This is this is going to make sense to you in that this is essentially a, visual representation of a of a sequel statement, and so here, if you look down below in my report below those tables, there’s a section and has colin operator value and logical, and these are essentially your parameters, okay, and so, if you want to basically add an additional parameter. Okay, you can do that or see kind of hot structured going up to the design buttons design on the toolbar and you’ll see that the options are now different, then what you saw before now, you can go down to retrieve arguments, and these are essentially all of your parameters, and you can see like francis to my the first one. Is there there’s a date from date a to date, a type in a pathologist name and on the right?

You can actually insert an additional crowder I thought you wanted to add an addition. Problem can say in insert here, say:ok tuesday type, and then what you do would do is that you go back and then you, basically you have to basically set what your privater is going to be referencing within your your gui statement here so down here in the call mary you now she would cry nero and then you select your operator and their friends and some and then you’d actually reference to the the printer that you just created with a colon in front, and you can hopefully can see that from her an example of point that you’re looking at all right. If you go into any particular for it, when you went in to design and instead of a gooey look up, you basically saying a select statement:that’s a sequel based I kind of i, guess, reporting structure and so from there, yet in a little bit. See,. But you can add your parameter into your sequel. Where semen, your work laws, that’s the only difference, but it weird take your time. I’m just going to Home Insurance Tulsa take a little bit for you to kind of figure that out this your first time, but essentially kind of where you look at where the date is coming from and also how to basically adfree all right now, assuming that you’ve got your report all done and it’s ready to go and you view who we went through, adding it to the live structure on your rep. Why? Okay, now we have to figure out how to make that basically show up in coppock, okay, there’s a couple steps to it. The first thing is that you have Home Insurance Tulsa just added your at your report to the rep. Why, on the live file structure? Okay, now what you have to do is you have to trigger your coat off instance to essentially rebuild its reporting structure within that particular client that you’re dealing with okay and the way that you do that is. Is that you’re essentially going to your going to back up your time? So you can rebuild your customer support? Library anime should go through that and here in just a second here. So when you get into cook-off waiting when I do is go to set up an application manager on the top okay and then on the system setup their unit, cyclic, the sooner customizer, and then you going to go to folders and items and for that you’re going to basically say rebuild custom report library in a double click on that and you going to click, okay and really what that’s going to do? Is it’s going to take that the changes, whatever changes that were made in your tv l, and that you’ve added now to your that? You added before to your underscore, why, on the way, I file structure, that’s based going to say that we’re going to trigger an update to to park to the copath client? Okay, do you say, okay, going to backup your current environment and in baton make the new changes that you have made active? Okay? So once you say when she’s quick on rebuild the cash report, library you’re going to say, okay and then yeah yes to the back of question-that what you want to do is you want to close coca now when you open cup half again, it’s going to ask you if you want to upgrade, you know, update anyone to say yes, okay, so now what that’s doing is it is making the changes that you made that rep.

Why now available within your coke off product in science, all right now? How do you go ahead and now make your report active and how do you show it within your your cocotte instance guy? Alright, so what you know I’m going to do is going to want to go to basic setup again sooner customizer photos of items, and this time you going to want to go into your info maker item entering edit and Home Insurance Tulsa when I double click on that it comes up. It’s just says:blankets, I’m, just going to go, search and basically everything here that all reports that are in your york opeth environment are now listed and, as you can see, there’s there’s usually the name there on the left on the right. There’s the actual reference to the actual name that you gave you report when you saved it within powerbuilder and the one that you added to wrap. Why I’m sorry before I get to there so the name that that is on the right hand, side. It should resemble the name that you gave you a report on the power powerbuilder. So if you don’t know what you wrote, what you named report, you want to go back to powerbuilder and just kind of decided either take a note or screenshot to write it down where you going to do all right, cuz. Basically, what you’re going to do is going to create an instance of your report in here, and then you can have to specify what that name of your that you gave you report builder, Home Insurance Tulsa so you’re at your powerbuilder report, name that you gave it. So what I want to do is I’m just going to basically click on the first one and in this instance, is called abnormal psychology, slides, I’m, just going to say copy from right. Now, what it’s saying? It’s run item name and it’s here where you want. You want to. You know list out the name that you gave your your your power bill report, so you just going to go type it up, so I was going to do with why so? Why underscore? Whatever report? Name is okay, it’s just like okay and, as you see, they’re the top it’s going to put in the name that you gave your port. Are your your internal internal name? Leave everything else the same except the display name and the status bar message? Okay, you can leave the icon the same and then basically you want to say that the info make a report. What’s the? What is that name that you going to have? So that’s where you going to click on the delicious in the left on the right, and here is:where again you going to want to eat, paste and help you copied it, but your powerbuilder name, you are paste in your power, go to report name here, and hopefully that comes up there. If it doesn’t, that’s something went wrong when you basically rebuilt your your customer support. Library, it’s not active within that session, or maybe you didn’t do the update correctly when you up when you restart copath, okay and then, if it’s there, you got everything correctly. Just click, okay and you you’re good to go now. When you go back into copath, you can now go to file and browse items, and you report that you created should be basically available there. On the right hand, side okay, little bit complicated little bit strange lot of steps. The only thing Home Insurance Tulsa that I say is is that is that there’s a sick lion and a syncline term that tobacco pass country roads around this this this actually works both with the thin client and with the client. But if you are operating a path that is actually running quote as a thin client, what you have to do is you have to update the server that is serving of those thin clients and the same way and then reboot the server. Otherwise, when you, when you’re running a thin client, if you going to get a couple different errors that that you know it is right that your mental, but you can basically tell that the server has been updated correctly. Alright, if you have any questions again, this is peak medical technologies. We’re always here to help we’re glad to help you. You can get us at peak medical tec.Com. You can also call us directly +82-088-639-8828. You can also send us an email at info at peak medical check.Com, I’m glad to reach out to you good luck with a cup half and-and Home Insurance Tulsa hopefully this is been helping for ain’t getting reporting. You reporting these done. Thank you

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