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Hey, good evening and welcome to your original content podcast for ensure you Oklahoma, uh, where today we were absolutely over run helping people with their Home Insurance Tulsa was unbelievable how many referrals we get and how many people want our help with Home Insurance Tulsa. It is becoming so overwhelming that we’re working late, getting up early and working all day to help people and we love it. We love helping people get the coverage they need at a great price for too long in Oklahoma insurance rates had been too high and, and the public hasn’t been able to do anything about it. I’m driving by a swing set here and I think about the joy of seeing your child on a swing set. When you look out your back door, joy goes away when you pay your home insurance.

Home Insurance is expensive. And what’s been happening is that actually preventing people from accomplishing the American dream, which is a shame because home ownership is the definition of the American dream. And when your home insurance is 3030 $500, that’s a barrier to entry. That’s an extra $250 a month, but today we were able to find someone for a relatively expensive house for less than $3,000. We saved them over $1,500 on their home insurance. I, we’re thrilled about that. So as we continue to work hard in this space and we continue to get referrals from our, uh, our business partners in the community, mortgage brokers, realtors, we are thrilled to be able to help people and clients and prospects and referrals from those clients for more people. And when we get a call for Home Insurance Tulsa so we know we’re able to help someone. It just makes our day that much better.

You know, going home at night, exhausted but happy because we help so many people in their home insurance. It also gets us to needing more agents. We need more good intelligence, smart insurance agents who can help the public save money on their home insurance or auto insurance, their boat insurance, their are four wheeler or off road vehicle. The recreational vehicle have to be perfect. You’re perfect. You’re perfect for a perfect house, but to need Home Insurance Tulsa, so go to the right person and garden the right agency. We’ve talked about how important a good independent insurance agent is to you and your financial wellbeing. Financial wellbeing, good. Uh, independent insurance agent, good independent wealth managers. That’s where you’re going to get the best. Sir. It’s not from these big conglomerate companies. Do you think state farm gives a rats ass about your home insurance? No, they don’t.

They just want their agents to sell and they’d get as much out there and their agents can always sell their products to ensure you. Oklahoma. Our agents can sell any home policy and they picked the best for you. Pick the best. Forget the rest. That’s all you need to do. One call gets it all the shopping, everything you need for your home insurance shopping three or four to five to six different companies for you at a time and they’re getting you the best coverage for the right price. That’s what ensure you. Oklahoma does Home Insurance Tulsa coverage for you and your family. You know when you look outside and you see your kids playing, is it a struggle to make the mortgage payment? Is it a struggle to pay the insurance? Is it a struggle for your Home Insurance Tulsa? Does that make it hard to insure your car when it’s hard to insure your car?

Does that prevent you from getting a new car? It could be safer for your children. It might do that. What a shame. What a shame in Oklahoma that we have to put up with that. That’s why we were born as why we started ensure you Oklahoma and that’s why we write home insurance and car insurance and we can ensure can crash burner lose. You know I’m driving by real nice horse trailer today that’s covered on your home insurance policy. If you’re a crappy policy that’s real expensive and you can’t afford to add your horse trailer to it, maybe that trailer is not covered and that gets stolen. You’re not going to have coverage for it and now you’re out that money interest because you couldn’t afford it because your home insurance is so expensive. Most beautiful new homes with beautiful new ropes in Oklahoma. It’s hard to keep your replacement cost coverage on your roof, but we go, we have a few companies that we write for that, you know, we can keep replacing them.

Cost covered January for up to 10 years. And then tell you the truth. Ten years know, chances are in Oklahoma you’re going to be hit with the hail storm in 10 years. Isn’t that funny? You’re unlucky if you don’t get hit by what? Well, because then you don’t have new hope, new rough. But I’m driving by some horses now. Beautiful Animals, nice truck and trailer at this new house and home insurance. Independent insurance agent like ensure you all met with some guys who were talking about there was a captive company and all they could talk about was insurance rates, insurance rates, insurance rates made me sick because all they do for these, uh, these guys is, they are cutting coverages to get cost cheaper. So they get their clients and they build a book of business. Well and ensure you Oklahoma. We don’t do that. We write the right Home Insurance Tulsa for the right person, and we can build our books of business because we can write with four and five different companies.

It only makes sense to go with an independent insurance agent rather than your regular captive agent, so in order to build their business has to cut your coverage because they can’t do anything. If their company is high on price, we’ll sure you Oklahoma. If one of our companies high on Home Insurance Tulsa you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re going to shop it with someone else and get you the coverage. We’re not interested in forcing you into coverage. We’re interested in finding you the right coverage at the right price, that sort of good independent insurance agent can do, find you the best coverage at the best price and get you the coverage that you need and that trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. And so at the captive guys do. That’s not what good independent insurance agents do. We find you the right coverage at the right price.

Regardless, we want to make sure you have what you need for your clothes, and we had three different clients today call because they need coverage to close on their, on their homes. Well, we’re going to get them the coverage they need, we’re gaining the coverage they need for closing on their house and when they closed on their house and they have the right coverage from the right independent insurance agent, they are going to be happy and have saved money and being able to get into the house that they want to get into for their home. Insurance costs were able to fit their mortgage into our, uh, we’re able to fit the premium into their mortgage and get the right premium at the right price. Anyway. I hope this has been thousand words. This is the ensure you Oklahoma podcast talking about Home Insurance Tulsa talking about insuring it.

Anything you can burn, loser or get stolen, we can cover and we do it at the right price for the right people. We just actually had one of our partners in the mortgage business say they couldn’t believe how much we’re able to help our clients and how good are raped. Our boy doesn’t that feel good when they’re talking nice things like that. So for now this is a home insurance to also. This is I’m sure you Oklahoma signing off of our podcast, 63 or 64. All original content saying goodbye so long. Have a great night. I hope you’re insured. Well, and if not, give you guys a call and ensure you Oklahoma or Texas or Oklahoma.com. Home Insurance Tulsa You’ll be glad that you did until next time, until tomorrow morning. This is.