Home Insurance Tulsa | if there is a dangerous Christmas

All right. Uh, I think we’re going to do a recording number one 54 right now. Home Insurance Tulsa, this is the injury you, Oklahoma, Christmas time, all original content podcasts to be translated to a blog and content for the website, uh, to ensure and help our Google reviews. We’re talking of course today about home insurance, Salsa and why you should have an artificial trade instead of a real Trey, if you’ve ever seen a real tree go up in flames. A, you would never have one in your house. It is crazy how fast they burned. I mean it’s like they explode cause they dry out because they were cut in September in Oregon and get processed and you’ve already shifted in the ship and Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, you put them in your house three months later and even though you’ve put a little water out in the trunk, it’s still a dead tree is that it’s just going to, there’s just no reason for it.

And I’m just guessing, I’m betting that not a lot of people use real freeze anymore. Getting most put up an artificial tree. I did ours last night. It’s all pre sprung. Uh, I didn’t say high strung. That’s my wife and uh, anyway, uh, priest trunks. So the lights are already on it. You don’t have to mess with it. No, it’s not dirty. It’s not getting a little festivals and stuff over the carpet. It’s a just a nice good looking fake tree. It looks real. I guess another barrier if it looks real because everyone knows it’s not real. But what I’m doing is I’m eliminating risk from our house. I am, if you have a real tree, you are choosing a risk that you don’t have to choose. So what that is called is called risk avoidance. And I am avoiding the risk of a Christmas tree fire for my home insurance Tosa by putting in an artificial tree.

My artificial three, I think I got the most expensive one they had, it was like $289, and this is our fourth year, fourth third or fourth year. So it’s not paid for itself because that’s what real sort. And I have uh, mitigated risk in my house when we need to go somewhere. I don’t have to worry about it. Catching on fire and burning down the house. Home Insurance Tulsa, great talking heads, song fact. I liked that whole album stop making sense by the talking heads. I actually, when I was in high school, they made a cool movie out of that and they showed us like get the arts theater and downtown Chicago and we went and saw it on site twice. Good. It was excellent. It was very good. And uh, and talks about burning down the house. Well, I don’t know why you would want to burn down your house.

I bet most people don’t. And that’s why you mitigate the risk or mitigate means to improve or to lessen the risk and why getting a artificial tree instead of a real tree, you’re mitigating the risk. Um, everyone knows it’s artificial, but you know what? It just, it looks nice in the house. It works great. People love it and looks good. Home Insurance Tulsa, I’m past, I’m past it. I don’t need the phony Baloney. I’m not a real Christmas or something. It is, it’s still a tree that actually, let’s talk about the origin of the press tree. I, I believe it’s a pagan symbol when, and we’re supposed to be celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was killed by the Jews, uh, 2018 years ago. I know that was his birth.

So anyway, that’s what we’re supposed to sell. Celebrate to the cre doesn’t really matter. Anyway, so I asked her to, new tree is dope. Um, a fake tree is fine and it’s better for your home insurance. Tulsa actually, it doesn’t affect your home insurance, wholesome rates, but you are being good steward with your property because you are mitigating the risk. You don’t have as much risk to your home insurance, Tulsa and the insurance companies like when you do that. So here we are, um, a few days before Christmas, actually a couple of weeks. It’s almost, well I think it’s 11, so it’s exactly two weeks before Christmas. No, because Christmas is on a Tuesday and today’s Wednesday, so 13 days before Christmas must be the 12th. And I’m, here I am lecturing you. The fact is you probably already have a real tree if that’s where you’re going to get. But I just don’t get it.

They’re dirty. You’re taking something from outside and putting it in your house. Um, there could be a squirrel in there. Home Insurance Tulsa, we actually had stories of a client and a friend of ours who had a timber rattler in their Christmas tree. And, Home Insurance Tulsa, Sharon upon seeing, send timber wrestler jumped up on the dining room table. Of course, cause she was scared there was a rattlesnake in her house. Now that’s just one more risks. That’s not even a fire risk. That’s a reptilian risks. And who knows what Sharon hit on her feet when she jumped up on the table. She could have scratched it and no, she also ruined her table and uh, they hadn’t faced a real tree in their house, dripping SAP, dripping needles and in this case a timber rem or was living in there. So I don’t, I guess I don’t see the big draw of having this tree in your house, leave the trees outside and um, yeah, I think you’ll be happier. You did because now you have a, Home Insurance Tulsa, you don’t have a dirty tree in your house. I mean these things are outside for years and then they cut them down and put them in your house and then you take them out of your house and burn them or throw them away or throw them in a pond or do something with them. It just doesn’t seem like very efficient. Use of natural resources. Now I’m not big on recycling. I think it’s all bs.

I’m not worried about trees. I think we have plenty. So cut down as many as you want and burn as many want. I don’t care. I’m just saying it just seems kind of odd that you grow a whole tree just to send your house for three weeks and then you throw it away. But you know to each his own I, if that’s what you want to do, do it. It doesn’t affect your home insurance. Told her. And that’s all I have to say about that. But you know, I just think it’s just kind of a weird ritual. I think growing trees come down pretty much in your house. So boy, that’s, well I guess that’s America right there. America and the best is what we do is we have these giant Christmas trees, huge ones, and we cut them down. I mean, these can be 50 year old trees.

We cut them down and take them to the White House or to the Capitol building and then they just throw those away. Or Rockefeller Center. They do that there too. Why not just build some huge fake drag us? You know what? Then you’d have to store it. It’s probably more effective, probably more efficient to cut down a big tree, put it on a truck, haul it to New York or Washington DC and then afterwards just mulch it, throw it away. I mean, imagine if you had a tree that was so big, you know, as big as Winter Rockefeller Center or why, how, or Capitol building that you, and then you had to store it somewhere. There must be huge warehouses around Washington DC and stores, all of this stuff. And they probably don’t need a couple of huge artificial trees in there. So they just, Home Insurance Tulsa, yeah, cut down a real one. Yeah. You know why? Because there’s no shortage of trees. And I don’t see environmentalist jumping up and down about that because it’s not a real, not a real crisis. It’s fake and made up price just like us burning coal for energy. It’s not a real crisis. It’s not bad. It’s I, you know what? If they were really worried about energy and clean energy, why wouldn’t we build nuclear power plants all over the wealth? I don’t mean the topic for next time.