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All right. Um, this is 41 65 and for those of you who don’t know, this is how you build your Seo, Home Insurance Tulsa, c in front of these paper here. Pen. Got It, got it. Okay. So this is a are 160 fifth podcast regarding home insurance, Salsa

and, uh, a little about ensure you Oklahoma. Are you have man, a Oklahoma’s premier independent insurance agency? Um, our phone number is nine 1832271004 (405) 322-5501. Um, I recently had the opportunity to talk to a friend of mine. He went and talked to a few months because his mother was killed in a car accident. Home Insurance Tulsa, prep for the holidays. We’re right in the middle of the holiday Friday after thanksgiving. I mean, what a tough, tough time for someone. But I want to address car accidents and people get killed in car accidents. You know, on this podcast he talks a lot about home insurance Holser because that’s usually what people come to us for. But you know, an auto insurance. Oh, we also write, because we write them together, it wouldn’t make sense to have your auto and home insurance with two different companies. So yeah, the worst case scenario is someone gets killed in a car accident regardless of fault. Um, you’re more likely to be caught kyogen and car accidents and

getting cancer and dying or died on an airplane. The number one cause of death in the United States. But it’s something we don’t think about getting your car every morning we started up leave for the office or you go out for dinner or whatever you do. It’s just part of life. And as part of an assumed risk, nope, we can, you can buy away your wrist pain insurance company premiums to the risk for you. And that risk would be if the car gets damaged or if you are uh, uh, liable. And Home Insurance Tulsa, if, if you are, then you can give those companion insurance company and they will assume those risks for you. So something happens, you’re not out the money to repair your car or for the liability. And the same goes for home insurance policy. You aren’t paying them to take your risk away from does, it doesn’t reduce the risk. It reduces your liability because the insurance company, she was liability. So if you pay the insurance company a little bit of money and hailstorm comes through, you can get a new roof instead of paying 15 or 20,000 for a new roof on your home. Insurance helps. It just makes sense to do it that way. But when we’ve talked about auto insurance,

you know, and that’s really something that isn’t, as

you know, you’re not as exposed there for a total vehicle. A total vehicle just doesn’t cost as much as the house usually. Home Insurance Tulsa, but the liability can. And you know, I just reflected upon my friend whose mother passed away in a car accident, but three years ago, one of my friend’s sons was also in a bad accident. He had just got his driver’s license and he was driving and Home Insurance Tulsa, he pulled out in front of the truck and a truck t boned them and he got thrown across the highway into a field. Now. Thank God she’s okay. It took a lot to get him back in the vehicle and get them comfortable in three years later, he’s finally comfortable driving and things are okay and he’s way at college, but it could have ended very badly. Now that client had $100,000 of liability coverage per person and 300,000 per accident. And although his son almost got killed, he got a letter from the insurance companies saying, you need to be prepared because this accident might be more than your liability limits and anything above that, he would’ve been responsible for it because it was just son’s fault.

This guy, his car was total, he was injured, he hadn’t medical bills, he was off work for a long time. You know, they consume for pain and suffering. So it was going to be more than a hundred thousand dollars now luckily for this guy, it didn’t end up being, it went right up to the limit but then ended up being more than a hundred thousand dollars but it sure could have been and that wouldn’t come out of his pocket. Now what about if someone gets killed in a car accident? Well, there’s still liability for someone who owns the vehicle. If someone else owns the vehicle, there’s still liability. If a husband gets killed in an auto accident and the wife’s name was on the vehicle or on the policy, they’re still liability there. And although the husband was killed, the wife is responsible for anything that would happen above the cost of the insurance, which can happen anytime. So there’s always liability even if someone gets killed. But that gets us back to the person who got chills. What pays out there? I mean, you have a funeral and you have probably lost wages and things. Yeah, that’s when life insurance comes into play. If you don’t have enough life insurance, you need to talk to your insurance agent and have them sit down and figure out how much need term insurance is so cheap. There’s no reason why someone can’t afford everything that they need.


Um, without it, you have to be stuck. Now, oftentimes, if someone’s killed in a Polish out of policy, they will pay out under the medical payments and or almost all insurance companies offer a death benefit. And this can be added to the cost of a policy very cheaply. And so what happens is you have a death benefit on your policy. So if someone should be killed and auto accident, this death benefit pays out. It could be $25,000 it’s enough to cover final expenses, maybe pay off the car, anything that would have happened. Home Insurance Tulsa, so you definitely want to look at life insurance. Are the death benefit on a auto insurance policy. It might add a dollar or two, but you know it can be worth it if something happens. Like you said, you’re more likely to die in an auto accident and another one. So that’s all I have to say about that. Now that gets us back to the home insurance, Tulsa and


you know, you have a mortgage on your house. What happens if something happens to you and your family can’t pay the mortgage? Well you can actually get a death benefit on your mortgage. It is not recommended because it’s very expensive. The amount of coverage goes down. The longer you have it faced the same cause. All it’s meant to do is cover the mortgage. So long you pay on it the less coverage you have. Now, um, we would definitely recommend if you have a mortgage on your home insurance Tulsa policy that you talked to your agent about a policy to cover the amount of the mortgage if something should happen to you. So your family isn’t out of a house. If you should be killed in a car accident or get cancer or if your parachute doesn’t open when you’re jumping out of an airplane, anything like that.

And your home insurance tells the policies back to cover the policy, not you. I mean come to the home and not you. So you definitely want to make sure you have that coverage in place. Again, a term insurance policy are cheap enough where it will cover you in the, in case you can cover your entire need for low, low cost. And that’s just part of being a responsible adult. And that’s what we help people with every day. And ensure you won’t to please visit us. I can assure you, oklahoma.com and that’s the letter U or ensure you america.com and we will, we can take care of any of your insurance needs because we are a full service independent insurance agency that puts on that can, Home Insurance Tulsa, find a coverage for any risks that you may have. So that’s it for today’s podcast. We are going to label this a death in an automobile. It’s not pleasant to talk about, but it’s a reality. And if you’re an adult, it’s something you need to realize that you might need. So until next time, this is Mark Moore signing off on the ensure you, Oklahoma. All original content podcasts.