We got to talk about hockey Baez after the stairs.

You’re talking five seconds. All right. Excellent. Okay. I’ll watch our levels. You don’t have to be real close if you don’t want, I can adjust it on the levels. Okay.

Okay. I think I’m fine like this.

So this is not, um, I’m actually practicing. Okay. For an insurance success podcast. Okay. Once you moved to Portland, you’ll listen to because who was dropping knowledge, bombs all over. And then other, I was thinking of just doing like a successful business people. Home insurance tulsa

Oh, okay. So I know some, so I can tell you is what their stories are. Right.

Okay. So today’s podcast I’m with Carrie night, say hello, Carrie. Hello, Mark. And you are with,

I was Stephen’s media group. We’re a national like radio company, media company, I guess I should say we have 15 markets from New York to Washington state, even in California and a couple of cities here in Oklahoma. Um, I’m the national director of digital sales. So in that media, I sell the digital advertising portion of it or lead that part of the company. Right.

Right. Well, first we’re going to, I’m going to give you a brief introduction. Okay. Uh, Carrie and I met, I believe it was 2014. I think it was earlier than that. 13, maybe, maybe 12. Okay. And we were having breakfast at post Oak lodge, elders, post Oak lodge, post Oak lodge. And we discovered that you played on a soccer team with my college roommate back in Illinois. And this is being recorded of course in Oklahoma.

Yeah. Right, right.

And even though we also discovered you’re a Cubs fan, we still became friends.

Yeah. In spite of that, right. Home insurance tulsa

This year I was invited to Carrie’s um, that’d be a bridal shower. Bridal Glen shower,

A wedding celebration. There was a lot of fun. Yeah. It was a happy hour. I think they called it something like a, a nice cake. Yeah. It had a nice cake. Okay.

And so Carrie married, his sweetheart, Erica, who was from Portland, Oregon. And it’s a great story. How they met. I’m not going to jump on that. I’ll ask you to talk about how you two met. Um, well you mentioned

The Cubs fan every year. My brother and I go to Chicago, not this year, sadly had tickets to see the Boston red Sox at Wrigley. How great will that, so the Yankees there would have seen that anyway, every year we go, um, in 2017, we picked a weekend that you two was also in town. So we could see the Cubs at Wrigley and YouTube at soldier field. So we got there. Yeah. That’s how know you’re from Chicago likes. I said, soldier field, soldier field. Oh yeah. That’s what everyone else says. Soldiers field really? It’s just soldier. Oh, Illinois. That’s right. Other people just add SS to stuff, I guess. I don’t know why, but, um, so, uh, we got, there went to a game. My brother had mentioned that there was a girl in town that he had gone out with a couple of times or knew somehow. Home insurance tulsa

And she was in town with another friend to see you too. And I was like, Hey, let’s call them up and just get together at least, you know, because you like you too, a little bit. We like, we had just a little and, um, but it was more, you know, it was just one of those things where it’s like, we go hang out in Chicago all the time. It’s always nice to have some other people just to talk to it. Wasn’t like let’s hook up with girls or so it was just like, let’s get some other people together. It’s is kinda more fun. You’d been in Chicago. It’s fun with a bunch of people. So we met up with them and we just all hit it off. As friends, we ended up, uh, go into YouTube concert together. We kind of spent there’s a little dive bar, right on rush street called Pippin’s.

I don’t know if you’re in Chicago, you got to go check out. Pippin’s it’s my favorite dive bar and people in pipits probably think dive bar, but anyway, but, um, but anyway, we were out every night, late, talked to became friends, started texting in a group for like a year. Um, we saw them again in Dublin that same year, my 50th birthday. I went to Dublin to see you too at Croke park. They happened to be there. So we met up in Dublin and had dinner and went to the thing again, continued texting pretty soon. I’m like, I kinda liked this person. So, um, I had asked her in like about eight months later, like, Hey, do you want to date? And she’s an Erica said, no, like at the time I live in LA and you live in Oklahoma, how would that work? So I was like, yeah, how would that work? Home insurance tulsa

So six months later I told my sister, I was like, I don’t really want to date anybody else. I want to date Erica. So I called her back and said, we kind of figured this out. So, um, she said, let me think about it. And then, you know, what’s interesting is one day she was in a yoga core class and they were doing some like wellness and mindfulness. And they were talking about like, you know, think about these certain events in your life. And she started realizing that every time something good happens, I’m the person she wants to tell. And she’s like, that’s weird. And I’m like, well, not so weird. So it took about a year and a half, maybe somewhere in there for her to be like, yeah, we should date. So we started dating and then about a year after that we got engaged. And then about a nine months later we got married. And how many times have you seen you two together? Um, actually we had a trivia question of this. We have only attended like together, like both walked in together to three. You, two shows we’ve been at, I think we decided five at the same time. And then we’ve been to 45 total, but I’ve only been to like 15. She’s been to three.

Oh, she’s the bigger fan shit. Well, home insurance tulsa

She’s the, she’s the person that wants to go to eight shows on tour. I need one. Right?

Unless you’re, unless you’re touring the Pacific rim,

Unless you go to the Pacific rim or are you going to go to Chicago in Dublin? I mean, yeah, there’s special circumstances,

But, and before we get into the business, part of this podcast, tell the story of, um, your wife’s wedding ring.

Well, it’s buying too, which we should’ve got a picture for the, for the thing as well. Um, so my engagement ring, I, I had wanted to make a ring from a guitar string from the edge. Who’s the guitar player for the, for you too, if you didn’t know or live under a rock,

Wait a minute quick. We’re not gonna do the lightening round till later. Yeah. I’m going to start with one now. Okay. The edge, probably top five guitar players of the last 40 years.

I mean, I think it just depends on who you ask people think, Oh, he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I think it’s talent. Home insurance tulsa

I definitely think that most people would put him up there up in the top seven.

Would he have made another band as good as you too, because he’s a better guitar player than you two is as a band. Correct? I don’t think somebody treading dangerous areas.

I don’t, I don’t have any problem with that. Um, no, because what you look at is when you, when you, again, this is kind of going off on a tangent, but when my brother and I talked about this, like when you think of you too, the thing that stands out from the first album, the first song you heard through, well, that’s the third album, but yes. So, but first home insurance tulsa

Boy, everyone thought of boy, that’s where I end, uh, October going forward.

Also not, we can’t think of either, but every song you listened to up till now, even the pop with the disco tech and Octa hung, baby, it’s the rhythm section that makes you to you to that baseline Adam play and look at Mark Noah and stuff and Larry Maldon jr. On the drums. Um, and so I think what it is is that the edge is like they call column the scientist, like bottles, like he’s the scientist. Like he gets the grooves, he gets all that. I think his playing forced everyone else to rise up. So in that way, I would agree with you that he could have made other bands great. But the other thing that makes him great is the front man. I mean, you have to have a front man that engages the crowd that gets people going. You look at all the great bands that last McJagger, a Bruce Springsteen, Bano, it’s those guys that can play live and carry an audience that make it Duran Duran great group. In the eighties, I saw him at hard rock with one of our friends, Scott West unbelievable show, but they don’t carry a crowd quite like 40 years of

Back to what I do for a living. Yeah. Duran Duran is actually known as a band who did not blow their money and still hasn’t left and they’ve invested wisely and they live with it. Home insurance tulsa

Well, as I recall, they were a bunch of rich boys in the first place, as I recall, it wasn’t like, they were like, you know, they had to be like trying to get stuff coming out. And uh, but they’ve held on the Beatles, obviously held of their money too. Okay. Um, but anyway, back to the ring, so I had wanted to get a guitar string to somehow fast fashion into a ring for her. I couldn’t find a way, I can’t believe that there’s not a market for used guitar sing strings from famous guitarists. They changed out their strings. Every show like solos things call me, maybe I’ll start a business. But anyway, so I couldn’t find them anywhere. I finally used a guitar string, which was really special. My brother Mark had passed away and I, and um, it took about four years, but his widow gave me his old, um, fender Telecaster. So it was really special to me. Um, it meant a lot to me. I’m like, I try to play it very often to try. I’m not a good tar player or anything like that, but I try to get on there and do stuff. Um, I took one of the strings off of that and made it into a ring and gave it to her. We got engaged in Perth, Australia at a YouTube show during with, without you beautiful. It was great. It was great experience blew her away.

She thought it was going to happen. She wasn’t sure home insurance tulsa

I waited right to the very end when there’s some really good solos. So she thought it was fine.

She thought it was going to happen during that

It happened in Perth. And I think she thought maybe it would be with or without you. Um, so I waited and it was the perfect timing and it was kind of cool. There’s a, there’s this part that we didn’t know happened because I was asking her to get married later, we watched the video Bano actually says, are there lovers in the house tonight? Love is in the house. Love is in our songs. It was just, it was just this really cool moment, you know? Anyway. So then the next show we were at, we were in Singapore because we did three shows on that little, we did Australia and then two in Singapore and we were in this area called the red zone. And it is like where you pay the one campaign, like the charity for AIDS in Africa and some of the things. So it’s a special area. Home insurance tulsa

It just costs a lot. I don’t generally go there, but it’s kind of by the stage. So it’s cool. You don’t have to fight people to get to a good spot. Um, but the person who was leading that group, they kind of have a little like concierge person or whatever said she had to go lead a backstage pass and I kinda went ding, ding, ding backstage. So I called her and said, is there any way that, you know, I want to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I kind of fudged a little bit. Cause I thought it sounded better. And I really would love to make a ring out of a guitar string from the edge. Is there a way you could help me with that? So she’s like, let me see what I can do. You can edit that out. And she came back about an hour later and I thought she forgot. Home insurance tulsa

And she said, you know, she handed me this package and said, we thought strings from a beautiful day would be the best thing for it. So she hands me a little plastic bag, had a white or pink piece of gaffer tape, you know, a beautiful like ABD written on the tape. And I’m like, Oh my gosh. So then, uh, I was like, what do I do with these and a mutual friend of ours, Allen, I was telling him I’m going to make it a little rain temporary type thing. And he said, well, wouldn’t it be cool if you could find a way to put it into the actual wedding bands? I was like, yeah, that’s probably a better idea. So I found a jeweler here locally, J David in broken arrow. And he actually created a ring that they cut a little groove in and actually has what my friend who’s guitar player seems to see things a D string wrapped around mine. And then hers is on the inside of her band because it’s just a little more, um, they were worried. It might be more delicate and too much then. So we, we carry around, I think potentially the only wedding rings in the world made with guitar string from the edge. I think if I had to bet on pricing, it’s pretty good chance. So yeah. Home insurance tulsa

Okay. But that, that could be a podcast all on its own. You are here because of you are a success in business and advertising sales, both radio advertising and digital. What I’d like to hit on a lot is the digital, because we have a mutual friend who hired you to do work for him and said it was worth every penny because his description was Mark. He put a dome over an area. We get every phone call from that area. home insurance tulsa

Well, that’s, that’d be great if that was the case, but essentially yes. So I mean, there’s an old adage that says, you know, and everyone knows this. So cliche of, you know, 50% of my advertising works if I just knew it 50% was, you know, so the problem with advertising is everyone wants to know what’s the ROI specifically on anything they’re doing. Um, but what you have to look at it, you have to look at more holistically than that. It’s the same way with anything you do in your business. Everything that you’re presenting to people that you’re doing, conversations, it all applies to how people view your business and what you do. So for us, we are coming along and just trying to tell your story to more people more frequently than you could by yourself. So essentially that’s what we’re doing. We’re trying to raise the level of awareness of your business. Like for instance, did you know that when people Google a business, let’s say it’s home insurance in Oklahoma. When they look at that list, 70% of them pick something they’ve heard of or seen before. So even if they’ve seen it several times, they’ve gone back and they see your name several times or they hear your ad on TV or they read about you in the newspaper or they read about you on Facebook. If they’ve heard you or senior before, they’re more likely to pick that. Okay. Home insurance tulsa

Okay. So that’s where branding and advertising meets

Branding. Exactly. Yeah. So here’s how that, so people think, well, I don’t want to just brand, I want to get phone calls, but that’s where you have to realize that what advertising is doing is you are, I can’t think of the word. All of a sudden you are putting bias for your business in front of a consumer. Well, that’s all, it really is.

86% of people will Google a product or a service before. Home insurance tulsa

Yeah. Yeah. And you know where people, even more now people search Amazon for products. Even if they don’t buy them, they’re more than they search on Google. So you have a people doing a lot of research, a lot of places, you know, it used to be, you’d walk in trust the salesman to tell you it, okay, here’s what I’m doing. But now you walk into a store you’re in best buy. What are people doing? They’re on their phones, Googling the reviews of their scan. They’re looking, they’re scanning the QR. They’re trying to see who else has it cheaper? Who else? And they’re doing this on car lots. They’re doing this at the dentist office. They’re doing that everywhere. So that’s the first part of it. You have to realize is that there’s a lot that goes into it and you can never just have some, it says, this is the reason someone purchased from me. It’s very difficult. So I always, my first statement to a lot of people about digital advertising is you’re going to hate it. Don’t do it because you’re going to not be able to see your ad. You’re not going to know what’s happening. You’re not going to have to track it. But that’s most of everything that happened. Home insurance tulsa

Okay. So, but you’re doing search engine optimization for clients, correct? That’s one of the things we do. Redirect ads.

We do read with retargeting return.

Yeah. So what used to be called radio was literally called in the beginning broadcasting. So you are broadcasting to a huge audience. You’re telling me I need new toothpaste, but I’m not in the market for it. So it’s a waste of money home insurance tulsa

Necessarily. So here’s the, and I mean, they were kind of going two different ways here, but if I’m working for a toothpaste company and they need to sell toothpaste and they need you to buy it, but you don’t need it, then either have to convince you that your toothpaste isn’t doing the job, you need it to, and you need a new toothpaste or, and more effective is I need to find the people that don’t like their current dentist. So in other words, like, or it could be anything like someone who’s got a car that’s three years old, you know, that it’s time for them to be getting to think about, do I want a new car? The warranty’s up? Well, wouldn’t it make sense if I could go target all those people that are about to have their warranties and for new car ads. So as opposed to broadcasting, you have to broadcast. I do think there’s still a world for broadcast and billboards and all that. There’s still a world for all,

But without on a billboard, you can’t have a quote unquote, call to action. Cause no one’s driving down the street right now, your website,

If you see more than two or three words on a billboard, you’re wasting space and words. Yeah. So, and the way we like to say it is you can’t tell your story on a billboard, right? It’s very difficult, but you can brand, you can put up a symbol, a logo, something. And if it’s somewhere, people pass a lot. They’ll eventually catch it. Billboards are really for people. The passengers are not for the driver. You know, the problem with drive with billboards now is that passengers are looking at their phones. They’re not planning up the road. So I didn’t want to actually get into that. But I think there is a place for broadcast, but even digitally. So that would be like display ads. But the thing is, I think it’s the way we were going is part of it is though you can become more targeted and targeted. Home insurance tulsa

So if you think about your sales funnel, the top is branding. You know, how do we find you? What is it that you do? And then as you move down to an evaluation and consideration phase, that’s where people want social proof. That’s where they’re going to start reading your reviews. That’s where they’re going to start doing that. And then they get down to the purchasing phase. The problem is 98% of advertising is spent on the bottom of the funnel. But the problem with that is if all you’re doing is the bottom of the funnel, like buy now, buy here. Here’s what you need. It’s priced. Then most people buy on price. That’s kind of what’s happening. So you don’t want to be caught buying on price. You want to buy people, find you before they need, you read those reviews, trust you. And then you go in and if they say, well, I found it cheaper.

You can say, look, you can go get it cheaper somewhere else. But in reality, do they have this benefit, this benefit and this benefit, are you going to be able to come find them later? Are you going to do these things? Are they going to take care of the product? Like we do all those other things that go beyond price, because right now you can buy anything anywhere. Like if I wanted a new car, I could get it from New York and probably even have it delivered here. And so it’s like, so there has to be something more than price. So that’s where the investment in the branding and the consideration evaluation phase helps you in the long run. Even though you may not see it in the short term.

Okay. So branding’s at the top of home insurance tulsa

Consideration. Evaluation is the middle. And then conversion is that the bottom, which is just the big dollar sign. And you can do all three of these, all three. Yeah.

The thing is obviously what we talked about. That’s the

Bigger picture. That’s the bigger picture. But I mean, the problem prob the weird thing is a lot of things can fit a lot of those. I mean, search be branding for all that matter. A lot of people don’t click on paper, click ads. So you could see them as branding to get your name out there. The more people see a PaperClick ad, they may not click on it, but they’re seeing it. So definitely you should be a part of all three and figuring out how my branding myself, how are people being able to consider and evaluate me? So as people are doing research, how can I be on those websites that people are doing the research on? So if they’re reading an article about this product or your products, how can you show up on there? Well, we can target people that are in the market for what you’re doing. Home insurance tulsa

So, um, if someone’s trying to buy a home, we know they’re trying to buy a home. If their home was on the market, we know because of their behaviors online, what they’re doing. And so we look at that and say, let’s find all the people in the market. So you mentioned a friend of ours put a dome over. So in the area that he was going to and the business that he had, high number of people who are recently moved would be a main target for him. So if we can tell if a person has recently moved, that’d be a target. Um, for that person. Um, also people with a certain age of kids was a target. Um, also I’m trying to think of other things that we put into that it’s been a while since I went up at this, those type of activities, like what I always try to think through, how does a customer find that thing that you’re, that you have?

So whether it’s insurance, a dental practice, I’m an urgent care clinic. I’m a sports bar. How are people making that decision? So I try to do some research on that and then also figure out, okay, how do I intersect their path? So it’s different for a restaurant. You gotta be in places that people are looking for searching for food, you know, but I can go, geo-fence all those other restaurants that are like that one it’s geo-fence, it’s just putting up a virtual fence around a place and anyone who walks in there, we try to serve an ad to their phone. Wow. How close do they have to be? Um, well it’s we try to set it up. So it’s actually the boundaries within, within a couple feet of the place. Cause we don’t want to get the person next door, you know? And so we try to do it within that establishment. Home insurance tulsa

We try to serve them an ad. You can’t serve everyone, an ad that walks into an establishment. Cause not everyone’s on their phone or not. Everyone’s, you know, on a site that you’re sending messages to. Um, and I don’t mean like it’s a text. I mean, it’s like when you’re on espn.com and you see an ad for something, you know, that’s someone’s bond. Someone says, yeah, um, it’s a display. Yeah, it’d be a display ad. But then when people leave that they can actually follow, we can follow them. So when they go back to their office, we continue to follow that phone. When they go home, we can follow that home. We can even reach their neighbors now that we know where they live. Now, we don’t know that Mark Morley lives at such such address. We know that hit his advertising ID number lives with his phone, which is this number at these things.

Again, not a phone number, it’s all, no names and everything, but that’s where we’re sending the ads to. Um, we even have a way of people who, you know, direct mails, big, you know, a lot of people like direct mail. I have a way that I can geo-fence individual addresses similar to high speed, the sports bar I could, I could do addresses. And then when people leave their home, I keep following them everywhere they go. And then also run that same person on Facebook and run those same things. So there’s a lot of ability to target people and continue to follow them because that’s what you kind of have to, you mentioned retargeting. People come to a website, 98% of people don’t do anything. The first time they get there. Oh, insure Oklahoma. Oh, this Oh, best buy. They don’t do anything that time. It takes them two weeks to actually do something. So you’re just going to let them go. Like if someone walked into your office or called you and said, I’m interested, would you just be like, give them a couple of weeks? Call me back. Yeah. So that’s part of the consideration part. So yes. So that, that reason

Probably you can do here’s the bottom I can call you and we can start branding tomorrow. You can do something. Yeah. Home insurance tulsa

Most everything we can get up and running within 24 hours

Consideration is a long,

It can be not necessarily

Let’s get the reviews, the testimonials your website has to be liked by.

Yeah. So there’s, there’s, it’s kind of like anything there’s stuff that you can be doing and there’s stuff that I can be doing. So you should have most people look at Facebook for reviews or on your website. You should have some form of getting reviews or also really pay close attention to your Google, my business page. If you don’t have a Google my business page and you’re letting Google control that information, you’re having a huge issue. So make sure that you go get a Google my business page.

And that is where you can put in the keyword.

Well, you can, you can do some keywords, but more than anything, Google my business. You put in your hours, you pin in what you do. You put in photos, you do, you do all kinds of things that way. And you can even track who’s coming to your website. Some that way it’s a little bit less intensive than, than Google analytics, but you definitely should have something set up on Google my business. Um, because then that’s where a lot of reviews go as well. Hmm. So I guess we’ll look at that after trying to find it, um, you can actually Google, Google my business and um, it should take you to a profile where you should be logged in or not. So it was my Mike Stone.

Yeah. We’re still on. We’re still running you your mic too.

Yeah. Do the managers now. Oh yeah. Sign in for your oops. Anyway, maybe we do this. Yeah, we’ll do this

Afterwards. Okay. Home insurance tulsa

My business is because you can control a lot of that because a lot of people we’re finding, they’re not going to web pages anymore. They’re doing 90% of what they’re doing on Google. So they look up your phone number, your Google business shows up, they look up your phone and look up your email to look up that stuff. People aren’t doing a lot of evaluation on your website. They’re doing it in places other people have talked about you. So that’s why you want to make sure that so, but that’s, that’s something you should, it’s almost like you have an electric bill. You should have SEO, you know, search engine optimization happening. You have a sign on the front of your door. You should have a sign wherever you are. Yeah. Yeah. And see there’s all your reviews and everything’s on there. So we can always log in and see, because you would definitely want to have control over it.

And then, um, as you do other things, you can get a lot of insight from it. So Google, my business is a big part of it. But what I’m talking about consideration and evaluation on my side of it is I’m still trying to drive that traffic back to your location, to your place, whether that’s a physical location, a website location, a social location, whatever those things are. So people are considering and evaluating while they’re on Facebook. You know, so someone’s looking at a product we find out they’re looking at the product. How do we follow them with an ad on social? Um, people are doing that on websites. So like, if I’m looking at what should I consider when I get home insurance? Here’s these nine things. Here’s an article on, you know, whatever.com I want to be there on those ads. So it’s, while they’re doing their consideration, you show up. So it may not be in the article, but it might be an ad for what you do. And just, it goes back to that same thing of putting it in their head top of mind. So when they actually Google home insurance, Tulsa, and they see insure Oklahoma, Oh, I’ve heard of them. I’ve seen that. I’ve heard that guy’s podcasts there. Home insurance tulsa

Interesting. Okay. So this is the past was just, we’re going to make her a nice jingle and put you on radio. This is the present. What’s the future look like? Um,

Well there’s a lot, you know, I think data is going to be a big thing in the future. Um, whoever owns that data. So right now Facebook Google, a lot of the big players use third party data. Well we’re seeing because of the 2016 election and how they use data. Facebook got reprimanded for selling their data to someone else. Google is still, you know, there’s all these things with third party data who owns their data. Um, and it’s kinda real nebulous to consider, like everyone talks about data, data, data, but I think that’s going to be the next step. Um, there’s companies like ad wallet out there. So you can actually tell them, here’s what I’m interested in. Send me these. And then you don’t have to worry about other people. You are controlling it. Um, Apple’s put out a lot right now making you believe whether it’s true or not, that this is a secure device. Home insurance tulsa

iPhone is going to be secure. People can get things from you. Even advertising is going to be secure. Well, Apple makes money off digital advertising. So they are going to do that, but it’s going to be under their control. So my thing is, if you own a business, you should have an app. You should have a rewards app. You should have some way of people emailing, contacting you doing some things through an app, because then you have data. You know, if there’s a restaurant group in town, we’ve talked on McNellie’s and I don’t know them. They don’t work with me. I don’t, I don’t have any affiliation with what they’re doing, but they have a rewards app. Every single of the restaurants has a rewards app. It’s great. I get rewards, you know, drink beer, get rewards. How great is that? But at the same time, they send me emails. Home insurance tulsa

They send me texts. They send me updates through the app. They are controlling their own data and reaching their own people that way. I think that’s part of the strategy. The hardest part for that is they have restaurants in Oklahoma city and Tulsa. They’re a big place. What is the guy who owns one little bar? Do what’s the person who owns one little company. Do I think that’s where you have to take control of things like Google my business and figure some of those things out. Um, so I think that’s probably the future is people owning their own data. I just don’t know what that exactly looks like. If I could figure that out, I could probably be the next Google, which you couldn’t be, which could be yep.

Could be okay. Are you ready for some lightning round questions? Sure.


Flats or dramatics

Flats or drum Mets. Is that what you just said?

Yeah. Which ones do you like the best? Home insurance tulsa

Um, what are the bones? Oh, I see. You’re saying, I don’t know.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I think the [inaudible] chicken

Easier to dunk them in the blue cheese. I always joke that my,

That was going to be next blue cheese or ranch. Ranch should be illegal for things

Because it’s not. And I would say that’s, I always joke that my reason for eating wings is so I can actually blue cheese. Cause I could eat that all day. I could do. Yeah. I like that too. It’s just an excuse.

Yeah, because otherwise it’s just a piece of lettuce. Yeah. Favorite junk food.

Uh, home insurance tulsa

Like, is that like conclude ice cream is junk food, ice cream.

I used to crave it. So like, if you let’s say FaceTime tonight, you have a bunch of ham. What are you gonna eat late?

Um, probably like my friend used to call it big and nasty. You just go to McDonald’s get a quarter pound or something like that. That’s probably perfect

Hangover food too. Yeah. Yeah. Right, right. Yeah. Okay. If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? Um, tiger came to mind

Does cause Daryl a basket lady, but yeah. I don’t know. Probably that sounds good. Tiger.

Did you ever go to Chicago Fest at soldier field or were you Navy pier?

Um, Navy pier, but I don’t know that I ever went. I don’t think my dad would ever let us go down. Oh, okay. Chicago Fest. Okay. Home insurance tulsa

Okay. Yeah. [inaudible] better than tastes too. Yeah, because Chicago Fest was all about the music. Yeah. Yeah. It was always the music. I was, I had a disagreement with some of my friends last night. They were, I’m recalling a memory when we saw it a cheap trick, Joe Walsh and teenage radiation on the same stage one day. And they were saying it was Navy pier. And I said, no, it was soldier field. Cause it was one time when they did it, we went to soldier field and they want to keep arguing with me all night, even though I looked it up and the only time they played together, it was at the soccer field. You know, what’s funny home insurance tulsa

About that is it’s funny that you had the conversation cause I’m walking downtown. This is one building. I come around the corner and it’s like the smell of concrete and wood. Like, so there’s construction going on. And it reminded me of our neighborhood in Wheaton in 1972, everything’s being built. And that you played in all those places we had built, it was like construction guys gone. That’s your playground. And I was like, I smell the smell of plywood and concrete and immediately takes me back there. And then all of a sudden it evolved with my brother and sisters into this thing about where the haunted houses were. And they were arguing about Noah. Was that Wheaton North side park? No, it was at the fairgrounds. I’m like, it could have been both that’s right. And that solved the, that solved the uh,

There’s no debate between soldier fields. Home insurance tulsa

Well, so you have Wikipedia to tell you the truth. Yeah,

That’s right. And I finally found it last night. Uh, your nickname growing up,

Uh, Madison is the one I can think of most. Uh, it’s odd because I went to medicine elementary school and I apparently wore a Madison blue sweatshirt with Madison written across it, um, all the time. And my uncle always just call me Madison. So I don’t know why, but that’s about the only nickname I had

The most unique, uh, lightning round question answer. I’ve gotten cake. If you could eliminate one state of the union, what would it be state in the union? Home insurance tulsa

Um, if I could eliminate a state in the union, I mean, I’m from Oklahoma. I just say Texas who needs it. They wouldn’t be their own country. Anyway. You can have them.

Yeah, it does get down to 28 baseball teams though. That’d be okay. Okay. Move one to eight one, no wall, city, Nashville. They could, they could travel over international. Yeah, we do. Now

In the world series happening actually in Texas this year. That’s what they’ve just agreed upon. I don’t know if you want that or not. Home insurance tulsa

They did it. We’re doing a bubble like some Florida, some Southern Cal.

No, I don’t think it’s any Florida. The first round is in their home ballpark and then maybe even the division is in the home, but then that, I think that’s right. But no, no, I think it is the other way around. They’re playing in San Diego, American leagues playing in San Diego and Los Angeles. And then the, um, AOL CS is that Dodger stadium and the NLS playing at Houston and Arlington all don’t. And then I think that’s the whole thing. If they have to have somewhere that they can make sure that they’re playing and they assumed San Diego and LA would be fine

Except for the spoke. Yeah. Right, right, right.

And so, so that’s where all of it. And then the NLCS and the world series are at Arlington. Cause they’re brand new stadium. I haven’t been there. Home insurance tulsa

Well, no, no. Beautiful. Yeah. Okay. I want to thank you for coming in. I think we’re over 7,000 words.

Yeah. We’re way over. I talked way too much. Okay. Sorry. No, that next time we did this for real. Yeah.

I appreciate it. I’ve kept you long enough. You’ve been here an hour now.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s good. Well, that was good.