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Okay. We’re going to talk about discounts on insurance. So they’ll be talking about today from our conference that was in Norman, Oklahoma. We learned about different discounts. If you want to find out more and you said a search form insurance Tulsa.


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we definitely have for the auto there’s probably more discounts in there is for home or certain. Every carrier’s today was on about a carrier called encompass. They have quite a few discounts and then there was no flaps on at home. So I hear it. A gated community given yet like 18.2% discount off your full pay and this down if you’re like easy pay. We’re going to discuss the mountain this down so I’m another sure. Exactly. I’ll have them look them up again.

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paint spree discounts or multi policy discount. Really some of the things free discount and this is one of those automatic ones. Most companies, most carriers offer this one and they offer it because the screen that how we proved that is what’s called a flue report. And uh, it’s, uh, this is a organization that supports data, frames of insurance companies report to, and it’s tied back eat. That’s a Carfax is I like for fats, but it’s, uh, it’s called the blue. Tulsa is no place to search for and find the find us. So you didn’t find out what, uh, maybe here three or four days on your house. I just get this clear report on, say you if it’s a claim and it’s not, it comes back clean, you’ll get a same screen discount.

It kind of works for the car. And also cars have this also and I to report. And the discount’s suicide. I remember him. This arrogance, a safety devices like burglary.

Buyer. It’s smoking Texas. If it’s hot, if it’s local, that’d be a smoke detector. A, they of course owns your house and a BB beeps inside the house. And then you have what’s, um, reports to a, like Adt, another, a reporting company. And they called, they may call you in or the cops, um, the police or the fire department depends on where, if it’s a boring, boring, um, or a fire. And if it’s a well known that was called direct and they pose right to the fire department or right to the police station and skips the middleman. So they will come right away. Rubber. It’s a fire. Where’s the Fire Department of come? If it’s a brain injury without your knowledge or your permission, we’ll be please.

Home Insurance. Tulsa.

So Mr beginning community and mentioned safety. Oh yeah. With most carriers now all of them. But most of them that we dealt with had was called I sat, um, early voting yes downs. Um, and that’s what the seven days prior to when you actually need the insurance was paid. Enforce the policy seven days prior and B when you need it.

Insurance companies like to reward, uh, responsible people and putting that far ahead. They can send me your responsibility. Well, insurance, Tulsa. Um, as for the other discounts there is, I don’t, on the auto, there’s accident three, I sent forgiveness. Well, if you’ve had an accident though, they won’t hurt you. It’s time of discipline on that part. Um, do you have a brand new car? Less than two years old and original owner. That’s another discounts.

Saved me life. For example, a lawn systems is another discount on your car vehicle Pasa. There is all park. There’s like a car jack and I don’t you take your key fob and you push lock and light lights up and the only way you can start your car is the key or a key fob and Tulsa insurance, home insurance. Tassa and um, there was uh, like blackjack, even some of the GMC cars, they have the zones not low. Jacqueline is kind of their version of onstar. They can locate your car insurance card down will get a better discount with in some companies, carriers. Now the other discounts and discounts and you can get, you get multi policy discount auto. You answered them this time also if you have an umbrella and a policy. But if you have, um, with honors you have this time with multiple five. Yeah. Yeah. More than one car. Um, you have a better, you actually get a better rate or a higher liability at Dean’s had 100, 300 liability prior to coming to like Tom face here. Sue, you’re going to get a better discount than you would if you came across with state minimums.

Home Insurance Pasa is the other discounts that I think we talked about early voting cards, mountain new far, we’ve talked about safety, another safety feature that we can discount one auto or antilock brakes. Um, some companies getting a discount or a daylight running lights.


we’re talking about the teenager most teenager in school now you did a good, even a discount for no grades. It’s called a good student discount. They’re going to be at, I think it has to be a B grade average and a B or better or a 3.0 and they also be qualified if they were just on the honor. Uh, like the principal’s honor roll. I’m just going to show proof of that. Um, and then there’s involved on long distance students. That’s what they gonna do. You get a discount for the child. I mean you want me to score anything over a hundred miles away, but did not take their car. You get a big discount for that. Full insurance. Tulsa. Uh, I did this house that I’m thinking of are,


Did we talked about if you’ve got a student or a child, that’s what they did. Defensive Driving Force before the age of 21. And um, they get a discount for a defensive driving course. Um, so she never, she’s never on her mass than aid wides. Um, paying full did Evan this towns, um, most every carrier will give you a discount for paying in full. Most of the stuff, most carriers will give you a just down for, um, W it’s their idea of what’s called easy pain. Um, we are make me dropping and chat and hear the mountain. I mean, he was here. I didn’t count every month. That’s a good, um, that’s another discount. We’ll pay EMT.

So this is, I’m thinking about asthma. Tarboro I’ll think of more the discounts, discounts and we need to call your level insurance agents, um, and ask about, uh, what is dance can get. Um, well do this counts, are you eligible for

Like been in this county, your home for in a pool. I think it’s either more discount if you had the mortgage company paid for it. So there’s a lot of this little bitty discounts here and there and they all add up. So she never underestimate what kind of discount can new dads and so always ask, no matter if you’re with us within sure you Oklahoma or with your current insurance agent, she that definitely ask them for their, what this can say offer if they offer anything. There’s some people that don’t offer anything. Some people offer for certain jobs a safeguard. If you were I think a teacher or in the fire department or police officer, they offer you a discount. It doesn’t show up that way, but there is a definitely a discount given. Um, you also get a discount on this. We know and sometimes, um, I went home. If you renew your home with them, there’s still gonna you’re going to discount. So it kind of keeps the, uh, replacing check. But now not totally being late. Do you have any questions in [inaudible], Oklahoma? And we’ll gladly answer any question you house.