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Well, I learned today about distracted driving, texting and driving is not only just texting, they to be the fact that you’re taking it on one hand off the steering well and rolling down here window looking for the Knob to roll the window up and down. Um, it’s eating. Eating is another distractive driving issue cause you gotta take your hands off the wheel, you’re going to concentrate on something else. Home Insurance Tulsa, taught. No. Um, I guess when we broke down at three get from nine categories, I tagged him. Um, your thoughts and again, I’m not thinking about the actual driving. We can think about, um, what we’re, why we let four lights, one of the consequences. What are we going to do next? Like for example, if you’ve got to look that you have, he had to find a quote for insurance, you would have to do, you have to look up home insurance. I’m tall. So,

and um, that’s been something that will distract you from thinking about natural driving. Driving is definitely a takes a lot more than just, you know, the emotional pushing that your foot on the pedal steering, turn this dating well and moving forward or backwards. You’re getting the breaks. You got to pay attention to people around you and uh, the objects around them. And they said, you mean like people talking about, uh, uh, sitting on the wheel and that’s why they’re disruptive. Kind of driving the entire, does your title find and stay away? I’m trying to say. Talking to men who are away is definitely, I’m a member, a distracted driving onsets. Home Insurance Tulsa, as for he will talking on the phone and thinking about the conversation versus the, uh, whether you know, in the right lane if they missed their turn, um, how fast they’re going, uh, by looking at, and this then there is

Merson with your cell phone messing with real radio. I mean, honestly, just looking down for a couple of stocks in Cigna eyes off the road. Um, let’s say five seconds and you’re traveling at 60 miles an hour. You can go off book off the that five seconds. So if we look down for five seconds and someone stops or something gets in the road, you’re not gonna have time to stop and a proper amount of time to stop. So like I said, you want to make sure you get the right insurance and make you, uh, look, we’re home Tulsa, so you can definitely, um, worrying about this, worrying about something you’d be distracted. I’m talking hinged screen here, not thinking about the driving your thinking about the conversation and thinking about the conversation. You may not bring your attention or is the road, it’s like daydreaming and all assets.

And so then texting, um, that’s sounding like a lot of people. A lot of people are getting hurt because of texting and driving and look down and I paid attention. It was in front of them. Again, if you take that five seconds and then look away and that’s a football field, 50, 60 miles an hour. And there’s a lot can happen in that, um, in that time at 50 miles an hour, I think he thinks about it takes about a football field. Realize that you need to stop realizing it’s not realized and actually perform the actual stop it. Take it to come to complete, stop from $16 an hour. So you’re definitely going to have your hands full when you’re thinking about different aspects. Uh, distracted driving. Now we have the teenagers these days are doing more distracted, driving even more, uh, taking pictures, right? They’re driving.

Um, I’d never done that myself, but I think people nice to me, dawn or like they’re in a pregnant second graders, put their makeup on. Um, but anyway, going back to, uh, to at every 10 people are taking pictures while they’re driving. It could be southeast. You can be pictures of landscape and ninth grade picture taking pictures of the moon. Home Insurance Tulsa, so why they’re doing that. They’re taking a bit of focus ray off, uh, the, the road or the acid back. You’re driving home insurance to Tulsa would be a good place to find some good insurance and we will educate you about distracted driving. And, uh, we, we talk about, uh, educating you about why you should not do that. Why, why you should not be distracted driving cause of it. It’s, it’s becoming a big thing. I mean they say it’s fatalities are like 90,000 people like you know, 40,000 people a year are dying because of distracted driving. Uh, when I grew up in distracted driving wise and call and say you couldn’t make it fun playing with the radio meeting and now we were felt like tronics in there with the electronics people are Facebook live. They’re doing that. They’re watching small videos, read their emails, some people around the office, out of their farms. So they think they have to check their emails all the time. Home Insurance, 1207

by now. There are several things you can do. Even talking on the phone. Is there a second? So there’s some ways that we can educate and talk about why we should not do that. And that is when you make phone calls, you should make him, I can get in the car and make your phone calls before you even start the car up or if it’s cold and let the car warm up.

And, um, they all your emails and carrying with phone calls taken care of, um, drive.

If the phone rings. I mean, you could also change your message is saying that I’m unable to make it to the phone or I’m driving and I find actually the phone line talking on the phone line, Brian is dangerous. So you measure none of the people know and want to live in the message and you’re just not ignore them and they’re taking them. You’re taking responsibility, home insurance and Tulsa.

And, uh, so

we spent million teenagers. You want to talk about this before anyone talks about all you said have a plan, not the answer. The phone as apparently she didn’t call them. Why they’re driving. You shouldn’t ask them why they’re driving.


That’s it for teenagers. I swear the texting, you should have the sound from off. Even the vibrations are not why they’re driving. So when they get to the stop, they didn’t check and talks to me and then they go all of them instead of worrying about who texted them, why are they texted them and how fascinating to get back with them.

Um, uh,

or mom insurance tossa is a good place to look for insurance to find out my education from an agent, an independent agent to a then a great quote on insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa, I learned a lot about from encompass today to how super bents or educate the client to keep from being distracted. But let’s try to dive in and said, there’s, hasn’t, I just been texting. It doesn’t mean just then the phone, it’s just not getting 100% to the road looking worried about how fast you’re going to be distracting. Home Insurance Tulsa, if you were in the wrong kind of shoes or what about from slipping off and petals? It’s another kind of describes him. So when you’re driving, you should wear comfortable shoes. We shared, we wear comfortable clothes, word. She didn’t have any other worries and stuff for him. One A to point B, getting there safely.


When you get there safely and she’d be very grateful


passes on to other people. Don’t be afraid that, you know, teach for a state and the people.

Um, so

that is not all I have for, Home Insurance Tulsa, on the Scotch and driving. Uh, do you have any more questions? Oh, look up here. Lovely. An insurance agent and she, Oklahoma is a good place to find out, uh, a independent agents. And they gave me some great information, not just on floats by, uh, insurance and your insurance needs. We didn’t want to just auto home and life also. Um, we made sure that we do like assessments of ’em. I, you, what you are worth and when we make sure we take the car out there, like you guys have a great day.