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Okay, podcast one, 28, ensure you Oklahoma. We are the best. We’re not the cheapest, we’re not the dollar general or not Walmart, but we can be cheap. We can’t have low cost insurance or we strive to quality insurance, quality insurance, quality coverage, and a great price translates to value at capital d, a l u e value and isn’t that where you really want from your insurance agents? So give the guys a call today at nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And we will get to help. Home Insurance Tulsa you straightaway. We’re not a bank, we’re not a used car dealership or a furniture store. We do one thing. We do one thing great. Provide good insurance coverage for people. Right? Today we want to talk about a few different things. Of course we’re going to talk about home insurance, salsa, but that’s just going to be part of it.

Today we want to talk about auto accidents. What happens if you’re in a car accident? Well, technically what you do when you buy insurance is you are paying an insurance company to take your place when you are liable for an act. And so what happens is the two cars get into a car accident that they will, uh, the claims adjusters from each place we’ll get together and after examining the claim or the accident, they will determine fault and they will determine who is at which. It could be 60, 40, 2010, could be anything, it’d be 80 slash 20, 90 10, whatever. But chances are, if you are an accident, both parties are somewhat at fault. Now, if you’re hit by a drunk driver, Home Insurance Tulsa you’re probably not at fault, but if you go to turn left and turn left across the intersection and someone hits you because you didn’t give them enough space for your false because the car coming at you is that fault because they didn’t stop in time and they weren’t.

Maybe they couldn’t put their still a little I fault. It’s your fault because you thought you had enough room but you didn’t. You hit the brakes instead of the gaps. And right in the middle of the intersection, you stopped and they hit will you both be at fault somewhat now, not to me, Home Insurance Tulsa that’s going to affect both of your race, but your insurance company may pay a little bit and that well, uh, might affect your race and might not. You never know. And as a matter of fact, now even comprehensive claims which could be a win, hail, fire, theft, vandalism of your vehicle is affecting rates when it comes to progressive. I guess what they take, what they say is people who have comprehensive rates will probably have a fault accident sometimes.

So anyway, any accident can affect your rates. Okay? But that said, let’s talk about accidents that aren’t your fault. What exit would not be your fault? There’s one, there’s one accident where it’s 100 percent blame on the other person. And that is if you’re rear ended. And I don’t mean we rented a good way, you know what I’m talking about. I mean, in a bad way, if you’re rear ended, someone hits you, that means that they were following too close and they didn’t leave enough space to break or they didn’t swerve out of the way. Now, Home Insurance Tulsa of course with a home insurance claim, you don’t have to determine fault, although they’ll want to figure out like it was a fire how it started because they want to fix that. But if you’re rerender it prints the other person wasn’t paying attention. Now what I’m going to talk about for a minute is going to be pure speculation.

Uh, I think we have more rear-ending claims today and we had 10 years ago with the advent of texting and people texting and driving, and you already know my opinion about fat. People who smoked, texting and driving, but Haney guess difference in their car. But, uh, about two or three years ago, I was right behind a car and the person in front of them, but on the grapes to turn left. And the other person slammed right into a hit. Their brakes slammed into them and rear ended up. And although I didn’t see it, the driver was obviously distracted by something. For the sake of argument, this argument, I’m gonna my conjecture is going to be that it was texting and driving and it was 100 percent that person’s fault. Now this poor girl had an arby’s uniform on I believe, and uh, she got out and her back and her neck hurt. And I bet this guy in this truck slammed into her. Home Insurance Tulsa I hit her heart and her foot was on the brake. What could have happened is she took her foot off the brake and could have been pushed into other oncoming traffic and it could have been even worse and it all, 100 percent would have been the guys fault who is texting and driving and rear end. Um, so his liability coverage is going to cover her car, her medical payments, her lost wages.

If another car had come and hit her head on and on coming traffic, it wouldn’t have covered that person’s car. That person’s increased, that person’s lost wages would’ve covered everything. Now what if he wasn’t insured? What? We have like one in five drivers in Oklahoma. Well then her uninsured motorist coverage would kick in and would pay her whatever the coverage was. So, uh, your, her uninsured motorist coverage would not cover her car, unfortunately, it’s just for liability, but it would cause a cover. Medical could be paid in suffering. How about this? It could be pain and suffering of her husband who had to be out of work to help her recover. It could’ve covered his lost wages and his pain and suffering all because some idiot didn’t have liability insurance. But that’s the sad state of affairs in that no column, but almost anywhere. So unlike Home Insurance Tulsa liability gets tricky when it comes to a vehicle insurance and car insurance, home insurance.

Also, if someone’s hurt on your property, it’s probably they’re probably going to be paid even if they weren’t invited on your property and they were damaged because of an attractive nuisance of a swimming pool. Horses, jungle, gym, trampoline, whatever might be chance. Try The insurance companies just going to pay because they got hurt on your property. Not True in an auto policy and an auto accident, actually, if someone does get rear ended that we know whose fault it is, if someone can’t understand normal thinking and they are pulling out in front of someone and it is somewhat someone’s fault, then blame will be assigned to both drivers and uh, but you know, and home insurance, Tulsa, there’s a claim which is usually paid. Someone doesn’t have to be sick or hurt as, as result of your negligence. It could trip and fall on your property and it’s first the medical payments will pay. Home Insurance Tulsa then secondly, the liability will pay if you’re liable somehow. And you could be, you never know, you know, you get a sympathetic jury and you never know what they’re going to decide for you and for the climate, but they’re actually suing you, chewing your insurance company for the coverage that you’ve paid them for, for what you have.

And you might not like a settlement. It might not be. You might think that the other person doesn’t deserve any money, but they, but the client, the claims adjusters decides if they do, that’s their prerogative. Unfortunately, you don’t really have a say in it because you have paid the insurance company to assume your liability when you pay them a premium payment and that’s how that works and that’s all I have to say about that. So for the best and the home insurance call center calling. Home Insurance Tulsa Sure you Oklahoma. We will be happy to help whenever we can, as fast as we can and if we can get you a quote in an hour, we’ll pay about that. You give us a call Monday through Friday, nine to 5:00 PM, not 9:00 PM, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We don’t get a quote back in an hour. We’ll give you 100 bucks. How about that? All right. Give us a call.