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Alright, a podcast 1:22 and the only reason we’re doing 20, 22 so quickly is because uh, one slash 21, uh, trying to hang in there wasn’t a good conclusion to it. So we’re going to continue. I’m continuing to follow this woman in front of me. That text and drive has a bluetooth thing in her ear is smoking in a handicap sticker and liberty, she’s not a slow driver, which I thought would be because you add all those together and we have a slow driver but what’s worse, Home Insurance Tulsa she texting and driving or talking about our Bluetooth and driving and it’s driving a crappy little car and has the handicap thing hanging in there. And uh, I’m just saying I’m neither here nor there. She just might be a little wet. Oh, okay. She’s turning left labs and going to the Pizza Hut. I don’t know why it’s only 10:00 in the morning.

Maybe she works there and she has, I forgot to tell you when she’s texting, she has her phone on one of these little things that like suction cups. So she has access. Can always look at her phone. Yeah, that’s a good idea for someone like her always looking at, looking at her phone. She’s probably a, a high flying a stock broker from New York. It needs to get on information immediately and that’s why she has her phone up there. So it’s always, you know, it’s always right there. So any message she gets home, Home Insurance Tulsa she’s going to be right on it. And um, and it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be a, you know, she’s probably saving hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars by getting right on those text because she’s that important.

Anyway. I hate people who, uh, have this inflated sense of self importance. I don’t, but you know, you get people that’ll do the, do you know who I am cramped to someone or I’m going to have your job or the people that talked to people about, you know, talk down to people, waiters, waitresses, hotel staff, whatever it is. They talk down to them because they think they’re better than that. I just can’t stand those people. I know one guy, he and his wife and they’re just rude to people. Home Insurance Tulsa then these two are idiots, you know, all they do is want something for nothing. Why don’t want money for nothing. Why Trotsky for nothing? Want spiffs for nothing. I mean one time they were. We were at a hotel because we worked for the same company and these idiots got locked out on their balcony because they want to go out there and smoke.

See it gets back to smoking cigarettes. Cigars is fine. Weeds, fine, whatever, but smoking cigarettes. Home Insurance Tulsa there was a big sign that says, don’t let the door close behind you because you’ll get locked out. Well, they got locked out. And then when they finally got let back in by the manager, they demanded something. What are you going to do for us? What is their fault? You’re stupid and I just can’t stand those kinds of people. And now I’m behind a Hyundai Elantra, another handicap tag from the rear view mirror and smoking. I’m telling you, smoking has a lot to do with being handicapped.

I’m telling you, these guys

is not doing well on the Ryder Cup are falling apart. Smoking handicap. You know when people’s skin looks like they smoke, that’s terrible. That’s what that Dr Ford yesterday in the hearings in the Senate, you can tell him she smiled when she did something. She’s a smoke. Now you want to smoke? That’s your own business. I don’t care. Doesn’t affect me. And you know what, I think we should encourage people to smoke because then people die early and smokers are usually a little fatter. So they’ll die earlier and we won’t have the problem with Medicare or Medicaid because they’re just dead. I don’t buy the don’t buy the uh, uh, smokers cost us a bunch of money. I don’t think they do. I think they die. And a dead people dead. People tell no tales that did pennies from heaven. Um, but anyway, that’s all I have to say about that to people smoking with handicap stickers in their crappy little cars on the way to the office today. And we all know that they probably either have crappy insurance or no insurance at all. They didn’t call. Sure you Oklahoma. Home Insurance Tulsa I will also tell you this, I wonder if they have home insurance Tulsa or if there’s writers, I’m betting their renters and they have no home insurance. Tulsa there said it twice and I’ve got a mark that down.

Let me back into the spot here first and then I’ll finish this podcast. So anyway, smokers with handicap stickers don’t have good auto insurance and they don’t have home insurance. Tulsa. So for the best insurance, uh, you know, call us. We also have companies that ask if you smoke, why do you think that is for your auto insurance and can be smoke, not for your home insurance where you could and fall asleep and get your house on fire. No, this is a auto insurance to ask him to smoke. And the reason is smokers are bad drivers. They’re doing something else with their hands. They’re concentrating on something else. They’re worried more about smoking and driving and they have an oral fixation, which if it’s a woman, Home Insurance Tulsa I guess her husband might like that, but the fact is a smokers are bad drivers. And, uh, you need to stop smoking if you’re driving now, if you don’t drive, smoke all you want, I don’t care.

It’s going to kill you. You’re going to die early. And uh, you pay more for life insurance. And, um, uh, the fact is, I think you’re saying this money, I think it’s bs people. You don’t see a 70 year old smoking. You don’t see a fat 70 year olds. So fat people should smoke and smokers should get fat because it’s just calling of the herd and just making us all better. It’s survival of the fittest, you know, why should those who take care of themselves pay for those who don’t? We shouldn’t, we should encourage the bad behavior. So Home Insurance Tulsa you die young and early and uh, you’re also screwing up the mortality tables for life insurance. We may pay more for life insurance, but with a screwed up mortality insurance, you will be more likely to have to die early. And then the mortality rates will actually make a annuity payout.

It’s better for those of us who don’t smoke and we’re not fat. Well, I’m not saying I’m not fat, but I do have Home Insurance Tulsa and uh, I might like an annuity because the payouts will be higher because you’ve had people smoking. And what’s even worse is the fat people smoking, driving with handicap sticker. See, because of the smoke, everything’s bad, everything’s wrong. You have bad heart, you have bad lungs, you’re ben circulation. You don’t get up and exercise because of that, because we out of breath and you die, you’re more likely cancer. You’re more likely in heart disease are more likely to get diabetes because you’re also fat. We know that. We all know you’re so anyway, the whole point is, uh, we want to make sure that smokers are fat and fat people smoke and that will be better for our whole society.

It will also cut down on bad driving because they won’t live as well or just be less bad drivers on the road. So when it comes to a home insurance Tulsa, you sure you called the guys, insure you Oklahoma, go to the shirt, you Oklahoma.com. And we’ll see what separates us from the others. Call the rest for get to that. No, forget the rest. Call the best. Yeah, that’s what we want you to do. Unless you’re a fat smoker, then call state farm. All state farm farmers country or all state. One of the companies that, uh, you know, capital guys and they’ll do anything to get you. But the point is we want good drivers who don’t text and drive, they don’t smoke and drive. They don’t have handicaps that we want people to pay attention to the road, know what they’re doing, and, uh, will live to a ripe old age.

The fact is, the average preferred auto insurance customer has an at fault claim every 27 years. That’s not true with fat smokers. Home Insurance Tulsa That texts when they’re driving, they have claims all the time. Of course, it’s never their fault. We always like to hear why it’s not their fault. But anyway, if you want auto insurance and you’re fat, you smoke and you text and drive, please call someone else. If you’re a good driver with good driving history, maybe nice car, nice job. You don’t smoke, you don’t text and drive a then please call us at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One a. This has been podcast one slash 22 and we’re signing off now. We won’t have to continue this later. I think you all get my point.