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Alright, uh, ensure you Oklahoma, all original content podcast number one, three, seven, one, three, six in the cam. We’re working on one, three, seven today and right now I’m driving by some bad drivers and bad old minivan. I don’t know what’s going on with them, but let’s face it, Home Insurance Tulsa if you drive an old minivan, you’re not a good driver. Uh, except for my niece jeanette just got a 2002 when Sar be at college. I’m not sure why. I think my brother must be punishing her for something I don’t know. But the good news is about driving a windstar minivan like that is that you are unlikely to get a ticket because of probably can’t go too fast. Now, let me give you an example of what happened if you have a ticket. So new client, single woman, just buying your first house,

but we’re having trouble getting her insurance for the cost because she has a ticket on her record of going 21 miles over the limit. What does that have to do with home insurance? Tulsa? Oh, well, good question. A lot of companies are trying to figure out that people who have good driving record and no claims, Home Insurance Tulsa, it’s a turn lane buddy. You can pull into it and then turn. There you go. Good boy. A lot of companies are figuring out that if you have a good driving record and don’t turn in claims for your auto insurance, are you also not have a lot of claims on your home insurance? Tulsa. So there’s 21 miles over the limit. Raised her insurance about $400 a year. I’m trying to get a great price for her. Uh, but it’s getting harder and harder and I can save them money on your auto insurance or home insurance.

Tulsa is quite a bit higher and I’m still gonna have to do more work for that today. It’s getting down to where she’s going to be closing soon. We just placed the road. Good policy with mercury again. It came back a little higher than expected. And that what is what two more minivans with their heads are done. Thriving slow. Oh, that one had a flat tire. Anyway, my point back to Home Insurance Tulsa talk is that your auto insurer, auto driving record can and will affect your home Tulsa premium. So if you get a ticket call a lawyer, you know, if a lawyer charges a couple of hundred bucks to make phone call to get you out of a ticket while a, it’s worth it. It’s cheaper. Home Insurance Tulsa I got pulled over in Jenks, Oklahoma not too long ago and they, uh, and I think what happened was, and I’m talking about on this podcast before, I don’t see any reason for a, a green arrow.

Well, Green Arrows, fine, red Arrow, not fine. If the light to go straight is green, why would the arrow ever be anything but green or yellow? Why would it be read? If there’s no one coming toward you and you have a red Arrow wife, shouldn’t you be able to go? It doesn’t make sense for, for Red Arrows. I don’t think people were getting killed left and right because they’re pulling into oncoming traffic. It’s just one more way of trying to control you were stupid traffics. So anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa what I do is I pull up to the red arrows when the other light is green and I go right through them at first, made sure there’s not a cop there and I go right through them because they’re stupid. They don’t make no sense. It’s my own civil disobedience. So my point is I did that one time, here’s the flashing yellow.

So I did that one time and I got pulled over and the cop said, well let me. And I say I played dumb like Oh, it’s just looking at the yellow light. I don’t know what was happening. And so I played dumb to the cop and the cop was, well let me check your records. You have any tickets in a while, then I’ll just write your warning and it came back to a head and had a ticket since 2013 and he said, okay, you’re good to go. Just pay attention next time and don’t do that again. Okay. Officer tip of the cap to you. But I had, I’ve had quite a few tickets since then, but I have an attorney that makes calls for me and I paid for the tickets and they’re just not on my record. Home Insurance Tulsa I’m not a bad driver, I just do what I want.

So anyway, my driving record is clear. My wife’s not because she’s a bad driver, but anyway, that’s neither here nor there and I’m not even sure what either here nor there means. But my point is I have a good driving record even though I’ve been pulled over and pay an attorney to make phone calls for me and then it’s not on my record so it doesn’t affect my home insurance. So if it doesn’t affect it, I’m getting a better rate just because I’ve had an attorney makes you phone calls. So that gets back to my point if you are going to, Home Insurance Tulsa, if you’re going to get tickets and we all do because people go to a police academy to sit on the side of the road and take radar and write tickets. Right? So they went for not to stop crime, not to protect, to serve, but to be chicken shit tax collectors and why you it bother me in my car that is made to drive, you know, 80 or 90.

But we have antiquated speed limit laws because bad drivers anyway, if you’re going to pick up that you need to call your attorney, he can call the city or the municipality and believe me, it’s the municipality doesn’t care about something going to record. All they want is the money. Look at this idiot just ran across the road right in front of me and there was a truck to my left. It could. I didn’t see him. Could have been blinded. Anyway. Again, back to my point, if you get the Eq, Home Insurance Tulsa if you get the ticket, then you need to call the cops to get out of the ticket. See what happens in Oklahoma is they don’t dismiss the ticket. They just reduced it down to a one to 10 over, which doesn’t go on your driving record and then you pay the ticket plus some court costs and it’s done.

Your rec. I guess I’m the only one that knows to do that, but everyone should know to do that. It’s ridiculous that you don’t. So if you. My point is if you’re gonna get a ticket, do you really want it affecting your insurance? Like because girls insurances, uh, it’s getting ridiculous that her 21 miles plus over and I didn’t even see how fast it just said is actually preventing, not preventing her, but it is an obstacle to her getting a mortgage and closing on this home, which is a shame. She’s a nice girl. Everyone wants the American dream of owning a home, renting that bad, you know, you know what’s great about renting. No maintenance costs, no emergencies. Home Insurance Tulsa I’m going to install it all goes to the landlord. And uh, so you know, if you want to buy a home, here’s my advice, make sure you get 20 percent down and make sure you have money and you are willing to work every weekend and upkeep of the house and you’re prepared for stuff that will go wrong because it will go wrong. Your hot water heater is going to go out your furnace or air conditioner out the motor on the furnace. I’m replacing motor on the first today. No idea how much it’s gonna.

You’re taking this go wrong. Something happens with the pool. You have to regrout something. I mean, it’s always something and then something big will happen and you just have to be prepared for it, but that is home ownership and that’s what happens when you have a home and of course you have to insure it for the guys that ensure you Oklahoma come in and I’m talking about guys, you know their stuff, they’re good at what they do. They are strong independent agency and they specialize in white glove service for their clients and that’s ensure you oklahoma.com or nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero, or four, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero, one. Home Insurance Tulsa Any of those ways you can get ahold of us or you can email info and ensure you oklahoma.com. All right, exit for this podcast.