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Welcome to the next installment of the insure you Oklahoma podcast. It is June first 2018 on a beautiful day in Tulsa, and we’re going to talk today about Home Insurance Tulsa uh, from the good people over and ensure you Oklahoma and 101st street in Tulsa. We also have a location in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. A phone number for either occasion is nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And we are bought. We’re at both appointments during business hours are booked locations during business hours or by appointment or worse by phone, text, or email. So give us call, ensure you Oklahoma, and one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero. And they stopped at home. Insurance. Call. I’m home. Insurance in Tulsa is important because if you have a mortgage, your mortgage company requires that you carry home insurance. They want to make sure that their investment is covered in case something should happen.

And what are the largest thing isn’t going to happen to a home in Oklahoma is a rough class, whether it’s hail, high winds or tornado, combination of Hale. And I win. And if you look around and tell us stuff, for some reason, we have some of the largest rooks are architecture creates these huge roof line in Oklahoma, not necessarily the, uh, older homes, but the newer homes have these giant roof line and try and expansive Rooks, uh, architecture in Oklahoma provide for this. I don’t know why it’s bigger than a lot of places in the country, but also homes have become larger and there were just a lot of square footage. So when you looked for your Home Insurance Tulsa to also make sure that, that feels rough of yours is built properly to begin with. Hopefully it was a nice 30 year shingle or was one of the new hail resistant shingles or even nowadays is greater.

These metal rust might not like the look of it, but it don’t stand up for a lot longer than asphalt shingles and save me a lot of time and money and could even get your discount on your home insurance also. So on these huge referral exposed to wind and hail and tornadoes and whatever else could happen to a rough. You want to make sure that your home insurance as proper coverage and the way to do this is to us talking to your insurance professional and ensure you Oklahoma Nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero a call for an appointment and sit down with your insurance professional and make sure your Home Insurance Tulsa auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, boat insurance, life insurance is all working together in one holistic humming operation so you didn’t have any overlaps and coverage, but even more importantly that you don’t have any holes in your program.

If you have a hole in your program and its claim time and you aren’t covered, you’re going to be awfully upset that you spent all this money on insurance, but something not covered. We ensure the things that we can’t afford to lose. We have warranties for maintenance, but the definition of insurances, that claim wouldn’t happen very often, but if it did, it would wipe you out. So what you’re doing is you’re transferring that risk from you to the insurance company for a price and that price is the premium that you pay because you can’t. You couldn’t insure everything, but it would cost everything had we have to make choices and insurance and we insure everything and spent unfortunate or do we ensure those things that are most likely to white per se. So the smaller claims I would say in smaller claim in $2,500 or less are the kind of claims you want to not claim yourself.

Usually a lot of these are low material, high maintenance costs and oftentimes homeowners can do themselves. So want to make sure we have. Well, I need clay on the policy. I did not. Flow means lower premium mean happier clients and Happier Insurance Company left plain. And when they do happen, they’re large claims and you’re happy that you have that coverage. For instance, if you’re rough got totaled by hail and 15, 18,000 number rough and it wasn’t covered, that would really hurt and that could be a few years of savings for most families. But if you had a 15 to $18,000 rough and you’re at a $2,500 and Dr Ball for $2,500 might feel great, might not feel great, but insurance a lot better than 12 to 15 to $18,000. But the insurance company pick up the big one. You pick up the small one, you pay as you go with your own insurance tall some premium.

Uh, this will also most people escrow their insurance premiums and this would help. Most people keep their monthly expenses lower because you have a lower insurance cost when added to your mortgage. It just helps for monthly budget. So the home insurance policy premium is important. Or what’s more important is the Home Insurance Tulsa Coverage, right? And make sure we have the right coverage in the right place at the right time. And that, that claim time, last thing we need to do is pay a bunch of a bunch of insurance. And if something not covered, like if you are expecting your home insurance policy to cover you for flood, you’re sadly mistaken because it will not in 18, 68, president Johnson and his great society movement took home insurance away from private insurance companies and took over by the federal government. This means that everyone who has home insurance is subsidizing those who have home insurance and flood plains are flood prone area.

But because it’s the government running x, it doesn’t have to turn a profit because the government running probably won’t turn a profit and you can’t be denied coverage. Tell when you get her insurance policy, uh, you want to make sure that you do it more than 30 days in advance of the storm because once you get flood insurance does not cover you until the day. How do you know if you’re going to be 30 days out from the storm? Well, you don’t. You never. I mean, how can you predict it? Thirty days out, you can’t. So that’s why you need to make sure your flood insurance you need in place before the storm started happening and start forming again. Your Home Insurance Tulsa policy does not cover flood, but a flood policy from a federally subsidized company will cover it. Also, your Home Insurance Tulsa policy does not cover earthquake unless you add it.

You sure you had earthquake coverage, you just kind of coverage. You want a. If you have a brick home, you definitely want to encouraged and you get more damage can occur from an earthquake. You’re probably not going to get much damage on a frame home from a smaller earthquakes. So we have in Oklahoma, but still just know that your home insurance policy does not cover earthquake coverage. You’ve got to pay a little more for it. Make sure you have it. Also, if you have expensive jewelry, you want to make sure that’s covered. If you have a gun collection, you want to make sure that I’ve covered these things, will have minimal coverage on a home insurance policy. Um, but not to worry, you can add a writer or a floater and get to the covered. Oh, so let’s talk about new homes versus homes. Newer homes are going to have lower premiums on their Home Insurance Tulsa.

Then older homes. Will it just it just easier and when it comes claim, trying to usually less damage to a newer home. The older home, a older home, I started to make sure it kept up with the codes. City codes, so when you’re getting your home insurance policy or policy, you might want to make sure that there is a coverage for code because if between the tiger houses built at claim time, there’s new codes that require a home to be built back a certain way. Your home insurance, you buy insurance to rebuild your home to what it is today, not what it should be based on the new building codes of your city. So you want to make sure your home insurance policy policy covers you for the upgraded home. That needs to be not just the home that are today. So for the proper home insurance and coverage, call your agent and ensure you Oklahoma nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one, zero, zero. Make sure that the home insurance policy you have today is what you need, x time of claim, and we’ll talk to you again soon and we will cover more about Home Insurance Tulsa taught her and next podcast. Have a great day.