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Alright, hi, the cad number 112, uh, for optimizing Seo and my wife doesn’t feel worse, but got our first call from someone who searched us and our original podcast today brought to you by encompass insurance company. They are going to help us serve and sell our client’s home insurance. There are a company that’s actually owned by allstate. They really have a specialty product for people that insure their auto home and umbrella together, big discounts and a really a superior product with additional coverage. And maybe your average barebones doesn’t hate so encompass insurance. Just one more way that we are helping our clients with Home Insurance Tulsa, we are also growing. We’re a growing agency bringing on New People. Uh, are you tired of being a captive agent with your benchmarks and your quotas and everything to sell life insurance and disability insurance? You know, it’s hard enough getting to know one line of business, one kind of business, let alone two, three or four that they make you do and force you to, uh, force you to be that journalists Asian.

Then you’re not good at any of them. Then here’s what usually happens when you’re forced to sell all these other products. You’re pc book a falls and you’re not getting the growth out of it because you’re not focused on whenever you focus on will grow. Whatever you measure improves. So if you focus and measure on pc book growth, you are going to grow. Pc Book. An FPC book is what’s going to create your wealth. Now, if you don’t focus on it, if you try to focus on life health, long term care investments and property casualty insurance, you’re, you have no focus. You’re sure to spread out, you won’t be successful. So for those of you in those captive agents who wants something better, want to build something better for yourself, then ensure you. Oklahoma is where you should make sure you will Home Insurance Tulsa provide you a place, an independent agency with both carriers and highest paid straight commission.

That sound good? Yeah, it sounds good. So if you have an office, a captive office, and first of all, why would you even want to be. Have a job that is called captain. Give us a call at nine. One, eight, three, two, seven, one zero, zero or four, oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And let’s see if a partnership doesn’t make sense and you hang your shingle under insure you, Oklahoma. You let us do the search engine optimization and the branding for our company and you enjoy and reap the benefits. That’s our job to keep the relationship with these carriers. It’s our job to provide you the best carriers that we can. All a frustrated good companies that aren’t fly by night or substandard companies have some standard business. If you want to run some fucking shop, you go ahead and do it Home Insurance Tulsa.

I’m telling Ya, it’s not a longterm recipe for success. It’s a longterm recipe for failure and uh, and M and spinning your wheels and busy work. If they’re not that kind of business you want, it’s the kind of business that pays and leaves and you have chargebacks. You don’t make as much money and they’d come back in because they got pinched by the Popo and now you, Home Insurance Tulsa they need insurance again. And it’s the same thing over and over and over. Yeah, you clicked a little cash from these people, but I’m telling you, they’ll never have home insurance to. They’re fly by night. The people they’re not people you want to do business with, so if you want to build a preferred agency with preferred clientele, with a plus rated companies, then calling sure you Oklahoma or check out our website and ensure you oklahoma.com and that’s the letter U. Not while we do provide companies liked encompass progressive mercury, Safeco and even all the things we can.

We can write through travelers and metlife. They don’t seem to have much of a market right now. They’re not trying to grow in Oklahoma at that time, but we will always have appointments with companies that do want to grow and the Tulsa area that might be mercury and all state in Oklahoma City. Home Insurance Tulsa That might be a allstate and Safeco, but we will always have room for you to grow your home insurance. Tulsa Book of business. So if you’re tired of being captive, if you’re tired of your company advertising its brand and not trying to drive you business. If you are tired of your agency manager coming in saying you didn’t sell Xyz product this month, can you start to say, well, I don’t have any. Didn’t meet anyone that needed xyz product, that doesn’t matter, jam it down their throat. Really, I mean there are actually working for a company that’s going to tell you to continue to sell something that maybe your clients don’t need or can’t afford. You know, to tell you the truth, I’m a certified financial planner. There are very few people that need whole life insurance. Your insurance company’s going to tell you that everyone needs for life insurance. Well, you know what? They have other things you need to save for college education, retirement, pay off a car. Home Insurance Tulsa There’s a lot of things they need to do. Alright, where are we discussing different?

Have a home insurance policy options and why working with us is better and why being kept him. It’s just that you are a captive and you can’t get out of it. Those companies own you and unless you do something better or different, you’re always going to be owned by someone. And so back to what we were talking about, Home Insurance Tulsa, my friend Josh just gave me that, uh, doing church insurance, which I guess is appraised specialty market there. No problem. We do have a lot of churches at appreciate that Josh, I think you might be right. That might be a good guy for me to talk to and I definitely will. I like talking to new age of prospects and potential people who could bring business, but we also need to have some expectations. You don’t mind just a bunch of people weren’t gonna do anything. So, uh, anyway,

we do have quite a few good companies that we work and say podcasts being brought to you by encompass. I’m driving by a night’s stay put on Southdale. This is the perfect opportunity to perfect neighborhood for. I’m a, I’m a company policy. These are the kind of homes, autos and umbrella policies that they specialize in. Home Insurance Tulsa, we constantly are talking to these clients and these people and getting into coverage. Boy, I’m looking at a shake shingle roof right now and it is in such bad shape. I’m telling you, we wouldn’t even insure that house. How about that? That’s when you know your roof is bad when we weren’t even sure it. But anyway. Oh, look at this. People picking up kids at school. Your cupcake can take the bus. Dropped you off. My God, don’t. I mean, what is, what do people do at bold?

Turns work anyway. Uh, and ensure you Oklahoma. We are looking for new agents or additional agents who want to build an agency using Home Insurance Tulsa and our carriers that we, uh, we specialize in. We get leads everyday though. We need to follow up on sacramentally. I Bet I am 30, 40 leads that I need to get called back and I just don’t have the time. I need agents who are willing to do it and take care of clients and sell and service these clients under the home insurance. Tulsa and the insurer. You Oklahoma banner. So if you were right for you, it was calling nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero, nine, one, eight, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One. Thank you.