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All right. I’ll make a little mark on this, but I’m sure you Oklahoma podcast broadcasting live today from Bixby, Oklahoma. Um, if you go to our website and actually says we’re in big suit, we are not a, we have a Tulsa address, but Bixby shows up to put out a fire when our officers on fire I guess. So this is the ORM original content podcast. You will not find anything like this anywhere on the web. It’s the incredible truth about insurance because there’s plenty of things out there that are not true and this is the incredible truth. I know of what I speak. I’ve been doing this since 1991 I’m not a Newbie. I sure am an ex and I’m an expert in all things. Home Insurance Calsa I know most of what you can know about auto insurance. Believe me, I know everything about life insurance and when it comes to wealth management, you will not get better.

I am the expert. Please call me if it comes to wealth management. Here’s what you will be guaranteed. I will not sell you anything. And the word annuity will not come up unless it’s for me to tell you not to buy an annuity or to get out of your annuity. So, um, where are we today? If a nice beautiful day, about 40 degrees kind of chilly, not warm enough for golf, Home Insurance Tulsa, but no storms on the horizon, nothing that’s going to damage your home insurance, Tulsa. Um, but then also I want to get to what some companies are now I’m not covered. And that is cosmetic damage to your roof on your home insurance policy. And that really doesn’t come into play too much on a regular asphalt roof. Where would come into play would be a metal roof. And if you’re going to have damage on a metal roof from hail, it’s going to be pretty bad damage.

I mean, pretty big hail. It’s not likely to happen, but it could. And the point of this is if it’s just cosmetic damage and not functional damage, you know, the roof’s still works on how it was intended, so they’re not going to cover it for cosmetic damage on your home insurance policy. And that’s just one company that’s mercury insurance. I’m not sure how I feel about that today, but I do know that other companies are going to that. So we also need to talk about what kind of coverage is covered on your roof. Well, in Tulsa, in Oklahoma, in general, and in Colorado and in Kansas, you will have a completely different coverages than other parts of the country. Now in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, they don’t even know what a wind and hail deductible is. What this, Home Insurance Tulsa, wind, hail deductible doesn’t your Home Insurance Tulsa policies is, it covers, when did the hail damage to the dwelling different than it covers, um, fire or other damage.

And the reason is, is because places like the central and southern plains are more likely to get hail and no insurance companies and place a rough every time there was hail damage, then, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, they’d go out of business, they would go broke. And so hail damage is not a regular, so there’s the different parallel for it or it’s a different peril and it’s coverage for different risks. And so oftentimes companies will require a 1% wind hail deductible or a $2,500 minimum when hail deductible. So if there’s damage to your roof from wind or hail, it’s going to be a different deductible and you’re going to pay a, of course you let yourself all it is, they will reduce your premium for by how much of a wind hail deductible you take. And so you’re, all you’re doing is sharing the risk of your home insurance toaster policy with the insurance company you’re taking, I’m part of the risks.

They’re taking up part of the risk. And for that they’re lowering your premiums a little bit. So it’s not bad. It’s pretty good. Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, too much of a risk in those states to amps just started deductible. If it’s a $2,000 deductible, then every time there’s a claim, the insurance company pays $1,000 less. And over all the people that they have insured, based on the law of large numbers, it’s less and less. They save a little bit of money here and there, no big deal. But it is what it is. So that’s the wind hail deductible on the policy, but a day like today, what you going to get? Nothing. The biggest risk to your home today is probably an electrical fire or if you had a kerosene space heater and the dog knocked it over and started a fire, that would be one. Or if you left the candle on attendance in your house or a burner on, you know, not even a IRA because you all laboratories say this, just say fire and if it falls over it’s going to shut off. The electric space heaters at the same way or is it a big risk of fire? Because if they turnover, we’re going to shut off and don’t burn themselves out. I remember one time in school, my wife then girlfriend left her house in Champagne, Illinois and drove to her parents house in normal Illinois

and then all of a sudden she locked, thought she left the coffee pot on, which is great.

She has seen him drive off way back. Took two hours. I drove back and forth and the coffeepot was not just because she had some smear and she had left the coffee pot on. Yes, there could have been a fire. Well coffee pots don’t catch on fire, you know, they just eat up and will just burn themselves out. Same with space heaters and a lot of, other than like whole thing, you know, if this doesn’t make gene 50 where you know, electricity is something scary. We have circuit breakers and chooses and things that save us from big home damage from the fire if it’s caused by an electrical short. So we don’t really have to worry about that a lot anymore. No, a lightning strike, I just been even as bad anymore. I can catch a house on fire, but a lot of times it will just blow it all the appliances.

Although we did have a client with their house struck by lightning and it was a total loss, so they had to rebuild their house. Luckily they were with a good company and they didn’t argue about it and they just refill her. I said it was a big house was a million and a half dollar home. Beautiful home. But they’ve replaced the words is even nicer and bigger. Uh, but so anyway, that’s where they live. Now, you know, that’s Home Insurance Tulsa, when did the hail damage is not damage from light, so they didn’t even have the wind hail deductible kick in their house. But I tell you what, it would have much rather not had their house get hit by lightning and not be, Home Insurance Tulsa, the two years of hassle of rebuilding this home. Although it’s a gorgeous home. I’m sure they would just rather not have had the hassle. But Ed, ensure you Oklahoma, we can advise you on all of this.

Make sure you have the coverage that you need and not over insured. Make sure there’s no holes in your program because the last thing you want is a hole in your program. So take the time and sit down with your professional insurance agent. Get a insurance quote and more important than just say she floated in Uninsurance is your, uh, uh, the coverage that you have and the right coverage in place. And so if you have a professional insurance agent, then you know you have the right coverage and natural we are and ensure you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com or if you’re not in Oklahoma, go to ensure you American, not com. We do a write business in Colorado and, uh, for our partners in the mortgage business. So we can take care of that at anytime. But ensure you America or ensure you oklahoma.com and we’re happy to take care of any and all of your insurance needs till next time. Signing off.