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Alright, uh, welcome to the insurer, you, Oklahoma, all original content podcast, um, where today brought to you by safe coinsurance when it matters the most SAFECO’s there. And we save cost function as podcast today because it is, um, they are the first carrier to give us a code for our expansion to Colorado Springs. Yep, that’s right. And sure you, Oklahoma’s no, ensure you America. And we are doing business in two states, Oklahoma and Colorado. Very exciting where we’ve taken off and had so much success with writing new business that we are, um, and helping people in the mortgage industry that we are expanding the Colorado. And it’s an exciting time for ensure you Oklahoma. You know, what we do is we specialize in helping mortgage brokers and their clients get the home insurance Calsa uh, policies in place for their closings and their closings. Uh, you know, they need, you got to get the insurance part in place before they send away the final for the, um, the CD or the, you know, for the underwriters.

You got to make sure that that’s all in place and at home insurance CALSA or Home Insurance Tulsa, and ensure you Oklahoma. We helped with that and we know exactly what they need. We work with your underwriters and your elbows, your loan officers. So we know, you know, what premium it needs to be for the underwriting to help you get the mortgage. Because what good is it, you know, great insurance if it’s so high that pushes your ratios out and you can’t get the mortgage. Yeah. It’s not very good at all. So, um, Eh, ensure you America. We uh, help with the home insurance, Tulsa or Colorado Springs, but we’re also here to help any other places, Oklahoma City, wherever it might be. And we specialize in getting that home insurance, Tulsa, John, right. And, uh, at the right price and the right coverages for you. And if that means that we have to get a, um,

if that means that we have to, uh, you know, higher, maybe a little lower coverage on some to make it just right for closing, we’ll do it and then we’ll get together with you and make sure you have the policy that you need, maybe not just one that the mortgage broker wanted. And we’re going to adjust some coverages there because when people are talking about getting a new policy, a new home insurance Tulsa policy, we asked them, are you a coverage person or a rate person? And everyone thinks her rate person that they want a low rate but they don’t, what they really want is the best insurance value and that is the best coverage for the best price. So it’s not all about price, it’s about coverage. Because why pay for something you’re never going to use if,


Uh, you know, if it’s no good, you’re just throwing money with. So we want to make sure you have the right policy at the right time and the right premiums, Home Insurance Tulsa,

um, you know, just going by this new storage place. And that’s a, you know, a lot of people keep stuff in storage instead of storing it at their house. And so they may pay some money a month to keep stucking storage. Well, how has that stuff covered? Well, if you have a $200,000 house and you have 70% coverage for your personal property, that’d be $140,000. And Home Insurance Tulsa, you have stuff in storage, you have 10% coverage away from premise. So that means you’d have $14,000 of coverage away from premise or at the storage facility. So you want to make sure that you don’t have too much stuff in there. But I’m also gonna recommend is reading the book, uh, future shop. And it talks about the future and why we don’t need stuff just starts. Why do you want to pay stuff to put in storage? You know, we live in Oklahoma and we have people here who have skis in storage because they’re not using them all the time. Well, it’s cheaper to rent skis and the now the skis that they rent you are good ski is, they’re just not hanging around old crampy skis. It’s good stuff. Or you know, if you have skis, why not sell them on Ebay and put that money to work instead of you have stranded capital in your storage unit. Same thing could go with your wife’s first, that old set of golf clubs you have whenever it is. It’s stranded capital if you’re not using it and it’s sitting in storage.


you know, most people when they have home insurance call center and they don’t, and they have personal property costs and they have a total loss, they don’t replace everything.

They don’t replace everything because they realize that they have a lot of junk and stuff that’s been stored and pack rat it away and you know, stuff that they just can’t bring themselves to throw away. Well you know what, you’re saving it for your, saving it for your kids to throw away later. So what you’re doing is maybe you’re paying too much for home insurance, Tulsa, and to cover all this personal property that you’re not going to replace anyway. So if you sit down with a professional insurance agent at ensure you Oklahoma or ensure you American, okay. And, um, you realize how much personal property comes you need or maybe you have which have but you don’t need replacement. Cautious is actual cash value because you couldn’t replace all your stuff with the actual cash value amount and not have replacement cost, but getting enough money to replace the stuff that you want.

It’s a great philosophy and it works well, but you just have to make sure you have the right philosophy with your insurer, you America or ensure you Oklahoma agent. They’re good professional, independent insurance agents that can sit down with you and discuss your home insurance Tulsa needs. So, Home Insurance Tulsa, when it comes to the best and independent insurance advice, you want to talk to a good independent insurance agent, like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma or ensure you America. They are available via a phone, text, email, or in person meetings. We encourage the in person meetings. Once you are a client, get to know your agent and get the right coverage in place. Make sure you have what you need, not just have with the insurance company wants you to have or the Morgans company because come claim time, everyone’s a coverage person. Become turns buying time.

They’re all uh, uh, costs people, premium people. So sit down with a professional. I didn’t tell them, look, I want good coverage, but I just don’t have the big budget for it or I don’t want to spend too much money for it. I just need, I just need good advice and what I need and want. I don’t need, because unfortunately you go to some of these captains companies and they’re going to jam something down your throat and it might be something you don’t need, quite frankly. So sit down with a good professional, independent agent. We right now have, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, one company that requires auto and home together and sometimes people don’t want to do that. So we find another company for them. You know, last week we placed insurance with four different companies. Now, if we were a captive agent, we would only be covering it with one company and trying to squirt fit that square peg in a round hole.

And that would be no good. That’s no point. No. So anyway, if you’re anywhere near the Arkansas River where it bends at Tulsa, give us a call for Home Insurance to Elsa and ensure you Oklahoma. Go to ensure you oklahoma.com and uh, click on the, uh, our home page or get a quote button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Or you can call us at nine 1832271000 (405) 322-5501 we’ll be happy to talk to you, help you and get you what you need. Cause that’s the benefit of independent insurance advice. Who wants to go with a square peg in a round hole? No one.