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in about 10 minutes, this one is going to be in the can and will be talking about. Oh No, we’ve already done it once. So we’ll be in about 10 minutes. This will be in the can and will be talking about number 93. Right now I’m headed over to the old Eddie and I have a company interested in talking to me. Home Insurance Tulsa sheriff’s got cut off by a truck. Amazing jerk. Anyway, I’m headed over to the city and talk to this company that wants me to build an agency for them because they want to replicate what we have done and ensure you Oklahoma. And uh, I’m not sure I want to do that, but I will talk to them. They want to talk about, you know, how to build a personal lines agency and uh, I’m interested in continuing to build, ensure you Oklahoma. Uh, we specialize in home insurance, Tulsa. We work with very prominent mortgage brokers and uh, and real occurs in, in our, our job. Our goal is to provide white glove service for those buying and closing on the home. And of course you need home insurance, Tulsa to do that.

So we shop your coverage with five soon to be seven different companies. We have the appointments confirmed, we just haven’t been able to. They’re just not up and running yet with two other companies. They’re just going to give us more options. So why wouldn’t you call a company for Home Insurance Tulsa that is going to shop one company for you and when you can make one call and we will shop seven companies for you. I think it just makes sense to talk to a professional independent agent to get the best rates and the best coverage that you can. Uh, it’s important to have to be a, a talk to a professional. So my question to you is, log listeners, blog readers and podcast listener. How much experience does your agent and how much, how many policies as your agent written, what were they doing before they entered the insurance industry? Well, let’s reflect on. And how many companies did they represent? If you take your average insurance agent, there’s less than five years experience. Our owner and founder had 27 years of experience. What were they doing before they got into the insurance industry? I don’t know. Maybe car sales were slow and they decided to sell insurance or copiers. No one’s using copiers anymore, so they use scanners and there’s our owner and founder started in the insurance and financial services industry right out of college.

How many companies they represent? Well, captive agents. Your big company, the ones that advertise all the time. They represent one company. We represent a company all a plus rated company and we can get you a quote with multiple, a frustrated companies with one phone call or you call seven different captive agents I guess, and try to get the. Try to get the variety of forgery. I got that way. She’d be like calling and talking to a bunch of insurance agents. You could do that or you can just call up. How professional is your insurance agent? What steps have they made them better themselves to better serve their clients? Our owner and founder is a certified financial planner, which requires two years of coursework and then passing a two day 10 hour exam. The national boards are given three times a year.

What? What? What does your agent have? They just have some bs degree, some bss behind their name. Home Insurance Tulsa They were given by, you know, writing a big check and whatever. So if you a professional advice remote couple companies, multiple April, it’s rated company from an experience agency and professional insurance and financial services company and calling. Sure you Oklahoma, you can call nine. One eight, three, two, two, seven. One Zero, zero. Or you can call four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And we’ll get you as professional quote or home insurance. Tolson. The alternative is you have an agent who works for one company and the only way they can make their lives better by taking away coverage.

Maybe they were with a company that has great, right? But what? What kind of coverage are you getting? They can shop the coverage with different companies are stuck with the one company and that’s what experienced professional agent providing white glove service benefits you the client. So which do you want? Do you want the a agent that has little or no experience, you know there’s a company in town and I was told that they have this one agent who’s real aggressive and pushy, Home Insurance Tulsa just wants everyone’s business and running around and she is seven months, seven months. He wanted to trust your home insurance closer. Someone who was seven months experience in seven months of what? Pushing policies. Pushing product, yeah. She’s on a contract that she has to validate the shit sell x amount of pounds so he doesn’t know what she’s doing. She’s running around selling.

Paul. Do you think she knows that as a homeowner you need higher liability then if you just read. Well she asked you to come questions about where you work, how much money you make for your net worth is what you stand to inherit. Does she knows you need an umbrella policy or is she just trying to get policies in force? I don’t know, but it sure you Oklahoma, we don’t have quotas for our. Our agents are professional insurance entrepreneurs and they’ve been trained to sell the right product to the person will get the best price, but more important than price is coverage. If we don’t have the best coverage for the best price will tell you we’re going to shop that with seven different company, so chances are we’re going to fight it as opposed to fighting with one sentence experienced matter. Well, I’d rather take my car to someone who is 27 years experience and someone who is seven months experience. Home Insurance Tulsa I would rather take my car to or I would rather have my doctor have 27 years and seven months experience. I know they’re both doctors. I know the mechanics are both asc certified, but I want someone who if something comes up, they know what to look for and they know what’s important on a home insurance policy.

I want someone who’s going to take care of me and no one I need and provide the white clubs servant that I crave. You know, the average insurance consumer in Oklahoma is paying $3,000 a year between their auto and their own insurance, $3,000 a year and a shouldn’t that be handled by someone who knows what they’re doing? Shouldn’t that be handled by someone who’s looking out for you and trying to get you the best cost, the best coverage? Do you have a teenage driver? Because this new agent know what to ask. Should we ask about good students? Should we ask about driver? Should we ask about driver’s education? Yeah. All these things are important, but you know, there’s the different than having insurance just to have it and we ate and there’s a difference. And then there’s a man, the right policy that actually does what you want to do, protect you and your asset and not even protecting your home or your auto, but protecting your net worth, your future income. What you stand to inherit a. So make sure you’re getting the right quotes, Home Insurance Tulsa the right insurance for the value at industry. You, Oklahoma, nine, one, eight, three, two, two, seven. One, zero, zero or four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero. One.