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Hello and welcome to the latest ensure you live cast today, brought to you by the good folks at mercury insurance. Mercury insurance has been helping folks with their auto and home insurance for years during a plus rated company, and when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa they really have their finger on the pulse of it. Actually, we were able to help a client the other day with mercury insurance and their home insurance. Tulsa premium was $4,000 less than the competitor. The competitor just didn’t want that business and ensure you Oklahoma was able to save them money by switching them to mercury for their home insurance. Paulsen their auto insurance. Tulsa, you know, the summer months are heating up the last two days. We’ve had A. Yesterday. We had a heat index of 111 and 110. That’s hot. That means your air conditioners are working over time. The best thing you can do to help those air conditioners is make sure all your blinds are closed, dark in your house.

Keep the heat out of the house as much as you can. Uh, your Home Insurance Tulsa doesn’t cover breakdown of your air conditioner, but you can buy writers to add to policies that would protect them. You know, the last thing you want is your ac to go out when it’s a heat index of 110. Like today, I don’t think it’s going to be as human as yesterday, every day that we get further away from that rain and dries out a little bit and you don’t have as much humidity but still your home insurance, Tulsa home is going to be struggling today because of the heat. But also think about how much insulation do you have in the attic of your home, uh, because that helps the air conditioner. But it also helps the shingles on the, on the road. If your attic is just, you know, it can be 120 degrees in your attic and that is just going to cook the shingles from the inside out. We’ve got to help those shingles as much as we can because when we have damaged like this, that can happen from Pete, we’re also going to have easily damage a roof because of hail. So anyway, make sure that your windows are windows and blinds are all closed today, made sure you have as much shade as you can. You don’t want direct sunlight. Much more insulation in the, in the rough, in the ceiling. And the attic is good because it’ll help keep the house cooler and you’re asking yourself won’t have to work as hard.

Anyway, that’s it for the heat advisory advice, except, uh, be sure your animals are in a cool place. Your smaller animals, your horses and cattle probably can’t come in the house, but if they have shade inside of a barn or under some trees and a lot and plenty of access to water, then there’ll be okay. A smaller animals and no, especially older animals. You want to make sure they’re inside the house. Um, you know, we have some older animals and they’re just not very heat tolerant. It’s just a constant struggle. We have to keep them in. And of course, animals like to be outside so you can just keep them locked in your Home Insurance Tulsa all day long, but just leaving them for brief and do not leave your cats or dogs or hamsters or a ferret or anything like that. Don’t leave them in a car.

A car can heat up to above 120 degrees and he this, uh, within minutes and it’s just suffocating to anything inside that car. So, you know, these aren’t things that are covered on home insurance, but it’s definitely things you need to be aware of on hot days. Like today, I heard a great idea for keeping children safe in hot cars. If you are driving a child somewhere and your child is a baby and in the back seat, now if the baby, the child is like a little older, you don’t have to do this because they’re talking the whole time and getting to know you. And if you have an infant in a car seat in your car, Home Insurance Tulsa and it’s a hot day like today. And this especially happens when you’re not used to driving the baby shoulder. Now this isn’t anything to do with home insurance, tall stuff, this is just a good tip.

You want to make sure that you don’t leave that baby in the car even for a minute on attended on a day like today without the air conditioner on. And you definitely don’t want to leave the air conditioner on for the baby when you’re not in the car because that means the car’s running and could be car jacked or what if the baby crawls over and puts it in drive by mistake, a big problem there. So anyway, what we want to do is take off your left shoe. You’re not driving shoe and put it next to the baby. So when you get out of the car to do something, if you had forgotten about the baby, you’re going to look and see, oh, I don’t have a shoe on and I need. Home Insurance Tulsa I know where that shoe is. It’s next to the baby. So the baby, uh, if, if the shoe, the baby, you’re not to leave the baby in the car.

I thought that was a great piece of advice. What a great idea that is. And again, that’s for home insurance, Tulsa, but also, you know, we don’t just protect your things, we want to protect you and your family because we care about it’s a professional insurance agents and home insurance tall or the professional insurance agent said, ensure you Oklahoma, uh, that look out for you and your family, your things possession, but you know, what our clients become friends. And when our friends, when our friends are hurt, we hurt, we want to make sure everyone’s covered correctly. We want to make sure everyone’s safe, um, you know, for what we want covered. Home Insurance Tulsa So with that said, on a day like today, make sure that your blinds are all closed. You’ll probably want to turn the AC up by up, turn the temperature thermostat up when you’re not home, because otherwise the day like drake cost you a fortune for your air conditioner and you’re going to get a bill for your home insurance.

Tulsa, that’s just going to be crazy. I, you don’t need that. So anyway, uh, keep, keep the blinds closed. Think about adding insulation to your attic before it gets too hot to help with the rope. Because your roof is probably the thing that gets replaced, the big ticket item that gets replaced the most on a home insurance, also policies and in Tulsa for some reason we have these huge rows. Now obviously the nicer homes have nicer ropes, but if it was a, if it’s just your builder putting the roof on and he could have saved, you know, a couple thousand dollars by getting a little cheaper rough, you know, that’s money in his pocket, he’s going to do so. If you have a brand new house, even if it’s a nicer house, your rough might not be as great as your thing. So make sure you have replacement cost coverage on your home and on your roof. Home Insurance Tulsa

So when that hail storm comes and it’s going to come that you’re covered for replacement cost replacement cost means new for old. You get a new roof replacing your old rough and your old shingles, uh, when something happens. And if you don’t ever play some costs, you’re going to get actual cash value or the depreciated value of that roof. And that depreciated value could be half of what a new cost is, you know, so that’s the importance of sitting down with a good professional insurance agent and ensure you Oklahoma and make sure that you have the right coverage. If you don’t, and your claims adjuster comes out and says, I’m sorry, Mr, or Mrs Client, you don’t have replacement cost coverage or worse, you have no coverage on your roof. You know the last thing you want is a surprise, a 10 or $20,000 price and so fun.

Have you have a smaller house? We insured a fella who just made a smaller house and there was $8,000, so it wasn’t crazy, but at $8,000, that’s a lot of money. And so you want to make sure you have the right home insurance. Tulsa, talk to professional agents at ensure you Oklahoma. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero X. Talk to mark or jeff or any of the people down there and they’ll make sure you have the right coverage. Again, this today’s episode is brought to you by mercury insurance, Mercury Insurance, insuring the autos and homes of people just like you for years, doing it the right way. Company.