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Good morning. We are getting early win for today’s podcast. I don’t know what that Spanish is from, but anyway, today we are today’s podcast brought to you by encompass insurance. Uh, we already told you in a previous podcast that encompass is a subsidiary, wholly owned subsidiary of, Oh and I don’t know if they’re going after a different market or going to become their ultimate preferred carrier or not. But anyway, that’s what encompasses. So I’m comfortable today as great rates on home insurance and we can definitely spread the risk out over the state because they’re branching out into areas that are, and that may be another carrier not, but sometimes they’re quite frankly, their auto isn’t right and we need to go with another carrier on their auto. But because we’re an independent insurance agencies, we are able to do that. Home Insurance Tulsa, so a lot of times those people with progressive further auto or mercury maybe. Anyway, so that’s cool. It encompasses and that’s where we look for their policies. Sometimes we just write him in a, we’ll use them to write a home policy for a closing.


And that of course is home insurance, Tulsa.

And uh, they do a great job with it. They will come and inspect your home. Almost all the companies that we work with will inspect the home. If we write it, make sure we did a good job. We are what’s called the field underwriters, which means we take a first look at it, we take a first look at the people and we want to make sure that, uh, we are getting clients who care about their coverage, about their personal property and don’t just look at, uh, letting it all go because they are insured. Uh, we are what’s called the field underwriter and it ensure you Oklahoma we aren’t big on, uh, we look quite frankly, I just don’t want someone flaky. I don’t want someone who’s not very bright and I don’t want someone who’s, you know, negligent. Home Insurance Tulsa, yeah, they’ll pay us a commission, but we’re building a good strong book of business and those kinds of people, even with their home insurance, Tulsa can become a higher risk and have more claims and affect our loss ratios.

And what a lot of agencies don’t understand is that your loss ratios effect any profitability bonuses. And so it’s better in the long run not to take that quick cheap to mission. So what we do is we work with mortgage brokers and lenders and about getting, uh, you know, referrals from them when someone needs home insurance, salsa for a closing. And chances are if someone’s buying a home, uh, you know, they’re new. I knew first to them that they are more likely to take care of that home and be responsible with keeping it up, making them look nice there. I wanted to speak a new garage door, but anyway, Home Insurance Tulsa, so that’s what we do as field on Brian’s. We underwrite our policy. No.


not always a cs are like us. So when they write home insurance salsa, the companies have to send someone out to look at the property, make sure it’s insured to replacement cost and out of the shirt to value. Because your market value of the house doesn’t really matter when you’re a Trekkie.

No. You could have a nice 2,500 square foot house in a crappy part of the cone, so that is going to have a lot lower value. Then it was replaced some cotton, we insure buildings for placement. So what happens is these underwriters go out and they look at it and just make sure then, sure, properly we don’t have a lot of problems with that. Uh, because of the kind of agency we are. Now there are, you know, some of these people get picky and they run the RCG, which is, Home Insurance Tulsa, helps us come up with replacement cost coverage on the home and they’ll get big change coverage by four or $6,000, whatever. That’s fine. But it’s not gonna affect your rate pretty much. If you go to some other fly by night companies, why by ninth, eighth and see what could happen is you’re just trying to get your business so they low ball the value of the house and replacement cost of the house. And then, Home Insurance Tulsa, just because your business and then all of a sudden, three months later, your premiums jacked up because they’ve underestimated by $75,000 just to get your business. These are people who don’t know how to market, don’t know how to, uh, run an agency or a business and they, uh, they default to getting crappy business. So, and it’s true you, Oklahoma, and you can check us out by going to insure you Oklahoma

come. Uh,

we are independent but we’re a preferred carrier. Does that make sense? We don’t want a lot of fly by night crap, but uh, we can, which means we are able to help our current clients and prospects with exactly what they need instead of, you know, of course in a square peg, in a round hole. But being a preferred writer, Home Insurance Tulsa, to start booked clean and without a lot of problems. So when we go to write home insurance salsa, we’re looking for good quality homes with Nice,


ropes on them. They’re kept up nice. The landscaping is nice. There’s not a lot of


brush and stuff around the house that hasn’t been taken care of. There isn’t, uh, you know, the lawn is mowed and you don’t want, we’re looking for, we’re looking for pride of ownership and pride of ownership goes along way with for not having claims because you’re keeping your house up in [inaudible]. Now you can have the nicest house and have the most pride of ownership of anyone on the block. What if a tornado comes? You’re not stopping that and that house, that’s what insurance is for. It is for, uh, claims that don’t happen very often. But if they do and they’re not insured, that they could wipe you out. So that, that’s what insurance is for. And that’s why we encourage high deductibles on home insurance. Tulsa, because we have two kinds of clients. We have clients that are concerned with coverage. We appliance, they’re concerned with rate and your concerned with coverage, you might pay a lot of money because you’re afraid of anything ever happening. If you’re concerned with rate, you might be willing to accept, you might be able to accept some of the risk yourself. And by accepting some of the risk is a deductible.

So what happens on the home insurance, Tulsa is


how much do you want to pay for the insurance company to accept the risk of your house? That’s basically it. That’s all you’re doing. You’re paying an insurance company and they’d say, okay, for this amount of money we’re going to cover you for this. We looked up this much risk. Well,

if you don’t pay a lot, if you don’t want to pay a lot, that means you’re going to accept some of the risks of yourself. And that is in the, that’s in the form of a higher deductible. And that sucked to, you know, we have some clients who have a $10,000 or $5,000 deductible and Home Insurance Tulsa, they understand that they would rather have cheaper premiums and less coverage because they self insuring it and they’d say, look, I have the money in the bank. I want to have my house covered, but I don’t need a covered for every little thing. I’m not calling to make a claim for $2,000 something that happens to the house. I’ll wait until it’s major in 15 or 20,000 and the smaller I can fix it myself. And usually what happens is a lot of the claims are labor and not materials. And so if you can do it yourself, you’re going to save a lot of money. All right? That’s it for podcast one 49.