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Hello and welcome to the 61st, ensure you will call them a podcast where we have original content focused on Home Insurance Tulsa and say hot and Muggy, July morning and Oklahoma. And uh, your home insurance is covering your house while you sleep in the night air conditioning your conditioning probably working over time because it is hot as balls. So last night we actually drove over to Oklahoma City, so once the Oklahoma City dodgers take on the New Orleans baby cakes and the baby cakes really put into him, Chris, John Domus, former Driller, uh, we talked to him about Home Insurance Tulsa for a while and he said when his baseball career is over, he’s going to want to come back to Tulsa and work with us. He sees the value proposition of independent professional advice and the importance of home insurance tall stuff. So we were looking forward to having Chris John on board with us. And when that happens, we’ll be sure to everyone. Does everyone know, you know, when you think about it, Home Insurance Tulsa can be related to do almost anything. It can be related to sports and be related to coaching. It can be related to the St Louis Cardinals who just let Mike mckinney go, uh,

sometimes you’re just with someone long enough or you’re just with an insurance carrier long enough and then it’s time to move on. You know, you don’t know what’s out there and tell you. Look, the cardinals have a good run with Mike mcgeeney. He took Tony La Russa, his former teams and made it back to the playoffs for six years. Did that. He missed the last two years and his coaching was seeming to slip. When it comes to home insurance, you may have an insurance policy that you’ve had for awhile. Not exactly sure what it covers, what the deductible is that companies and slowly raising your rates that a lot, but a little at a time like the frog in the boiling water just feels warm it up and killing them. It’s time to look for something new and when it’s time to look for home insurance policy, you need to call the professionals that is sure you, Oklahoma or go to ensure you have.com.

Don’t be the frog in the water. Don’t see the St Louis Cardinals with Mike Buffini. You need to keep looking and getting the best. Now how do you do that? Well, the cardinals just fired Mathenia, which was probably a long time coming and John may have raised, which of course the hitting was not there. So the edit. What about your home insurance? I’m sorry, your home insurance call us up and curation. What is your agent been doing for you later as he or she calls? Is he or she reviewed your coverages here? She’s dropped the coverage for you to find better coverage? No, if not, it’s time to look at Home Insurance Tulsa and give to professionals and ensure you Oklahoma a call because an insure you Oklahoma. They have a different home insurance calls to companies to look at and they will shop all six slash 40. So you have a company that’s looking out for you, getting you the best coverage for the best price and you have to have a professional agent like the guys in the shirt, you Oklahoma to know what’s good and what’s not.

You know, today we got a, just this morning we worked with the new homeowner or moved here from Wisconsin, um, and Glenpool chroma and we got two quotes and they were both within $50 of each other. So we dug a little deeper and it turned out one had a $1,500 deductible and $1,000. Well, there you go right there. Uh, even if the one of the thousands of dollars deductible, $50 more, you know, there’s only $50 a year, it’s $4 and twenty five cents a month. And he is a policy with a $500 lower deductible. So that one, they also all have a wind hail deductible. This guy wasn’t real familiar with that because he’s from Wisconsin. But here in Oklahoma we put wind, hail deductibles on your home, insurance dol says, so if it’s a tornado or hail your, your, uh, your deductibles a little higher, you have to insure a part of that.

And that just really, you know, give and take or the insurance company, what are they going to show you? One at a one percent deductible, one in a flat that Dr. Roll A. Anyway, it takes a professional like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma to take a look and know what the difference between the policies are to a frustrated companies. One was all state, one is mercury, so two good companies. We just ended dive a little deeper and see what the difference was. Now maybe this guy doesn’t care and it’s Home Insurance Tulsa Tell us a little more expensive and the lower deductible or maybe he does care and he says, you know what, I don’t think I’m going to have that much loss or if something happened, I’m pretty handy. Experts, a lot of stuff myself and he goes ahead would be a higher deductible and things little coinage and that would all sort of flat old rather than a percentage deductible. A lot of times we’ll see a one or two percent deductible and that can really add up a quarter of a million dollar house. One percent deductible is 2,500 bucks, but as the house goes up, it’s going to be more uh, deductibles. Good. Keep going up with.

So when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa and you call the guy who didn’t ensure you Oklahoma, do like yoga with junior or John Mosaic and get rid of Mike Mckee. Get written, see what else is out there. I mean, what do you have to lose your. You’re a 500 team or in this case you’re just been sitting on his home insurance for awhile and home insurance also can get expensive. So what do you have to lose? Fire calls. Call around all a good independent agent who can look at different companies for you with. So with one phone call you’re getting it all taken care of. I’m like calling, you know, one of the captive guys or they only shop one company. Why would you go to a company that can only shop one company when you can talk to the guys that ensure you Oklahoma or go to ensure you have a great company, great professional advice.

Years and years of service and experience as opposed to your average. A new agent with a captive company. We’ve only been there a year or two or you know, in their entire industry. We’re getting older and you have older agents that are in their late fifties. We’re going to look to retire or sell out soon. Do you want to be with that guy or do you want to be with a young company that’s growing with great experience? I can assure you outcome, because when it comes to Home Insurance Tulsa you have to have the right coverage. The last thing you want is to surprise today’s one of those days. It’s hot, it’s humid, it’s overcast. It looks like we’re just going to have. We can have pop up thunderstorms this afternoon and would pop up. Thunderstorms can come, pop up, hail or straight line winds or anything, so instead of sitting back and worrying about your house being covered correctly, calling sure you Oklahoma and slash or go to [inaudible] dot com and click on get a quote and someone will get back to you for your Home Insurance Tulsa and then we’ll be back quickly and where we are, we are always working.

Last night I had someone that I had to get back to at 1130 at night because I had to go and power and uh, but I promised him I’d get back to him yesterday and I had to keep the promise. So I did it. I got back to him right when I was about, well, not when I was supposed to and I actually apologized for being a little tardy. But then first this morning I got up and shot him over the quotes that he had requested. So if you want full service, full professional insurance from agents who care and agents who will provide white glove service, uh, then you need to call the guy at demonstrating. When was the last time you had white glove service on it came to all insurance center. Home Insurance Tulsa I bet it’s been awhile. I bet you’ve been sitting on the same old company and it’s time for a change.

It’s time for the manager to walk out to the mound, tampers left arm and bring in the reliever who can save this thing. And that’s us. And I’m sure you will. Houma or ensure you will call them a.com. So come come on and give us a call or go online and send us an email for Home Insurance Tulsa to all. So we’re going to make sure you have which you need. No overlaps and coverage and better yet, no holes in your program. Wouldn’t play for Oklahoma and own insurance. We’re signing off all original content podcasts. Sixty three.