Welcome to the ensure you Oklahoma all original content podcast. Today we have an interesting show today. We’re talking about auto and home insurance together. Often times we work with new home buyers. Pardon me, I’m looking for, I can find our scars anyway, right? I’m just gonna have to wing it. So, um, we work with new home buyers all the time and they need home insurance, Tulsa to close on their mortgage. Obviously you have to have one year paid up policy in order to close on your home. So we provide that and we do that a couple of times a week for clients. And oftentimes these new clients don’t understand why you need to have your auto and your home insurance together. Well, just recently we quoted a young man buying his first home. He’s very excited about it. We put him with mercury insurance and a plus rated company out of California.

And uh, the home insurance was a great price. He was thrilled with it. But of course we put all the discounts on there and one of them is the multi policy. Well in this case, anything I own home together saved this gentleman, um, almost $600 a year on his home promise. So I guarantee no matter what happens, uh, we’re not going to be $600 higher on his auto, so he’s still going to come out ahead. Now what’s you have to understand is when you are a home buyer, especially your first time home buyer, uh, the insurance companies like home buyers, and we’ll give you even a bigger discount on your auto insurance, how you get a nice discount on your home insurance Tulsa, right? You got an even nicer one or you get as the nice one on your auto insurance. So we’re this guy, we were able to save him even more money on his autos.

We saved him $50 a month and we doubled his coverage. So pretty good. He had statement among liability limits, which are enough to be legal. But if you have any assets, you know, it’s all on the line and you could lose them. So especially being a homeowner, you have more assets now and we are interested in protecting that better. So we took them when we doubled the state. Minimum liability limits from five 50, 25 to 5,150. That’s $50,000 per person. You might injure if you’re liable, a total aggregate of $100,000 per accident and then $50,000 for property damage any day, any time. Now, you know, st minimum says, yo, we have to have $25,000 of property damage. You know, if you just took a route, how many cars are worth more than that? Well, most of them just basic inflation. And also, you know, if you want to make America great again, our economy’s booming and people are buying nicer cars.

So not only are people buying nice cars, they’re buying homes and getting home insurance, Tulsa, which is great. That means these people are homeowners. You don’t see American dream. You get a good job, buy a house, a white picket fence, a dog in the yard, 2.3 kids and a lovely wife and an apron. And she’s uh, you know, in her house, pressed some pearls and baking pie during the day. And then when you get home from work, she has a cocktail waiting for you and your slippers and the cigar or a pipe. That’s the American dream right there. Of course it was kind of killed with feminism, but anyway, that’s neither here nor there, whatever that means. The point is when you get home insurance, Tulsa, you also want to bundle it with auto insurance. Tulsa because you’re going to get great discounts on both policies.

If you’re a new home buyer, uh, this has been one good surprise. You’re going to have a, it’s not really like some of the bad surprises you get with, you know, the roof leaks or the furnace seeds be replaced or whatever it might be. So when it comes to you being a first time home buyer and if you were referred to us by your mortgage broker or realtor, we’re going to do our best to get you the best price. And if we do a great job on the home insurance Tulsa policy, that also means your, um, mortgage payment’s going to go down a little bit. So, which is nice because the mortgage payment estimate that you’ve gotten is from the Ello. Ello is short for loan officer, um, or the loan officer that they just estimated the insurance at names they estimated high and we come in lower on the home insurance Tulsa policy.

Then you’re going to save some money right there, uh, on your mortgage. Now unfortunately, or fortunately I’m going to tell you, your policy will go up in the future, just inflation when it costs to rebuild things and you know, number of claims and we are in Oklahoma and claims happen here and you know, that just is what it is. Um, so besides that, once you have your home insurance, Tulsa policy in place, it’s good to go after you close on your house and sit down with your professional insurance agent and they are going to, they are going to review your policy with you and make sure you have what you want or what you need. And that’s just what the mortgage company wanted. You know, the last thing you want to do is have a claim and then you know, it’s not covered because you didn’t have water backup or whatever, but it was enough to satisfy the mortgage company. You know what the mortgage company cares about. The mortgage company cares about their interest being covered and that’s the amount of the loan. And that’s all you want. We can do that all day long. If you write a policy for the amount of the loan, anything above that is your responsibility. Unless there’s a total claim then or a total loss, you know, then you’re probably gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay for a couple of years. You take that gamble.

But uh, as long as you know what you have then, then uh, no, there’s no surprises at claim time and I don’t care what you have, you know, if it’s what you want, that’s fine with me. Who am I to tell you you need more? You don’t need a shit ton of, I mean, a ton of, uh, coverage if you don’t want it. If you want to self insure it, go ahead. You know there’s a reason why it only costs $2,000 to insure a $200,000 house because you know the insurance company doesn’t think anything’s going to happen either. But if you get enough people in the risk pool then you’re okay. So you know, home insurance, Tulsa policy is great. As long as you know what you have. The last thing I want is for there to be a surprise and as a matter of fact at insure you Oklahoma, you can visit our website and sure you oklahoma.com we are going to send you out a letter and a copy of your deck page once a year to make sure you understand what you have because the last thing we want is a surprise, like I said.

So anyway, that’s about all I have to say about that next time. Uh, as soon actually we’re going to do 21 more podcasts here about home insurance, Tulsa and then we’re going to switch to insurance quotes, Tulsa and um, we’ll do that for a couple of hundred more. So you’ll be hearing more about that insurance quotes, Tulsa and um, yeah. Then you know, if someone Googles that and we will come up higher in the Google search. So anyway, that’s about it. Today, the world is changing, the world of insurance is changing and if you’re with a captive company, in other words, if you’re with an agent who only represents one company, you’re getting the best of that company has. I guess that doesn’t mean that you’re getting the best insurance that you can have. So call a good professional, independent insurance agency and get the coverage you want, the coverage you need and the advice from a good professional insurance agent. You know, last year, um, there was a large captive company who now allows independence to sell their insurance and they can’t keep their captive agents employed because, you know, these are just new people trying out to business and seeing them. It’s what they want to do. Where is your average dependent insurance agent as a professional agent with experience? So that’s all we have to say about that today. Until next time we’ll be recording number a one eight zero, which would be great.