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Alright, this is the 110th, uh, ensure you Oklahoma podcast. Interesting Times. There is September 11th, 2000, 18 years, 17 years after nine slash 11 terrorist attacks on New York City dependent on, in Pennsylvania. And what happened with terrorist attacks? Well, a lot of insurance companies had to rewrite what they did is a terrorist attack, an act of war because of was tobacco more. You’re not covered on your home insurance. Tulsa. So is terrorism an act of war? And that’s the, Home Insurance Tulsa that’s the rub. That’s what we don’t know. So it depends on how it’s classified, you know, terror can come in many different forms and most of it you’re insured for a, but you know, acts not. So anyway, back to home insurance, Tulsa or this time a Carolina, Charleston, holden, beach island, Wilmington, Jacksonville, uh, there’s a lot of areas that will be affected by this hurricane coming in.

And how are you? Well, if you have regular home insurance, Tulsa and a hurricane comes and blows your roof off or knock down your house, you’re covered because the wind is devastate a. it’s covered just like a tornado tornado comes, retype your house off, it’s covered. If a hurricane comes, her house and a roof gets ripped off and then it rains inside your house, then you’re covered for the water damage because it was caused by the named Terrell, which was wind. Home Insurance Tulsa what you have to realize is that, you know, there are limitations to home insurance and one of those is what, because in the 19 sixties, the Johnson administration took flood insurance away from insurance companies and nationalized it and made it a national insurance product that is sold, actually have to approve funding for it and they have limited inventory. So if you need flood insurance, you need to get it when it’s available because sometimes it’s not because of the government run, but more importantly, you need flood insurance 30 days before a flood, so 30 days.

It’s hard to anticipate if something’s coming in 30 days. And so that’s why you need, you know, insurance isn’t supposed to be. You don’t fire a health insurance ripe to be right before you need an operation. You don’t buy flood insurance right before there’s. So that gets me to hurricanes are hurricanes covered, well, hurricanes are covered for your house, just like any other damage that can be. You Got Shingles Tearing Down Your House quarter for my date, but what is not is the sewage flood and if you remember last year in Houston, the hurricanes over Houston like three or four days and caused immense flooding and then some of the funding was actually caused because they had to release water of some of reservoirs and then it went down the stream and flooded homes. Well guess what? That is not covered on your own insurance.

That is a plus and that’s what you need flood insurance for. Now. Your Home Insurance Tulsa agents should be able to get that for you through one of two national company as not can be cheap depending on where you live. If you live in the middle of Oklahoma up on a hill, it’s going to be pretty cheap. If you live in a river valley or a flood zone, if not going to be in a few lives in Houston or the low country areas of South Carolina or North Carolina, you know what? It’s not going to be covered. I’m telling you that coming now, most of those beach houses have no, they’re built on stilts or built up, but no, those still have to withhold the storm surge and the winds of a hurricane, but if they do and they stay above the water of the storm surge and the flood, now they’re going to be okay. If they get knocked down. I held that covered anyway. Whether you have flood insurance or not, but it’s the other homes you know, maybe further inland that are going to be hit and they are going to have realize and that is not going to be covered on their home insurance. Tulsa,

and that’s all I say about that. So if you are living somewhere where you are prone to a wedding, you need to take the extra step and make sure you get a flood insurance from your quality independent insurance. Imagine your captain guys can do it too, but they usually have one outlet in independence and more than. Although a flood insurance rates are set by the government. So what they do is they spread the risk. If you live in New Jersey, you pay more than if you do, if you live in West Virginia, but Home Insurance Tulsa, it’s still spreading the risk because of a socialist government policy and that’s all about spreading the risk from the people who have the million dollar homes on the beach to the people who have $100,000 home in the middle of Oklahoma. Actually, the people in Oklahoma are paying artificially more because they’re subsidizing a people on the coast.

If the people on the coast had to pay the real price for their flood insurance, they wouldn’t be living on the coast or they wouldn’t have all my coast. So what the government does is they actually take away from people and so they build on the coast. Home Insurance Tulsa It’s not the free market at work and free market was at work and there probably wouldn’t be a lot of beach houses. And if they did, it’d be very expensive because of supply and demand. It’d be very expensive to rent. So anyway, the whole point is have flood insurance maybe get a 30 or maybe it’s 31 days before a claim aren’t. Instead of a lot, and that is most of the damage done by hurricane, so if you live within 20 miles of the coast, a, you better have flood insurance because of the Atlantic coast because when the flood comes a you’re not going to be and that’s what hurricanes do.

They bring in flood. Now there’s some storms in the Pacific. They don’t seem to grow as big as the ones in the Atlantic, but one’s hitting a Hawaii now and that is a tropical storm and not actually a flood and same thing was going to do is bring some high winds, but I mean it’s not going be crazy. One 60, 70 miles an hour, but when it’s going to bring is a lot of rain and storm surge and so the only way to have your stuff covered by flood insurance and that even if you live in some condo or something. Let’s say you live in a condo. I’m like key or somewhere and you have to evacuate because of flooding and storm surge. Now your stuff may not be damaged because you’re on the fifth or 10th floor, but what about when the power’s out and you can’t get upstairs to your home and that flood is now causing damage that direct water damage, but it’s causing damage in the Er unit because you have no air conditioning.

Uh, yeah, forecast and they’ve all died because of neglect because you can’t get up there and there’s stinking up the place and your refrigerator and freezer aren’t working because you know, no power, electricity and the whole place is thinking up. And then all of a sudden the pilot light goes out on your, um, on your hot water heater. And then that starts to sleep over. So guess what? None of us covered because you didn’t have flood insurance. So if you live within know nine iron off the coast, you better have flood insurance and you call your independent insurance agent and he or she can take care of your flood insurance for you. Home Insurance Tulsa, and that’s, that’s the main damage. You’re going to get some hurricanes a foot. So keep, keep until an insurance taking shit. Also asked.