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Alright, alright here we go. Go, go. Here would go podcast number one, 16, 116 podcast this and 10 minutes. This will be in the can and will be moving on to. One is the ensure you Oklahoma all original content podcast where we teach you how to save money and live better by getting the right home insurance. Tulsa. Uh, here are your business policy, your auto insurance policy and a policy coverage for your dog. You name it. If you can burn it, crash it or lose it, we can ensure show, Home Insurance Tulsa, with that in mind that yesterday we talked about, you know, if you are a major league baseball team, would you want a pitch you line up of glamorous and maddox or was just want one feature you go to all the time? Well that’s the difference between an independent agency and a captive agency.

We are an independent agency and we’d have semantics that we can deploy any time for all of our clients providing great variety and the best policy for the right person. We’re actually have so many right out because people are recognizing this, that or having a hard time keeping up with all the leads and we brought on one agent. We have another agent. We’re talking to a one tap has lost whatever, whatever talks to the left because what you’re saying just stay right. Were me. Home Insurance Tulsa, and so anyway, we also talked about you hamburgers and you only have a hotdog funds. Well it’s all bread, but it’s not safe. Or if you have a hot dog buns and you try to give a kid a hotdog on white bread, it’s just not going to work because it’s not a hot dog. Well that’s what cancer agencies trying to do is force it down your throat and if you like Kevin stuff forced down your throat, if you like, having to buy what they have to offer.

If you want an adequate or just a good home insurance, Colson policy and you’re go right ahead and work with the captains a, those are great. They’re great people. I know a lot of really, really good people and uh, yeah, so if you want, but if you want the best policy at the best price for you, you need to talk to a good independent insurance agency, like ensure you Oklahoma and you go to [inaudible] dot com and you can just click on, get a quote, you can watch our video, you can get information on what to look for in a home insurance policy. You can look at our different carriers that we can offer, you know, we are among the best when it comes to independent insurance agencies and independent coverage, Home Insurance Tulsa, different companies that we represent. Most of these companies don’t give startup agencies a look, but these are because we have the experience and the knowledge to build a world class white glove service, agars date promoting home insurance, calsa.

And uh, all the other coverages have no. Let’s run down the list of people we can write through CNA, travelers, Chubb, pure aggressive Safeco, allstate, mercury. What else? Metlife. We choose and we are starting to get a, we need a life contracts with some people. So we will be writing life insurance for people that need it, that will be getting my life license. So if you need life insurance, again, who better than an independent agency to provide you with the best and objective advice or you can go to someone and they’re, the only advice they can give you is go with their product early, that what you want now, your shop, your insurance, you’re going to go meet with someone and then you’re going to go meet with someone else or what, how do you do it? Is Who’s the best agent or agency? Well, as submit to you that it’s not easy unless you go to an independent agency, Home Insurance Tulsa, you know, it’d be like going to a bank or you know, if you want a used car, you can, or a new car, you can drive all over town or you can get onto the internet and look on the Internet and just provide you more options and more options.

You have the better. We all know this, we all want options in life. Otherwise you go to a restaurant and they would have one kind of steak on there and you might not like a Revit, but that’s what they’re selling. You might not like, you know, chicken cordon Bleu and maybe that’s all the have when it comes to chicken. So if you want variety because you know, variety as to your financial strength and who you are and what you need, then you need to talk to a good independent insurance agency who knows what they’re doing and that’s the guys that ensure you Oklahoma and you can go to ensure you oklahoma.com or you can call us at nine, one eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero or four, oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one. And get to policy. They need from a good, knowledgeable, independent insurance agent.

Um, and we will promise to get back to you asap. Now, a little disappointed in their changing how to change things, but when it comes to home insurance, Tulsa, they have some great rates and those great rates, uh, translated into happy clients and pretty good policies they also have. The nice thing is flexibility to ensure your personal property based on what you have instead of just an automatic 70 percent of the value of home. Well I’ll say 30 percent so there are lower and if you want to go up higher you can, but if you have a half million dollar house, you only have more than $150,000 personal property. Oh maybe, maybe have some nice stuff, but Home Insurance Tulsa, I don’t know, maybe maybe $200,000 and a 40 percent of the value of the home. So why spend money as something you’re not using and the total 70 percent and just get you, you’re paying for something, you know, neat. And that’s stuff we recommend against all the time. And that’s what a good independent insurance.

And when it comes to home insurance there isn’t a better independent agency then ensure you Oklahoma. We are eight slash five slash 16 east, 101st street in Tulsa. That’s 101st between memorial and Manko. We also have an agency and muggy and 1:14 north grand. Home Insurance Tulsa the Macola building suite five, 27. And we are always expanding, we are looking for agents down there were maybe even over an agency out their reply. One we left, I got to make a trip down there and stop in and talk to people, save they would be interested in selling. And if they are that I’m, I’m a buyer, I’m a buyer here in Tulsa or anywhere in green country or an agency might be for sale.

So when it comes to the best independent agency, you definitely want to talk to us at Home Insurance Tulsa or just come in and sit down for a review of your insurance coverage. And we often find fame overlaps in coverage that someone has rather than a, a big hole in their programs. So might’ve kind of based on what you have to say, we can save you money, you might not have all the coverage you need. And that a lot of entrepreneurs do that they start a business and they don’t have the coverage they need. So next time we’ll talk about entrepreneurial coverages, uh, insurance coverage. So next time signing off later.