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Okay, um, this is for Houma on original content podcast. I’m driving by a new house with a new roof and roughs looks so nice when they’re new. It’s when they get old and beaten down and you can tell that they’re not providing the protection that used to from hail or wind or anything and that’s they need to be replaced and insurance is not a warranty contract. It’s not meant to replace your roof. And unfortunately that’s what a lot of people do. They wait and they want their roof replaced eventually by insurance company rather than doing it themselves. And that one insurance for know in Oklahoma you’re going to have to get a new roof occasionally, Home Insurance Tulsa but I’m not up to the insurance company unless something happened. So what companies are doing now is they’re taking away replacement cost after a rough. It’s more than seven or eight years old.

Um, some other companies I can. Companies actually have the coverage for a while longer. I need to check on that. I think it’s 12 years. But when you’re shopping for home insurance, Tulsa, you can look at one company and that could be your cheapest. You can call around to five different companies to find the cheapest, but doesn’t it make sense with the way home insurance policies are written that you have a good independent, professional, independent insurance agent who knows what they’re doing and can provide you the coverage you need. If you have a rough deck, eight or nine years old and say all state or mercury won’t give you a replacement cost, but encompass, Home Insurance Tulsa well it’s just a couple of hundred dollars more a year. Isn’t that worth it? I think it is. So who is your insurance thing? Is he or she a professional agent as he or she know the intricacies of each company and each policy that they write if he or she only represents one company, only has one.

Policy is just other other ways otherwise. But if you have a good independent agent, it could be saving you thousands, tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Not just save you a couple of hundred dollars today. So what’s important is the knowledge of the agents and we’re meeting with encompasses morning to discuss that. So it’s not just about cheap, you know, if, if, uh, the cheapest, we’re always the best you can get everything you needed at Walmart, your wedding ring, your everyday can be on your car. You get at Walmart, Home Insurance Tulsa it just be changed. Why don’t we have you goes in because she doesn’t always effect it, makes more sense. Spend a little more money and get what you need and the advice of a professional insurance agent can do it if you want that new home feeling, if you want to always feel good and sleep well without having to have a new beginning all the time, they get a good professional, independent insurance agent.

A is all your stuff covered in storage. You have a storage unit and there’s a bunch of stuff stored there. How’s that come from? You know, different companies cover it differently and if you want it covered properly, whether your name is cameron name was Clark, if you’re coming or you’re going, you need to make sure it’s covered properly. And the best way to do that is get with a professional, independent insurance agent. They know what they’re doing. They’re like a lantern on the hill, whether in the north or the south, you know there are a beacon for what you need. Are they the cheapest? Could be to face your goal. Do you want good or chief? No, that’s, that’s a good chief. In fact, Home Insurance Tulsa you’re probably not going to get it if you want. Good chance. It’s not gonna. Be Fast and cheap and fast.

Probably not going to be good if you want fast and good. And I ended up vg. So you’re always on that three legged stool. You can have two of the three, but you can have more. So when you’re at church this weekend and you leave the smoker on because she got to meet to be smoked. How confident are you that you have the right home insurance, Tulsa, Polish. Are you confident that when you come home I was going to be on fire. What about if you’re in Omaha to baseball game and your house gets hit by lightning and you get a phone call that says, hey dude, your house and your daughter, how confident are you that it’s going to be done? A claim is going to be paid correctly and that you’re covered. How confident are you? Well, Home Insurance Tulsa if you have a good independent insurance agent, like the guys that ensure you Oklahoma, then you know what you know you’ll be covered correctly.

Now you might not have the coverage you want, but you’re going to have to cover today. Yes or I may spend people love good coverage if claims, but when it comes to buying it, they balk at it a lot. So you know, we want to sell insurance to the claimant, not the shopper shoppers go with cheap. Claimant goes with good and claimants are the ones who we want to sell to. They will sit down with you and make sure you get the right coverage for them. So that makes sense. Home Insurance Tulsa That’s what you want to do.

So besides that, you know what? What if your house isn’t done insured, right? And you have to have top soil, gravel and sand brought in to build it up a little more. Do you have additional cost for that or is that coming out of your pocket? Is that extra five or $10,000 coming out of your pocket? I don’t know. I hope it isn’t. Home Insurance Tulsa if you have the right home insurance, Tulsa policy, it won’t have the right coverage. Um, so you know, it’s not just that is your in your home and your auto insurance combined. Are you getting the best discount? So what we’re talking about today is good, fast and cheap. And you can have all, you know, if it’s the biggest for the most important Mr. America would weigh 300 pounds and elephants and rule the world. If chief is one of the most important, everyone would have a cricket phone and shopped at Walmart for everything they need.

In fact was the only thing that was important than we would only eat domino’s because they’re fast. So, Home Insurance Tulsa but it’s not. It’s choices and it’s shopping. But more important than that, it is good advice from a professional agent without good advice. Just get online and buy whatever you want to buy something cheap and it’s enough to satisfy your home insurance. Tulsa? No. Is it enough to satisfy your mortgage company? Could be. Is it enough to satisfy the state that you have enough liability coverage? Yes, sure, but when it comes to claim time and you’re preaching your pocket and pay what the insurance company didn’t, you’re going to be sorry that you didn’t sit down with a professional agent and get what you needed and not just enough to make someone else happy. So for the best in home insurance, Tulsa, Oklahoma at nine. One eight, three, two, two 71, zero, zero, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero.

One. Dr. Mark, Shannon or jeff will get you hooked up and we’ll get you the best policy, the best coverage that you need. So until next time, uh, I mean, you’re all original content podcasts. I’m sure you, Oklahoma. This is mark the owner, founder and agent. I’ll be signing off here in a minute, Home Insurance Tulsa but I hope these podcasts are providing you what you need. I hope they’re providing you with the information and not just website content, website content. It could be something else. We’ll get the other podcast going sooner than later, but if you have a chevy suburban or you have a Buick Lacrosse or a Ford f150 Nissan, or a showgirl or a Honda or a Toyota or a porsche or a Mercedes or a lamb bro or whatever kind of car you have, call us or go to ensure you oklahoma.com and give us a shot.


Don’t resume this. Alright. Trying to figure out how to stop. How do I stop and safe. Home Insurance Tulsa