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Okay, welcome to the latest installment of the insurer, you oklahoma podcast, or they insure you oklahoma, give me a call at 918-322-7100 today, project brought you by mercury insurance, but a great company when it comes to insurance, home and auto together, like a lot of companies in tulsa, the more we combine together with one company, the better off you are with only turns off the back. If you want to see, if we can make it cheap, you know find something or gay or policy is a three-legged stool, good, fast and cheap and good couldn’t keep it from me. But. If you want good and bad or good and see if you can, if you want fast and good for fast and cheap.

To, be good call me 918-322-7100, I’m, driving by a rather large home right now in the neighborhood, so I could come for you right work. Your insurance might look at they’re. Literally a hundred yards apart by the same fire department. Things are kept. Home Insurance Tulsa Dropping out of the bushes are trimmed there’s, no junk around the house or no,. It is just a nice well-maintained home. The other one. Look at home, you don’t want to. Are you a little story is going to call the claim.

The insurance company insurance defective item is something that turns black. We also yeah. We feel my pride of home ownership and good owner and a higher deductible mean lower premium and not as much liability for the insurance company and insurance policy. Home Insurance Tulsa Send your deductions, because your deductible is higher you’re, going to get a cheaper rate or lower rate on your home address, and it’s going to be a property that insurance company like mercury insurance, but they have to be able to be frost, insurance, company and pull the wreck of something happened to the home and insurance company. That’s why I hope insurance? When you have someone do people in the pool?

Don’t want him in there, but you know you want to be my company and the consumer with lower home insurance tulsa. You don’t want them insured by your insurance company because they will have more clean and the insurance company will pay out more. Home Insurance Tulsa Then maybe you needed to, or should I say if those people aren’t in the pool and then you are going to pay the price you want to be with an insurance company about who they let in so. We want ramon, we want, and maybe they have an umbrella policy, but that’s where your professional insurance agent and ensure you oklahoma come if you just call if a captive company country financial any of those little captain, they are trying to fit everyone who calls in their pool instead of putting a high risk home insurance policy with one of those irish terrier, they only have one carrier, so you don’t really have a choice.

Independent agency I would recommend you call the guys down there and I know you’re not going to be paying too much for it cuz. We want to be in that girl. So when it comes to home insurance, underwriter right way, the hurricanes and tornadoes and stuff that they have the resources to pay out on a mercury insurance is a great company to have your own insurance daily, sometimes twice daily podcast brought to you today by mercury insurance company for happy to recommend. Then, if the rest is right and we want to have your home insurance tulsa and your auto insurance together, if there’s enough of a risk, will pop an umbrella policy, look for the best independent insurance agency, oklahoma, to get the back. When you have the back, you can forget the rest and you’ll never go back, but, of course, their agents and sell one product to everyone and then sent them by giving them crap that they can do that. For you, oklahoma

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